Drop Your Pants, Pg 10

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Attach your pics to an email to martinbrant@msn.com. And let me know if you want your email address posted. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name we can use and a little about yourself if you wish. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. It may take a few days for your pics to appear. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way.

The best way to comment on pictures that you like is to click on the individual picture and leave your comment there.

333 … Jesse has taken off his pants. (7-31-12)

Jesse doesn’t agonize over his penis being too small. He doesn’t have to. He has a big one.

And sometimes it just keeps getting bigger.

There is no primate alive that wouldn’t be satisfied with this rocket, male or female.

332 … Armand has dropped his pants. (7-30-12)

Armand is a bisexual young man on a road of self-discovery. When he took these pictures he showed them to his girlfriend, who suggested he show them somewhere. Here he is on Enlightened Male.

His poses demonstrate what he finds alluring about men. I think many of us would agree. Armand, at one time self-conscious about how much his penis shrinks when its soft, now thinks it’s ridiculous that a man as a lover is judged by his penis size.

I imagine Armand and his girlfriend have a great relationship. Judging by what he said in his email, it sounds like she knows how to appreciate such a beautiful, insightful young man. It’s guys like Armand that make posting these pages so much fun.

Armand’s profile in a mirror. A fine looking man from head to toe.

Armand mentioned those times he finds himself in a place where there are naked men, how so many of them have shrunken limp penises. It was during an occasion such as this that he realized how beautiful these men were, which, at the same time, he realized the same thing about himself.

331 … J, 20, from Ireland has gotten naked. (7-28-12)

J got circumcised two years ago. The photo above is a before picture.

This is an after shot.

Here’s what J had to say: “I think being circumcised looks and feels SO much better than being intact. Been wearing briefs since the cut as I think it feels better :) Not many Irish guys are cut, I don’t actually know any other cut guys so I like that I’m kinda special here . I used to think my penis was small but since i got circumcised it has grown an inch I think my tight foreskin was holding it back! I know its still small but I’m happy with it because it’s pretty thick :)

With J circumcision was appropriate. He had a reason and he was old enough to make the decision for himself. Personally, I think he looks pretty darn good in both the before and after pictures.

330 … Gerardo has unzipped his pants, then he got naked. (7-26-12)

Looks like there is room in that shower for two. Can you imagine two pairs of soapy hands?

Whoopsie-machupsie … that innocent little guy in the shower has turned into the big kid on the block. Gerardo has one heck of an orifice stretcher.

Gerardo has one fine body, though a good portion of his body weight is jutting out in front of him.

I can only imagine the smiles this handsome man part brings to a partner’s face.

Nice shot. Something other than Gerardo’s chest wanted to get into the picture.

329 … Mike, 50, from northwest New Jersey has gotten naked. (7-24-12)

Now and then a really creative guy comes along (and really hung). Today that would be Mike.

Mike obviously doesn’t age. There must be something in the air up there in New Jersey.

Mike certainly knows something about manipulating pixels, or he knows someone who knows someone. Either way, he gets off posing nude. With a body like Mike’s, who would want to wear clothes?

Mike poses professional on a part time basis. If he were posing for me he wouldn’t need the jewelry. No way you can improve on or enhance Mother Nature’s natural gifts.

Mike’s male centerpiece is designed to get into some tight places, then stretch them out a bit. If that tight place was yours, your mind definitely wouldn’t be on something else.

Great shot. Extremely sexy, not to mention inviting.

I couldn’t resist posting all of Mike’s pictures. He knows how to hit all the right buttons.

I’m not sure if I have ever seen a more appealing 50. I wonder what he looks like soft.

328 … Will from the USA has dropped his pants. (7-24-12)

Now we know Will’s source of pride and self-esteem. He usually keeps in in his pants, but he got it out for us. That makes this a good day for everyone.

Thing is, when Will gets it out, it does this … juts toward the ceiling. Think you could refrain from taking hold of it if you were standing there next to him?

This gives us a pretty good idea of what we’d see if were we lying on the floor between Will’s legs. Any volunteers?

327 … Kevin has gotten naked. (7-22-12)

Sometimes the lines, the curves, the angles of a man’s body come together so beautifully, it’s hard to take your eyes off of him. Kevin is such a man.

Add a masculine pattern of body hair and he gets even more irresistible.

