Drop Your Pants, Pg 11

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Attach your pics to an email to martinbrant@msn.com. And let me know if you want your email address posted. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name I can use and a little about yourself. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. It may take a few days for your pics to appear. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way.

The best way to comment on pictures that you like is to click on the individual picture and leave your comment there.

373 … Chris has gotten naked. (8-26-12)

Chris is a straight guy, married 17 years. But that doesn’t mean he minds you looking at pictures of his penis, something I’m sure a number of guys are doing right now.

Chris came across Enlightened Male looking for sites about pubic hair shaving techniques. Looks like he mastered it. He looks quite fetching with all that smooth skin.

Chris’s penis has a dramatic curve that helps it get into interesting places. When his wife measured him, he came to nearly 8 inches. Wonder if she measured along the top or the bottom.

372 … Travis has gotten naked. (8-26-12)

Travis has offered his version of male design. The word adorable comes to mind. Another temptation for those who like penises on the smaller side.

371 … Will, 19, from Australia has gotten naked. (8-23-12)

Will has a really nice foreskin. Circumcised at birth, I’ll never know what mine would have looked like, nor how it feels to have the glans covered with skin. Will knows. No doubt he enjoys it.

Imagine what goes through a new partner’s mind when Will pulls his underwear down for the first time. I bet they’re ready to get up close and personal pretty quick. Judging by what we can see of Will, he’s a gorgeous young man.

At his age I bet Will has gotten used to this condition. Love the way his glans are easing out of his foreskin. That is a mighty fine rocket.

370 … Kevin, 22, from the U.S. has gotten naked. (8-23-12)

And he has also broken my heart. Kevin is still a virgin. He’s afraid if a girl sees him naked, she will laugh at him, presumably because he’s on the small side. What a shame, considering the fact so many girls don’t judge a guy by the size of their penis.

In fact some girls prefer smaller penises … guys too. I can only encourage Kevin to jump in and take the chance.

Especially since a girl can be driven to ecstasy by a guy’s fingers and tongue. Once she’s been exhausted with orgasms by an inventive lover, she won’t care what his penis size is.

369 … Tim has gotten naked. (8-23-12)

I think Tim may have an artistic side. He has certainly sent some interesting pictures, or should I say sensuous ones. He has offered up a look at man parts any guy would be proud to have hanging between his legs.

Very nice the way the weight of Tim’s penis has it resting on top of his pubic hair, which is a reminder of how sexy male body hair can be.

About as good as it can get. Pure male.

368 … Luke, 56, from Texas has gotten naked. (8-23-12)

Luke is a married. He’s also Bisexual. His only encounter with another man has been in a fantasy, which has been a secret part of his life for some 30 years. And he just happens to have a tantalizing penis.

No, Luke isn’t hung like a porn star. But when I think about all the guys out there that are attracted to smaller sized penises, I can’t help but believe there is one somewhere close to Luke’s neighborhood.

Here Luke is enjoying the cool feel of metal. Adorned or unadorned, he’s a beautiful guy. He’s thinking he may one day sit down and write out what it’s been like living a lie, living the life that’s expected of him, keeping his secrets bottled up inside.

368 … Jim Has unzipped his pants. (8-22-12)

Jim says his little friend is small but very friendly. Certainly looks friendly enough, and inviting.

It’s not quite so small now, but no doubt glad to get out of those jeans. The word delectable comes to mind. Be fun to try to make it a little bigger still, maybe get it to stand straight up. And Jim may very well be sporting enough to let you try.

Goes to show what can happen to an inch and a half when a guy is in the right frame of mind. I call this a very handsome reflection

Nothing shy about this handsome fellow. More than enough for a hand pleasing grip.

367 … Paul from Ontario has gotten naked. (8-22-12)

Paul has a classic man piece. It’s currently pointing the way. A real temptation if I’ve ever seen one.

Time to get down to business. With a good grip Paul is ready. Imagine being on your hands and knees in front of him.

Quite a handsome Canadian.

An amazing close-up. Paul is showing us the bewitching detail found at the end of a man’s penis.

366 … Ian, 50, from Wales has gotten naked. (8-22-12)

Ian’s penis reaches just 4 inches erect, and he’s fine with that. In fact he occasionally life models nude because he enjoys others seeing it. That, coupled with how his testicles so closely hug his body, gives Ian his own unique appearance.

