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Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Attach your pics to an email to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name I can use and a little about yourself. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. It may take a few days for your pics to appear. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way.

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406 … Steve, 50, has gotten naked. (9-19-12)

Here’s a guy you would like to meet. Not only is he amazing to look at, he also strikes me as a genuine nice guy, from reading between the lines in his email. Steve is married and has only recently accepted the fact he’s bisexual. He’s here to learn more of what that means and express his “new-found self”.

Obviously Steve has no problem getting an erection. I wonder if he’s thinking about naked guys. Here is what he had to say in his email:

“Until now I was often simply trolling for porn sites (and usually heterosexual porn), but I’m so pleased to happen upon something different. [Enlightened Male] seems to have a really thoughtful set of essays (I’ve only skimmed a couple so far). Already, however, I felt that I really wanted to share a photograph of me for you to post. I’ll keep myself, like most, anonymous, but I am so sorry that I have to do so. The world would be so much nicer if we could simply be open about our bodies and our desires.”

405 … Shawn has gotten naked. (9-19-12)

Not only is Shawn naked, he’s got a boner, a real handful. I guess all men like to hold their penises. Question is does Shawn let anyone else hold it?

404 … Born This Way, 51, has gotten naked, again. (9-19-12)

Born This Way has been here before. I couldn’t resist posting his new pictures. That’s not a common practice, but you’ll soon see why an exception was made.

A lot of thirty-year-old guys wish their ass looked like this.

What can I say. Born This Way just happens to be hung.

A tender, up close and personal moment.

The perineum, one of the most intimate places on the human body, sensitive to the touch, a gathering place for the spicy fragrances in front and behind.

Note the wedding ring. Makes you wonder if Born This Way’s wife took these pictures.

Intimate skin.

403 … Ben has gotten naked. (9-19-12)

Ben loves his penis. What man doesn’t? He finds it arousing when someone sees it and has decided to show all six inches to the whole world here on the Internet. It sure looks enthusiastic with its slight upward curve.

402 … Dan from the UK has dropped his pants. (9-17-12)

Well, he’s fixing to drop them anyway, but he already looks irresistible just by unzipping them.

Looks like he has something down there that’s anxious to get a little fresh air.

One thing I love about this page is its appeal to beautiful men. Dan is a fine example. You’re thinking he’s probably in his thirties or forties, but you missed his age by quite a lot.

Here is what Dan said about himself in his email:

“I’m in my late sixties, diagnosed with prostate cancer five years ago, had a laparoscopic radical prostatectomy some six months later and am now fine. Live in the UK and have always worked hard at what I do, some would say I’m a bit of a perfectionist! I love DIY and have taken on many ‘projects’ during my life, so that has kept me reasonably fit. I’m retired and although I would love to be able to go to the gym to keep myself really fit I just don’t seem to manage to find the time (and I suppose the cost also plays a part too).”

401 … Adam, 25, from the UK has taken off his pants. (9-17-12)

If Adam was willing to trade penises, I’d throw in a Mustang convertible. He’s got what you would call a keeper. The way his foreskin is hiding his pee hole, you might think it’s bashful.

Adam is a straight guy, but don’t let that throw you. He found out how enjoyable nudity is when he was a teenager, all those half-dozen years ago. He finds looking at pictures of genitalia interesting, both male and female, simply because there is so much variety. Don’t we all?

So if you were worried about Adam’s pee hole, you can put your fears to rest. There it is, right where it’s supposed to be on the tip of that fine missile. Here is what Adam said in his email:

“It’s obvious how curious most, if not all, guys are about what the next lad’s packing when you spend five minutes in a communal locker room. I notice eyes wandering around the room, checking out the competition all the time and I think its fantastic when men, especially straight guys like myself, can admit to doing it without worrying about being judged.”

400 … John, 48, from the Netherlands has gotten naked. (9-17-12)

My oh my. John makes it difficult to keep your mind from taking off on flights of fantasy. Nice how his balls are hugging his body.

John is a bisexual married guy, equipped to get deep inside his partner. As an adolescent he had misgivings about his sexuality. Back then boys were supposed to be gay or straight, no in between. He was was clearly attracted to girls, but also aroused by attractive men, kind of like the rest of us are now that we’re looking at him naked.


In time he learned to be comfortable with his sexuality, especially since his eventual intimate adventures with men were more than satisfactory. During puberty John was insecure about the size and shape of his penis. Just goes to show how guys can have a magnificent dick and still have reservations. John would go for a little more thickness and bigger balls. I think he’s fine the way he is.

Nevertheless, he enjoys seeing the great variety of sizes and shapes of other men’s penises, and this is a good place to indulge to your heart’s content.

399 … Dave, 47, from London has gotten naked. (9-17-12)

Dave is a lot of testosterone in one package. Love that jet black hair.