The final touch is a healthy libido. Kevin is presenting his penis jutting forth, letting us know his body chemistry is in tune with what we’re thinking.

I’d say Kevin has things well in hand. No wedding band. Does this mean Kevin is available?

326 … Hugh, 60, from the UK has gotten naked. (7-21-12)

Now this is nice. Circumcised men can only try to imagine what it feels like to have their glans completely covered with sensitive skin. But Hugh knows, and I imagine he’s quite happy with it. I’ve always been fascinated by foreskins that close and form a nipple of skin just off the end. It’s like getting a bonus from Mother Nature.

Hugh’s penis is taking on weight. His glans are peeking out. Not hard to imagine a few intimate things you might like to do with a fine penis like this. Beautiful size and shape. Hugh is a happily married man, coming to terms with his sexuality, which has been a well-kept secret all these years. He would like to explore, but like countless men in the same shoes, where does one begin, considering the myriad risks and the emotional ramifications?

325 … Rob from Australia has gone to a nude beach. (7-21-12)

Interesting shot. I hope Rob isn’t getting too much sun on his penis. And a fine penis it is, resting on its side between the tan lines. There is nothing quite like getting naked on a beach, sunning like Rob is, or playing in the waves, your dangling parts bobbing in the surf. Rob is setting a great example for the rest of us.

324 … Bran, 33, has gotten naked. (7-17-12)

Bran is a very masculine looking guy that has always been self-conscious about his penis size. Since he doesn’t look like a human mule, I assume he has convinced himself it’s too small. Maybe it is … that is if he were trying to sexually satisfy a heifer. But as far as the human race is concerned, I’m sure the vast majority would be delighted.

323 … Jeff, 40, has dropped his pants. (7-16-12)

Hmm, this is nice. Penis size preferences are a subjective matter. As far as this writer is concerned, Jeff’s is perfect.

Now Jeff is naked. I find that very agreeable. He lost 40 pounds during the last year and has ended up looking like this. Wow. Now his whole body is perfect.

Jeff is a bi married guy. Though his bisexuality is a well guarded secret, he has come to terms with it and realizes it will never go away. Such a shame guys, especially married guys, have to keep their sexuality locked inside. Way too many bi-guys have to celebrate their true self privately.

Another wow! Like so many other men, Jeff’s penis fully retracts when he’s in a seated position. It’s what I call the adorable look. Jeff works often as a nude life drawing model for several universities in his town, and he loves being comfortable enough in his own body to show its uniqueness to others.

Goodness! Jeff is ready for blast-off. Either he just saw his wife step out of the shower, or he’s looking at an interesting website on the Internet. Maybe things down there between his legs need a little attention.

322 … John, 81, has gotten naked. (7-16-12)

You are looking at a man 81 years old. Not bad, huh? John is a nudist and a free thinker. He gets frustrated when some of the younger men in the gym locker room strip down to their underwear, then wrap a towel around their waist before taking off their underwear. Does seem kinda silly, doesn’t it. Sounds like these guys aren’t too comfortable in their own bodies.

I want to be as free as he is when I get to be eighty.

321 … Ray, 21, has gotten naked. (7-15-12)

Wouldn’t it be nice to be 21 again, especially if you had a chance to meet Ray? Youth can certainly make a guy look delicious. Too bad it seems to pass like a whisper in the night.

Imagine yourself sitting across from Ray, both of you naked. This is what you would see.

Ray is a perfect example of how beautiful a young man can be with a bit smaller penis.

Very nice. Ray is good with different poses and angles that give us different perspectives of his body. I couldn’t resist posting everything he sent.

Here Ray really looks tempting. He didn’t say who he shares his body with, which means both guys and girls can fantasize.

320 … Geoffrey Has dropped his pants. (7-15-12)

Geoffrey has one heck of a man centerpiece to be proud of. I’ve seen baseball bats not this stiff. I bet there are more than a few that would like to spend an hour or two between Geoffrey’s legs.

319 … Ron has gotten naked. (7-15-12)

Looks like Ron has gone into the bathroom and closed the door. Wonder what he’s doing in there. Clearly there is more than enough to keep him entertained and it’s jutting upward just below his navel. Maybe he would like some company. Nice trim.