365 … Stevo from Croatia has gotten naked. (8-20-12)

If you were to ask me to describe the perfect man, my description would depict a man that looks much like Stevo. Slender, well proportioned, beautiful pattern of body hair. What more could anyone want? On top of that, with his eastern European world view, imagine the conversations you could have. Stevo is a student that works in the performing arts during his spare time. He has recently developed an exhibitionist streak, and he’s wondering what fans of Enlightened Male think of his body. You’ve just read what I think … your turn.

A closer look. Stevo wanted his email posted if you would like to contact him.


364 … Chris has gotten naked. (8-19-12)

Did anyone have any doubts about how gorgeous Asian guys are? Chris is here to put those doubts to rest. He Chinese/American. We are all glad his ancestors decided to move here.

Chris has a girlfriend, which makes him feel reserved about posting his pictures on Enlightened Male, perhaps because he knows that guys may be fantasizing about him. Well, of course they are, and gals too. Shouldn’t be too hard to live with something like that. Who wouldn’t fantasize about such a beautiful body?

If the guys weren’t fantasizing before, they are now. Whether Chris knows it or not, his body is the stuff dreams are made of.

362 … Mark, 58, has gotten naked. (8-19-12)

Mark is a happily married, closeted bi-guy, and a fine looking man, judging from what we can see of him. He measures at between 2 and 3 inches soft, and reaches 6.5 inches hard.

Mark is glad he’s not circumcised, though he enjoys looking at other men’s penises whether they’re cut or not. Just something else he has in common with a great many of us.

You’re looking at a 58 year old missile. If it could talk, no doubt it would have a few stories to tell. Can you imagine how sensitive Mark’s glans are having been covered by his foreskin most of the time?

361 … Rafi, 20, has gotten naked. (8-19-12)

Rafi is a student studying photography. Rather obvious, isn’t it, given the creative nature of his poses. It’s especially nice to have such an attractive model as himself to advance his photographic skills. What a beautiful young man.

Can you imagine a more delicious desert? If Rafi hasn’t sold you on the smooth look, no one can.

Have you ever seen a more tempting looking young man in bed? No doubt Rafi is inspiring any number of fantasies right this minute.

Rafi is showing us no mercy. The temptations he offers have no end.

360 … Jason, 50, from London has dropped his underwear. (8-19-12)

Jason measures a handsome 6.4 inches fully erect. He calls himself miserably small when his penis is soft. After all these years that still bothers him. How can we convince him that doesn’t matter, when so many would find his penis very appealing?

Very nice. I bet its just as appealing in its miserably small condition. The guys Jason wanks with all have much bigger penises than his, which emphasizes his small cock syndrome. Odds are those guys thinks he looks quite desirable.

359 … Roger has gotten naked. (8-19-12)

What a great shape Roger’s penis has, what you might call a very satisfying handful. Wonder how he uses the ring in his scrotum. Interesting.

Roger’s penis is making its presence known. He must be looking at some of the other guys on this page.

358 … Andrew, 32, from Arizona has dropped his pants. (8-19-12)

Andrew has never been intimate with another man, but he would like to try it. He fantasizes about men more than women. He’s certainly well equipped to give it a try, and that wonderful warm dry air out there is a great place to do it.

357 … Stijn has gotten naked. (8-15-12)

You have probably never envied Pacman before … until now. You might be wishing it was you between Stijn’s legs. Who could blame you? Pacman isn’t the only one that thinks Stijn’s man parts look delicious.

356 … Levi has gotten naked. (8-15-12)

What an appealing man part. I’m beginning to think the majority of men shave, and it looks quite fetching on Levi. It would be fun watching him walk around naked on a nude beach.

Over time Levi’s penis developed a curve. In the past he has been self-conscious about it, but has now come to terms with his curve. He’s not alone in this boat. A lot of guys have curved penises, which is natural, though many of them are are as self-conscious as other men are about their size.

355 … Juan, 40, has dropped his pants. (8-15-12)

Juan’s own words:

“I am in the process of restoring my foreskin. I always had negative feelings toward circumcision and I always wished I had not been circumcised. I found out about foreskin restoration years ago, but only this year I really understood the damage done by circumcision and started my restoration journey. In the above picture I am “retaining”, not really stretching but keeping the skin covering the glans. Part of the penis is pushed into the body while restoring, but it doesn’t hurt and it’s not uncomfortable. Once you take the restoration device off, the penis is free to go back to normal.” “This picture shows the results I have achieved so far, in 5 months of restoring. Prior to this, my skin ended up just behind the corona, as most circumcised men. Currently, the skin still retracts back (especially in the morning), but sometimes it falls spontaneously like this. The expectation is that once I develop enough skin to fall spontaneously beyond the glans, it will tend to stay covered on its own most of the time.”