Dave doesn’t know what it’s like to fret over penis size, not sporting a rocket like his. He didn’t say whether he’s married or not, otherwise he’s willing to share his man parts with both men and women.

398 … Gerard has gotten naked. (9-17-12)

Gerard’s man parts are protruding from between a pair of very nice legs, not to mention his appealing foreskin. Now that his penis is getting stiff, his glans are peeking out the end. Quite tempting. Gerard has a rather eclectic personal website called voxclamantis in case you want to check it out.

397 … Wildman, 32, has gotten naked. (9-17-12)

A state of innocence.

Looks like Wildman has things well in hand. Something is going on here that caused a small leak. But isn’t that part of being a guy and enjoying it?

Wildman doesn’t have to worry about which way to go, not with his rock-hard missile pointing the way.

396 … Chris from Scotland has taken off his pants. (9-17-12)

We can only assume Chris’s upper half is as attractive as his lower half, which is appealing indeed. Now in his late sixties, Chris has been a nudist for better than 40 years, but this is the first time he has shared his picture on the Internet. Glad he chose Enlightened Male.

395 … John from Calgary has dropped his pants. (9-17-12)

John was quite happy to display his man parts here on the Internet. I’m delighted he did.

Question is who did he want to show his man parts to, the boys or the girls?

With a little stretching action, John is giving us a good look at his balls.

394 … Brad, 36, from southern California has gotten naked. (9-9-12)

Brad says his penis gets a bit small when it’s relaxed. I know what he means, almost like they have a mind of there own.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to have a near perfect body in southern California. I’d say Brad has that base well covered.

Not relaxed, it’s a whole new ball game. Brad’s makes it to 6 1/2 inches, a tad above average.

There it is, all 6 1/2 inches, more than enough for the rest of us to start California dreamin’.

393 … Richi, 72, from Switzerland has gotten naked. (9-9-12)

Here is a penis that has seen a good deal of bisexual adventure, and no doubt is looking forward to more ahead, such as making an appearance here on Enlightened Male.

Very nice. Richi pee hole has some unique characteristics, looks like it closes off with a tiny pair of lips, just the sort of thing that would tempt someone’s tongue.

What an inviting pose. Close shave. Beautiful shape and skin color. Be fun to spend a warm night with Richi in front to the fireplace, naked of course.

392 … Zack, 20, from Pennsylvania has dropped his pants. (9-9-12)

Zack is a real temptation. He’s a student. Part of his studies include guys. He’s curious about what you would think having sex with him.

What starts off rather small doesn’t necessarily stay that way, especially if it hanging between Zack’s legs.

He must be thinking about college boys right now. No way that rocket is going to fit inside those boxers.

391 … Lambert from the UK has gotten naked. (9-9-12)

Lambert has decided to show you his little guy. I suspect a good many viewers are happy about that. That’s a lot of appeal between a man’s legs. Who wouldn’t enjoy playing with it?

390 … Aaron, 30, from Pennsylvania has dropped his pants. (9-9-12)

Aaron is a little shy, so he didn’t say much about himself other than he’s excited about seeing his picture on Enlightened Male. Me too. For one thing it’s rather obvious that he’s excited. A very handsome erection indeed. Now all we have to figure out is whether Aaron shares it with a guy or a gal.

389 … Big Hard, 33, has dropped his pants. (9-9-12)

Big Hard has no issues with his penis size, which reaches 7 inches erect, quite enough to spread around a lot of satisfaction.

388 … Cody from North Carolina has unzipped his pants. (9-4-12)

Now this is adorable. It’s what I like about men. We keep our favorite toy zipped up in our jeans, convenient, accessible any time we want to get it out and play with it.

And this is what happens when we play with it. It starts getting bigger and stiffer. Cody has given his a little more breathing room and has gotten his balls in on the action. I bet he’d be willing to share the moment with the right person.

387 … Odin, 33, from Pennsylvania revealed his private man parts. (9-4-12)

Odin tried marriage and it didn’t work out. Obviously not because of what’s hanging between his legs. It had more to do with what he’d like to do with what’s now protruding from his shorts.

Besides taking creative pictures of himself, Odin thinks a lot about men. He has come to realize he is gay-curious.

Odin also likes looking at naked men, enjoys the different sizes and shapes. No doubt there are more than a few enjoying his size and shape right now.

Look out! This is what happens when Odin looks at naked men, and when he realizes men will now be looking at him naked. He’d be in real trouble if that room had a low ceiling.

386 … Ivan, 30, from Serbia has gotten naked. (9-4-12)

Ah, those sexy eastern European men. Ivan is giving us a look at his close-cropped self. His penis is growing, yet his foreskin still hugs the glans. Makes you want to pause a let out a deep sigh.

Ivan is straight. That means just the equally sexy Serbian ladies get to enjoy his stiff rocket. I know they’re sexy because I’ve met a few of them that have immigrated here to the States.

A view from above. Now that I think about it, I’m sure we could use a few more immigrants from Serbia.