318 … John from Oregon has dropped his pants. (7-15-12)

There are certainly some rock hard guys running around out there. John is no exception. That red color makes it look full of passion. And there’s that lovely gentle curve to the left.

317 … John has gotten naked. (7-12-12)

Who wouldn’t enjoy looking at a man sitting back and relaxing like this, especially a man that looks like John. It’s hard not to fantasize about what you’d like to do with him. Though John was married 30 years, he writes stories about what he fantasizes about with other men. He was a boy when he had his first experience with another guy.

John first masturbated when he was 11. Had his first ejaculation at 13. He’s been masturbating nearly everyday since. Obviously the years have not taken a toll on his magnificent erections. Nice handful.

316 … Brian from Chicago has gotten naked. (7-12-12)

Brian is a perfect example of why male nudes have become so popular on the Internet. He’s gorgeous. Can you image snuggling with him on a wintry Chicago night?

315 … Free of Charge, 30, from the UK has gotten naked. (7-11-12)

You may agree that Free of Charge has a perfectly desirable body. When he’s sitting up like this, his flaccid penis has that common accordion effect, which makes it look so innocent and adorable.

Here the accordion effect has disappeared and things have gotten considerable longer. This is what you would likely see if you woke up with Free of Charge in the morning. What a way to start the day.

Proof positive Englishmen are delicious.

Looks like Free of Charge is offering his penis to someone. It’s anyone’s guess whether that would be a man or a woman.

This is called temptation. If you were standing behind him, you would feel it in your hands.

314 … Brad, 45, has lowered his Speedo. (7-10-12)

Now why is it, when I lower my Speedo, I don’t look down and see something like this? This hunk of manhood must have made one heck of a bulge in that swimsuit. Obviously Brad got in the right line when they were handing out penises.

Brad has dropped his pants in front of the mirror. He’s 100% percent gay, which may mean he’s checking out his anus. Maybe he plans to share it later on tonight, that is after his partner finishes with the main course located up front.

313 .. Trevor has gotten naked. (7-10-12)

Nice shave, among other things. But Trevor stays shaven, always has, always will.

Trevor calls himself a mature man. Just so happens his body has retained its slim, youthful shape. I bet he’s as playful as a 23 year old. Here he looks mighty tempting.

Goodness! Trevor is a naturists, but he didn’t say anything about his sexual disposition, so I don’t know if he’s offering this pose to men or women. I do, however, have my suspicions.

312 … Haroldo, 23, from Central America has gotten naked. (7-9-12)

We get quite a few immigrants here in the U.S. from Central America these days. I’m wondering why Haroldo hasn’t come yet. We can use all the Latin hunks we can get, especially those who like to pose naked. He has probably heard about our politics and decided to stay home.

My oh my. I think Haroldo’s penis is about to lift skyward. Posing this way, he’s more than enough to make your heart flutter.

That’s about as smooth and pinks as a man’s glans get, and about as tempting.

311 … Young Mr. A, 22, has gotten naked. (7-9-12)

Young Mr. A is bisexual. He has been fascinated by the male body from a very early age and still is today.

This rock hard, bright red missile protruding from Young Mr. A’s legs is quite a handsome male centerpiece. No wonder he wanted to offer it up to the World Wide Web.

A beautiful, imposing man. Be fun to watch him in a nude wrestling match.

310 … John, 24, has dropped his pants. (7-9-12)

John was so self-conscious about his penis size, he didn’t lose his virginity until he was 23. That’s all behind him. He has made up for lost time with at least two women that have assured him he was quite satisfactory.

309 … Jason from Wisconsin has gotten naked. (7-8-12)

Jason just shaved his entire body. Hmm … nothing but smooth skin, a couple intriguing tattoos, a handsome erection and one fine body. Be fun to step into that shower with him and lather him up.

Now this is one smooth launching pad for that rocket. Why is it that darn near every penis looks so tempting? Must have something to do with the way Mother Nature wired us. Bet there is more than a few wired for Jason.

308 … Jim, 50, from Alabama has gotten naked. (7-8-12)

Jim is old enough to remember one of America’s most colorful governors, one that happened to be from his state (for those who don’t know, I’m talking about George Wallace). It has taken Jim all this time to explore his bisexuality. He finally decided to get intimate with another man. Now he’s wondering why he waited this long. Probably because same-sex escapades are still frowned upon in most quarters in Dixie.