For more on foreskin restoration check out this site.

354 … Mr. Wood has dropped his pants. (8-13-12)

Sometimes pixels come together to produce sensational images. Mr. Wood is showing us a fine example.

Mr. Wood said he was sending pictures of his smaller than average penis. If his is smaller than average I’m in real trouble.

A nice gesture. Mr. Wood is holding his penis up as if he were presenting it. Bet there are a few takers looking at this page right now.

Holy smoke! Mr. Wood tried to get some pictures of himself flaccid, but the thought of thousands of guys and girls looking at it made that a difficult effort. Here his foreskin has retracted to reveal his slippery smooth glans. All but irresistible.

Looks like it may be trying to relax a bit now.

353 … V from Houston has disrobed. (8-13-12)

Obviously the heat and humidity down on the Gulf coast doesn’t affect V’s virility. It may have made his clothes go limp, but not his penis.

Those are some fine curves and a mighty fine rocket. It would be hard to resist reaching out and squeezing it. V knows how much we appreciate a variety of poses.

How many times a day do people do a double-take when V is walking down the street in a pair of well-fitting jeans? We call this one fine ass here in Texas, and V has given us the opportunity to look at it with abandon, not to mention how nice it is to look through a man’s legs from behind and see his balls dangling. And aren’t those dimples on V’s lower back sexy?

352 … Ryan … has dropped his pants. (8-13-12)

With a nice trim, Ryan keeps things accommodating. He was rather tight lipped in his email, so I can’t tell you anything about him, other than his male piece is quite handsome when it’s taking on weight.

Ryan is standing beside his bed, ready to rock and roll. Be a shame if he didn’t have someone under the sheet waiting for him. It’s not hard to imagine how motivating it would be to fondle Ryan’s smooth pink balls.

351 … D has gotten naked. (8-12-12)

D took off his clothes, got in front of the mirror and took a couple pictures of himself. He wanted you to to see the part of him that people rarely, maybe never see. What a shame since he’s such a well proportioned man.

A little trickier shot, but I’m glad D went to the effort. It’s nice to see a naked man from behind. Had our society evolved without all the social stigmas, I think men would enjoy getting together and hanging out naked. I’d certainly want D to be part of the group.

350 … Steve, 50ish, has gotten naked. (8-10-12)

That’s true love if I have ever seen it.  Steve is holding his penis as if he were offering it to you. Who could resist?

Steve is a bi guy that loves to be naked, and he loves to be photographed nude. Just now I’m quite happy he does, especially since he has sent a few examples to Enlightened Male.

I’m astounded by how many guys are shaving these days and going for that smooth look. Sure has a delightful effect on Steve. Here he has things tied off which is making his balls stand out and look like part of a really nice set.

349 … Mike, 30, from the UK has gotten naked. (8-10-12)

Another example of English perfection. Mike simply has an amazing penis.

Jeez! His whole body is amazing. And that’s one fine pattern of body hair. Very masculine.

I love this shot. Innocence personified, though you know that handsome male centerpiece can get into some real trouble. How do you decide what to use first, your mouth or your hand? Or do you just sit back and look to your heat’s content?

348 … Vishal from India has dropped his pants. (8-10-12)

Now here’s a real treat. We don’t get many guys from India sending pictures, but then there is only a half billion males running around over there.

Positively delightful how Vishal’s foreskin clings to his glans. Makes you start thinking about what you’d like to do with it.

In the world of men, temptation comes in so many different sizes, shapes and colors. Vishal has added his magnificent man-piece to the symphony on these pages.

347 …Dave, 51, from England has gotten naked. (8-10-12)

Englishmen seem to have a knack for looking good naked. Obviously Dave is no exception. What more could anyone possible want? Imagine if all the guys in London decided to get naked for 24 hours. Wouldn’t it be fun to spend the day walking around looking at them, especially if you happened to run into Dave?