385 … Jeremy has gotten naked. (9-3-12)

If you’re spending 30 minutes on the treadmill, doing 100 sit-ups and push-ups, and peddling 20 miles on a stationary bike, you’re doing so because you want to look like Jeremy. Makes you wonder if he has to do all these things to be in such great shape.

Now this doesn’t come from riding a stationary bike. You get one of these when you’re thinking about something naughty, or thinking about how many people are going to be looking at your guy on Enlightened Male.

384 … Michael has gotten naked. (9-3-12)

If that’s not a visual of masculinity, I don’t know what is. It looks like Michael is about to take a shower. Makes you wonder what it would be like to get in there and wash him.

Goodness! Look what’s happened. And Michael hasn’t even started to use the soap.

Knock me over with a feather! Michael is sporting what may be the stiffest erection I’ve ever seen. Long and slender, perfect for getting into the tightest of places.

383 … Eddie from Raleigh, NC has dropped his underwear. (9-3-12)

Eddie is a straight married guy. That means only one person on the face of this earth gets to enjoy his very appealing man part, a lady. No guys allowed in those Calvins. I love the straight guys that appreciate the naturally beauty of their fellow man. They make this world a better place.

382 … Richard from France has dropped his pants. (9-3-12)

Richard will never shave his pubic hair. In fact he prefers men with small penises and with pubic hair intact. After all, that’s the way we come, isn’t it? Anyway, it looks mighty fetching on him, especially for guys that like to bury their noses in something musky and ticklish.

381 … Sam has gotten naked. (9-3-12)

Is your heart suddenly beating faster? Do you feel some stirring between your legs? These are the things that usually happen when someone sees Sam naked.

Sam has something on his mind. He’s probably thinking about all you guys looking at his erection. Or maybe he’s thinking about what you’d like to do with it.

Up close and personal. Body chemistry at play. A man’s body preparing for exciting things ahead.

380 … Jack has dropped his pants. (9-3-12)

My gosh! Have we all died and gone to Heaven? I’d sure like to talk to the one that knows what it’s like to get between Jack’s legs. How do they decide what to do first?

379 … Everett has gotten naked. (9-3-12)

When it comes to male perfection, I think Everett has cornered the market.

This is what would happen if Everett allowed you to play with it, which he very well might if you were to ask him.

378 … Mr. X, 44, has dropped his pants. (9-3-12)

When you’re a toddler and see something interesting, you want to reach out and take hold of it. Sometimes the same thing happens when you’re an adult.

When a naked man spreads his legs, does it mean he’s inviting you to do something, or just look?

As for myself, I’m glad Mr. X got out his camera.

377 … Steph has gotten naked. (9-3-12)

Steph sent this wonderful picture not only to show you his beautiful body, but to also tell you about the little known chromosomal anomaly Klinefelter’s Syndrome. At puberty Steph failed to develop into a man and instead grew breasts. His penis remained undeveloped and his testicles were “the size of butter beans.” He says his small testes never bothered him, but his tiny penis drove him to the verge of suicide. It wasn’t until his late twenties that Steph discovered that his condition was due to having an extra X sex chromosome.

376 … Franklin from California has gotten naked. (8-29-12)

Franklin has grown a bit weary of all the perfect men so common on the Internet. That’s at least one area where I identify with him. We’re all perfect in our own way (Franklin certainly is), but most of us are not Greek Gods.

Great photo. Here you see Franklin’s penis resting against a mirror. You can imagine it resting against your belly.

Nice shave. I guess we’re headed for the day pubic hair will be extinct. Well maybe not.

It strikes me as odd that American men will shave their pubic hair, but they’re still reluctant to wear a Speedo on the beach. Franklin would sure look good in one.

Nice view from behind. Great hang.

375 … Terry is naked out in the garden. (8-28-12)

If ever I’ve known a man that enjoys his body, his maleness and masculinity, it’s Terry.

Simply put, he’s a breath of fresh air.

The gecko is trying to sell him some auto insurance, but has been distracted by other things.

Damn the auto insurance … it’s time to have some fun.

374 … Tremain, 38, has dropped his pants. (8-27-12)

Tremain is an American who has spend most of his life in Germany. He has also spent most of his life confronting the notion that all black men have huge penises. He’s here to dispel that misconception.

No, you can’t say Tremain has a tiny penis, he doesn’t. He has an average size, and he’s obviously quite happy about that. I think the majority of average size men are. Tremain does, however, regret being circumcised. Either way, he looks fantastic.

Tremain is a married guy that has just recently come to terms with his bisexuality, which is a dilemma many married men face, but also recognize as a gift. Even if a guy cannot explore his bisexuality, it’s enlightening to understand it and to be able to appreciate the beauty of the male body.

Even though he’s married, it’s not hard to imagine what a secluded weekend with him might be like engaged in a little like-minded exploring.

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