Jim enjoyed every minute of his tryst with the other guy. I’m guessing the other guy was thanking his lucky stars.

This is Jim’s version of heaven on earth. Now it’s a matter of making up for lost time, given the fact that male intimacy has opened up a whole new world for him. For Jim there is no turning back.

307 … Fred from New York City has dropped his pants. (7-8-12)

This is Fred’s masculine centerpiece designed for giving and receiving pleasure. It’s probably giving you visual pleasure right now. He calls it his curious tool. So if you’re looking for something that would feel good in certain intimate places, and happen to be in NYC, you’ll find it hidden away in Fred’s pants.

306 … Bill, 41, from the Midwestern U.S. has gotten naked. (7-6-12)

At 6′ 4″, 310 pounds, there isn’t much about Bill that is small, except what he normally keeps hidden away in his pants. Just goes to show even big men come in a variety of sizes, concerning their manhood that is.

Bill is a bi-curious married man, like untold millions of other guys. He is self-conscious about his penis size and weight. Understandable in the world we live in today. Based on all the hype around the perfect man, many of us are self-unconscious for a variety of reasons.

Because of his concerns, Bill hasn’t allowed himself to get up close and personal with another guy since his teenage years, when he and his best friend “experimented” on a regular basis, which went on until their early twenties.

Maybe Bill’s penis isn’t large, but given it’s delightful shape it’s certainly irresistibly tempting. Obviously it’s in fine working condition. You wonder if it might have been the thought of all of us looking at it that created that slippery little pearl on the end.

When it comes to men, Bill needs to focus only two things: lots of guys dearly love small penises, and lots of guys are attracted to big men. No doubt a few of those are looking at Bill’s pictures right now.

305 … Dave has lowered his underwear. (7-5-12)

Dave has one of those penises that retract into the body. That’s okay. He is attracted to small, uncut, shaved penises, a boat I’m beginning to believe is pretty crowded. Seeing them soft turns Dave on even more.

304 … Ant from the UK has unzipped his fatigues. (7-4-12)

Now this is sexy. Ant is a paratrooper in the English Army. Wow! Even better, he’s bisexual. Double wow! Can you imagine jumping out of a plane with him, landing in some secluded spot, then having a few hours together?

Ant has to be discreet. Even though it isn’t illegal to like other men in the Army, it’s still taboo. An encounter with another trooper is definitely a no no. What’s up with that?

303 … Adrien, 27, from Spain has gotten naked. (7-4-12)

Adrien is a handsome young man that has been debating the issue of shaving, trimming or going natural. Here he is with all of his pubic hair glory.

Here’s Adrien with trimmed hair and shaved balls, the look he prefers. I happen to agree with him.

Adrien shaved (or almost). I think it depends on the man. There is something to be said for clean shaven, but it doesn’t look right on men with considerable body hair. It also depends on the guy’s partner. Now you decide how Adrien looks best.

302 … Alan,27, from Hong Kong has gotten naked. (7-4-12)

Alan wanted you to see what a small Chinese penis looks like. He’s self-conscious about it due to some of the comments he’s heard from women. Sounds like a case of finding the right girl.

Despite the problems with women, Alan’s penis looks all but irresistible.

At 3.5 inches fully erect, and given how wet vaginas get, Alan’s penis often slips out during sex. I would suggest he give her a manual climax first, then she’ll not feel cheated. Or perhaps this is a good reason to try anal sex.

All things considered, Alan’s penis looks like something a partner could have a lot of fun with.

301 … Ruben from Texas Has dropped his pants. (7-3-12)

Ruben is straight, but he likes walking around naked. He says his penis is not very big, though he also says it serves him well. A good many of us knows exactly what he means. He certainly has some robust balls standing ready.

Looks like it is serving him well this very minute. I’d say that’s a handsome handful.

Every man alive knows what it’s like to give his penis a firm squeeze. There’s nothing quite like it. Sometimes a bit of slippery stuff leaks out.

300 … Reg has gotten naked. (7-2-12)

Reg has sent a great picture. It is also quite sensuous.

Reg is beginning to get aroused thinking about all you guys and girls looking at him, and perhaps getting a little aroused yourself.