346 … Ray, 34, has dropped his pants. (8-9-12)

Look at those magnificent veins. Nothing makes a guy’s penis look more virile. On top of that Ray has an appealing foreskin. Who would want to keep this fine man piece hidden away in his underwear. I’m just glad Ray got it out.

What happened to get the picture out of focus? Maybe the camera lens steamed up. I think that’s what’s happening to my computer screen right now.

Okay, so now we know Ray looks irresistible front and back. Squeezable well-shaped buns, an alluring crease shadowed with hair … everything here looks looks mighty tempting, not to mention that eye-catching dangle.

That’s a whole lot of manhood between one pair of legs. I’m thinking Ray has a bit of a problem trying to get it all inside a Speedo.

Ray’s partner says his ass is his best asset. You may think that’s an subjective opinion after looking at this picture.

Anyway, Ray does have a great ass, so here is one more shot.

345 … Will has gotten naked. (8-9-12)

Talk about a bunker-buster! If that was a small room, there wouldn’t be enough space for Will and his erection at the same time. Or maybe the camera angle makes Will look like a stud. I may try that angle myself to see if it has the same effect.

344 … Davekoo, 22, from Malaysia has gotten naked. (8-9-12)

Does anyone agree that Asian men are beautiful? They tend to have such beautiful skin and well-proportioned bodies. Who knows if it’s genetic or a certain lifestyle that causes it. What we can see of Davekoo certainly fits that description. Very nice.

343 … Alex has gotten naked. (8-8-12)

Alex is here to remind us why we are captivated by the male body. Just now most of us are probably captivated by his.

What a delightful profile. I suspect his whole body is as beautiful as the part he is showing us.

Hmm. A pleasing grip. Who wouldn’t be tempted to take hold of it? That is if Alex allows anyone but himself to get their hands on it. I’m betting he does.

I don’t know whether to call it a heat-seeking missile, or a bunker buster. I do know, however, that Alex would be harder to resist than a strawberry shortcake.

342 … Odi from Germany has dropped his pants. (8-8-12)

My goodness! What fine design work by Mother Nature. Odi caught her in a good mood. She has given him a set of man parts he now wants to share with the world, not to mention a very nice foreskin.

341 … Mike has gotten naked. (8-8-12)

Mike has a stiffy. It’s ready for action and clearly wants a little attention. Is Mike going to handle that on his own, or is some lucky soul waiting for some adventure in the next room?

340 … Tommy has dropped his pants. (8-8-12)

This is the pleasant surprise Tommy gets every time his pants come down. No wonder he wanted to show it to the rest of us. I bet the right partner could think of any number of things they would like to do with this happy little fellow.

An even closer look. It may look innocent, but it may be looking for trouble. A fine example of male design.

339 … Jesse has dropped his pants. (8-8-12)

Jesse wants a friend of his to see his penis. I can’t think of a better place to put this fine missile on display. We can only guess what might go through his friend’s mind when he gets to see Jesse’s rock hard penis.

Jesse’s penis from another angle, still rock hard.

338 … Epi, 70, has gotten naked. (8-6-12)

These are Epi’s jewels. They’ve been hanging between Epi’s legs for 79 years, getting their first hints of pubic hair at the end of World War II. Can you imagine the history they could tell?

The years fade away like lost whispers. Gravity works its havoc on our bodies. Yet, in so many ways the mind tells us we’re not really old men. As Epi is here to testify, the passing years does nothing to diminish a man’s joy when it comes to his jewels.

337 … Tom from Arizona has gotten naked, almost. (8-5-12)

Tom is a married guy. This is his wife’s favorite picture. She may have a few more agree with her now that Tom has sent it to Enlightened Male. Maybe she loves how rock hard her husband gets, or the beautiful pink color. Maybe it’s the adornments or Tom’s smooth shaved skin. Or maybe it’s simply the man this male center piece is attached to. No doubt they have had a few sensuous adventures. Tom says there is nothing like the feel of cold steel around your penis.

Here Tom is outfitted for a Halloween event in Las Vegas. Remarkable. I can’t imagine how much fun that must have been.

336 … GQ has gotten naked. (8-2-12)

Nice things come in sets. When it comes to man parts, GQ has one mighty fine set. I can imagine any number of partners GQ may have had over the years that were delighted the first time they saw him drop his pants. I know someone that certainly would’ve been.

335 … Paul, 60, has gotten naked. (8-2-12)

Talk about personality … Paul’s penis has got more than its fair share. Can you imagine looking down to see your penis looking up at you? It must have been designed to hit the G-Spot. No doubt Paul has been doing just that for the better part of his 60 years.

334 … Nick has gotten naked. (8-2-12)

How does one explain why small penises like Nick’s are so appealing? Is it because they look so innocent, when you know the magic it can perform? Is it because they are so accommodating and will fit nicely into the tightest of places? Is it because they are so often attached to man man that feels self-conscious about his size, which gives you an opportunity to make him feel really good about himself. Nick’s is simply delightful.

Meet Nick, the man that owns this delightful penis.

A little teasing from Nick is making it bigger.

No doubt there are more than a few guys looking at Nick’s picture that would like to hold it for him.

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33 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants, Pg 11

  1. I do not agree with Juan photo 355, why try to get back the foreskin? For me to have the glans covered with skin is not very hygienic!

  2. Hello everyone! This is my first time here. I’m a 20 year old from PA and I’m bisexual. I have only had one encounter with another man, and it was not a good one. He was a horny mess and didn’t respect me whatsoever. Not to mention i was not in the least bit attracted to him. I am looking to experience the more beautiful side of sexuality. If anyone would like to share intimacy, and/or talk about sexuality on a personal level please email me deadbass72@gmail.com. I would love to have some great conversations, and explore the feelings and bodies of other men and women! If you are only interested in sending and receiving pics, please refrain from emailing me. I’m more interested in exploring my feelings, however i would also love to exchange photos. Much love to everyone! This blog is terrific, every body continue to stay true to who you are!

  3. Hey guys, i’m Will, 19 year old from Australia. My photos are near the top of this page. Please tell me what you think. I’m so glad I was never circumcised, appreciate it a lot from my parents. I love the look of uncut as I feel that it’s so natural, so please, tell me what you think of it!

  4. Hey there Paula! Yes, you got my hands busy today, again. LOL! You have a wonderful body and I’m glad that you are comfortable enough to share it with us. I left you a few words of graditude on your picture….


  5. Thanks Martin for the extremely kind words.
    This is an awesome website, and I think I will soon become an enlightened male with regular visits ;)

  6. Couldn’t make up my mind on which cock I enjoyed looking at more Levi’s or Stijn’s! Both cocks are amazing and the close shave on these guys are even more appealing in my opinion!
    Oh well guess I dont have to pick just one do I? I would take them both if I had the chance!
    Nice pic’s of two stunning cocks guys, keep them coming!

  7. Hey there Chris! If you go to the top of the page and read Martin’s intro, he gives you an email address where you can send your pic’s.
    Hope to see you soon on thee page!


  8. Mr. Smith, I am sure that the camera did not add too much to your splendid cock. I think that many men have the same thoughts about the size of our penis. Is it simple human nature to have doubts about our bodies and sexual organs? I believe it is very much. I have determined that there is no “norm” when it comes to a man’s cock, simply look at the variety of size and shapes on this site!
    I find pictures of erect cocks very appealing and sexual. All shapes and sizes are a turn-on for me! :-)
    I would love to see more of your cock if you are interested send me some pics!


  9. Hey guys,

    I’ve stumbled upon this site and am attracted to the idea of sending in some photos. How should I go about doing this?

  10. Mr. Wood #354, Dang that is some kind of package you are sporting! I think that Mr. Wood is your name for that cock of your’s! :-) Nice job taking those pics. There is something about an erect cock that gets my attention!


    • Thank you JM. Glad you approve tho i have to say that the camera can be deceptive when it comes to size. I can, however, guarantee that i did get rather turned on whilst taking the shots…..as you noticed :)

  11. I am intrigued by your request… is your pussy really as wet and inviting as it appears in your picture?? It is hard to tell as there is only the one pic, but what I can see of it is simply fantastic. Maybe you could let us see a few more angles of yourself… I am sure that many of us would enjoy the sight that you would provide.

  12. Well Tim, yes, I will admit that I do get very aroused and thank you for thinking my pussy is fantastic as you put it. I don’t think though that I will be posting any more pictures on this site however. I’d be happy to talk to you via email if you wish.


  13. Tim, I would still love to know if you have an email address because I’d really enjoy hearing about your friend Abby, and if you’ve had anymore encounters at the gym.


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