My goodness! Reg’s penis is jutting straight out. And it’s doing so over a pair of appealingly squeezable balls.

A different view… Reg’s rocket must be at least seven inches. We’ll have to keep him out of the small penis section.

If you are wondering what the whole man looks like, here he is in silhouette. Another fabulous picture, and of a masculine guy with a great body.

299 … Tony has dropped his pants. (7-1-12)

This is what I call delightful. It’s a shame Tony ever has to hide it away in his pants. Even his balls like being up close and personal.

Perfect for those who like them smaller. Tony’s partner could get the whole thing in their mouth.

Tony must be thinking about something arousing. His little guy is getting larger.

My word! What’s happening? If I didn’t know better, I would think we’re seeing an optical allusion. Tony’s little guy has turned into quite a handful.

298 … Greg has gotten naked. (6-29-12)

This is male libido with a capital “L”. What man wouldn’t be happy looking down and seeing this?

What a rocket! Greg didn’t say anything about himself. Whether he shares this fine male part with another man or a woman is anyone’s guess. That means you can pretend.

Some of the steam appears to be gone. Greg’s penis is resting. Could this be because it has just had a vigorous workout?

297 … Crazy Cub, 37, from Ohio has gotten naked. (6-27-12)

Crazy Cub is into hairy men. Those are the guys he shares this seven inch handful with. That means if you are shaving, forget it.

Some men are fortunate enough to have a well-shaped ass. Looks like Crazy Cub is one of them. Too bad this intriguing picture is out of focus.

Look at those shoulders. Crazy Cub must work out.

Ready, willing and able. I’m thinking Crazy Cub is contemplating a hairy guy right now, or maybe a friend of his has just walked into the room.

296 … Calvin, 65, has gotten naked. (6-26-12)

Who says 65 year old men aren’t beautiful? Calvin is here to let you know you have something to look forward to, as his companions can attest. He looks awfully appealing clean shaven.

Calvin changes channels when a Viagra commercial comes on. Who needs it? He got a divorce when he came out. His kids gave him a t-shirt that read “Formerly married, currently happy”.

This fine male centerpiece is his right hand’s best friend, though with the sex life he still enjoys, he doesn’t have to call on his right hand for much help. Calvin is here because he identifies with the sentiments expressed on this site, as do many of us both young and old. You can find him at www.silverdaddies.com/851450.

295 … 4.5 has lowered his underwear. (6-25-12)

You may know a redheaded blond. This is 4.5′s version. I’ve identified him as 4.5 because that’s his measurement, 4.5 inches of rock-hard manhood that he’s darn proud of. Who wouldn’t be? Bet you can imagine ways to have that blond hair tickling your nose.

294 … Trebor, 45, from Tennessee has gotten naked. (6-22-12)

Trebor is a masculine guy that happens to be attracted to both men and women. That means virtually anyone has a chance with him if they’re in the right place at the right time and catch his eye.

He enjoys taking pictures of himself and describes himself a naturally smooth Hispanic average adventurous guy. Just what the doctor ordered for a sizable percentage of our population.

If you’re not tempted yet, perhaps this pose should do it. Obviously Trebor knows what gets some guys juices flowing.

Trebor has a military background and he now flies for a living. Not only is he an attractive man, he gets more interesting by the minute.

Hmm, I wonder what he did with his magnificent penis during the era of don’t ask, don’t tell. Or before then, when casting your eye toward another man could really get you in trouble. The cock ring hole serves to make him even more tantalizing.

293 … V has gotten naked. (6-21-12)

Do you like men brimming with testosterone? V very well may be your dream come true. Masculinity is one thing, V is a man’s man.

Here V is relaxing, or is he waiting for a little action?

So this is what’s responsible for those errant contours we see in men’s pants. Wonder what V would look like in a pair of tight jeans.

Color makes a world of difference. It so often distinguishes one man from another. V’s skin color is all but irresistible. And his penis certainly appears to be pointing in the right direction.

V wanted you to see a little more of him. If this isn’t a male ass I don’t know what is.

292 … Diver, 21, has gotten naked. (6-20-12)

What an amazing swimmer’s body! This is the first time Diver has ever done anything like this. The notion of sending in his pictures made him a little nervous, but aren’t we glad he built up the courage. Diver is basically straight but slightly curious … perhaps he’ll one day meet just the right guy for a little adventure.

These rock hard missiles happen a lot when you’re 21, especially when you’re thinking about thousands of guys and gals looking at you naked. One can only imagine how exciting the road will be ahead him.

291 … Paolo from Italy has dropped his pants. (6-20-12)

We’re not seeing much of Paolo here, but we’re seeing enough to know Italian men are just so darn sexy.

Paolo didn’t say whether he is gay, straight or in between. The matter is open for speculation. No doubt he would get a few double-takes on one of those beautiful Mediterranean nude beaches.

Paolo is a man that makes it very hard to keep your hands to yourself, that is if you were with him when he’s naked like this.

290 … Limone has gotten naked. (6-19-12)

Limone just finished his boyzilian (IPL method). Very becoming on an attractive young man. I bet the girls (or is it the boys) also approve of his smooth skin.

Is it the clean shaven look or the hardy erection that make Limone look so young and vibrant? (One might add delicious to those adjectives.)

A closer look. Perhaps you should avert your eyes before temptation gets the better of you. Limone says he’s not circumcised; his foreskin is so short it just looks like he is. I doubt anyone would be overly concerned one way or the other.

289 … Anthony has gotten naked. (6-19-12)

I don’t know much about Anthony, except he’d make a great poster boy for masculinity. What could be more inviting for anyone that prefers men with a little body hair?

288 … Michael from Manchester has dropped his pants. (6-19-12)

Now this is nice. A handsome erection set against a bright yellow pillow. You’ve heard of pillow talk … be interesting to strike up a conversation with Michael, that is if you could keep your mind on the subject matter.

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40 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants, Pg 10

  1. Love the smaller cocks, I used to hate using public toilets for years in case anyone saw my tiny cock, and then one day I just thought what the hell I can’t do anything to change the size so I might just as well accept what I have and enjoy life I really like Mr 321

  2. Nice cock Jessie!My favorite pic was #3, this shot really made your cock look smooth. Must be alot of fun wrapping your hand(s) around that big cock. Would really like to see more of your cock, if interested send some pics to my email.


    JM page 9

  3. 305 & 290
    I like 290 cause I love the shaved look and the head is just the most wonderful colour.
    And 305 cause the retracted penis is just all the more fun to tempt out. ;)

  4. 322-John, I hope I can look that good at 81…I’ve seen these guys they have always seemed a strange breed to me , you can tell them they strut around lifting huge weights, pumping muscles until they almost burst, grunting and groaning loud when they do their squat thrusts then in the locker room they cling on to the towel around their groin for dear life…why be ashamed of what you’ve got..flaunt it, be proud

  5. Limone…that is one hell of a nice looking cock even better for the close shave now we can see it in all its glory

  6. paolo and anothony r nice i really like the hair <3 i think men look better with some hair it's really attractive ;)
    p.s check me out on page 9 sam from toronto

  7. All these comments on page 10. Where were you guys for page 9? The feedback is fun! See if anyone can find me on page 9………Love this part of the website Martin!!

    • CrazyCub, you are pretty amazing, I have thought of many scenarios I could play out with you…both manly and cuddly your the perfect bedmate for a pretty manly time….;-) #294 trebor

    • Well thank you, I am really just an average body type and as they say the “camera does wonders”… I’m a Donelson man here and love the surroundings.. Mayby we should have some neighborly coffe or I can always borrow some tools…..;-). Trebor

      • Live in crossville…for a average body type u look great…and if u want to u can always borrow some tools : )… Eman..i would really like to chat wit u some more..but somewhere else

  8. Wow ‘V’ (#293) is very interesting/wonderful to see.
    In the 1st Pic & 2nd too to some degree, the midriff & prob even more so the chest is distinctly ‘Macho’ hairy. And nice for that, for sure..

    Then the waist/pubes, dam all hair, shaved I guess & nice enough too, in it’s way.
    The legs back to natural (?)
    OK some extra dimensions to my love of ‘diversity’ — a bit confusing tho.

  9. 290…Limone! Yes please..! Wow….simply gorgeous, stunning, a perfect penis and such cutely accompanying balls, so smooth if somewhat feminesque all over to delight all the senses, and of the 3 pics ~ the first is my favourite….Wow…!

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