Drop Your Pants, Pg 13

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Attach your pics to an email to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name I can use and a little about yourself. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. It may take a few days for your pics to appear. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way.

The best way to comment on pictures that you like is to click on the individual picture and leave your comment there.

Or you can upload pictures on the Enlightened Male forum.

445 … Russ, 27, has gotten naked. (10-29-12)

What a visual delight. Can you imagine walking into your bedroom and see Russ lying in your bed like this, legs spread wide open, everything exposed, looking at you with welcoming eyes? Take that fantasy to work and see if it stays in your mind all day.

Russ is bi-curious, which means some fortunate young man might have a chance to introduce him to the magical world of male intimacy. Think about the exploring they will do.

Russ might be thinking about that elusive guy right now. Looks like he’s ready for some adventure.

444 … C.F. has gotten naked. (10-29-12)

Great shot! If all of C.F. looks like this, he is one good looking guy. He sure looks inviting with his legs spread wide open like that.

If you were lying on the floor between C.F.’s legs and looked up, this is what you would see, that is if he just got out of the shower and had nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. You might wish you were doing just that right now.

443 … Tom has gotten naked. (10-29-12)

Tom is a young straight guy who is a virgin. All of us remember those anxious days of anticipation, wondering when it will happen, what it will be like, seeing a girl (or guy) you find attractive and would love to share your body with.

In Tom’s case it will be a girl, a very lucky girl that will have an opportunity to see Tom’s delightful penis up close and personal.

Looks like Tom may be thinking about her now, and Lord knows he’s ready.

Did I say he’s ready? That may be an understatement.

442 … Jeff, 42, from Pennsylvania has gotten naked. (10-22-12)

Talk about temptations! Jeff certainly has offered up one here. Thing is Jeff married, which puts real limitations on the use of his man parts.

Like countless other married guys (and single guys too) Jeff wonders what it would be like to be with another man. Here we view that as a natural part of being with a man. Natural urges … for many guys it’s a challenge to figure out what to do with them.

At six feet, 190 pounds Jeff can still get into a pair of size 32 pants. Those days are gone forever for many of us, myself included. Jeff says his penis is quite small flaccid, but reaches 6″ fully erect.

Jeff says he has no butt. I beg to differ. I imagine there are a great many guys that would love to get up close and personal with Jeff’s butt and all of his other parts.

441 … Edward has gotten naked. (10-22-12)

It’s not surprising to see a long lean young man get a long lean erection. There simply isn’t enough room for it in Edward’s underwear.

Which is probably why he took it off. Ah, fresh air and freedom to dangle. Other than the fact Edward is gorgeous, I can’t tell you much more about him because he didn’t put anything in his email.

440 … Amir, 37, from New York has gotten naked. (10-22-12)

Do you like masculine guys brimming with testosterone? Amir is here to give you a full dose. No, he’s not gay … but I suspect he has a certain appreciation of the male form, visually if nothing else.

439 … Dan, 21, has dropped his pants. (10-22-12)

Dan dropped his pants for a reason. He is restoring his foreskin and wanted to show you the process. This first picture was 2 years ago before he first started.

This is Dan’s lack of a foreskin just as he started to restore it.

Nineteen after starting restoration. You can see how his new foreskin is bunching up behind his glans.

21 months in, just after the stretching device was taken off. Remarkable progress. Dan is also doing a little ball stretching.

Again 21 months in. This is what Dan’s penis looks like when he is sitting. Uh, pay no attention to how desirable Dan looks … even though Dan is bi he’s here for instructional purposes.

Hmm, a guy has to be determined if there is a goal to accomplish. This is a device called the Duel Tension Restorer (DTR).

This is the balloon function of the DTR. It obviously works.

Dan is one of countless guys trying to restore their foreskin. He has offered to answer your questions if you would like to email him at dan61791@hotmail.com. Please do not contact him for other reasons.

438 … Paul, 55, from the UK has gotten naked. (10-22-12)

Now Paul is what I call a fine looking man. Thoughtful too, considering his well-trimmed and shaved man parts.

Simply irresistible. One would guess his wife thinks so too. Then again, it doesn’t matter if he is married … he has always enjoyed seeing other nude men. Now they are looking at him.

Quite a nice handful. Paul would love to show more of himself, but hey, he’s married and this is the Internet. Nevertheless, he admires the guys that are gutsy enough to get everything out there.

437 … Andy, 54, from Virginia has gotten naked. (10-22-12)

Andy is a married guy that has always had issues with his body image, until now, due in part because of the time he has spent here on Enlightened Male. He has looked at all these men enjoying their masculinity and their bodies and now counts himself among them.

Looking at his pictures I’m not sure why he has ever had an issue with his body, when he looks so appealing to me.

Andy would love to share his masculinity with another man, a fantasy that a great many guys have, married or not. Judging by his condition in this photo, he must be thinking of exactly that right now.

436 … Alessio from Italy has gotten naked. (10-16-12)

If you were stranded on a deserted island with Alessio, you would probably spend the first week just gazing at him. He’s been working on getting in shape. I’d say his efforts have been an enormous success.

Just about right to make your heart start beating faster.

The contrast between Alessio’s man parts and skin color is breath-taking. Kudos to Mother Nature. Believe it or not, Alessio is losing confidence. His girlfriend has apparently been less attracted to him recently. He says she has been less “creative” in bed. I’m sure most girls would find that incredible. Then again, would Alessio have this problem if she were a he? A lot of guys could think of a hundred ways to be creative with him.

435 … Ari has dropped his pants. (10-16-12)

Someone on the ground between Ari’s legs took his picture. Looks like they captured his most intriguing parts. That’s okay. Ari loves being open and free, and enjoys people seeing him naked. Quite a few will see him here.

434 … Rio has gotten naked. (10-15-12)

Rio didn’t say anything about himself. Too bad. All we know is he is obviously young and very nice to look at.

A little closer view of the part of Rio’s body he is rightfully proud of.

433 … Jack, 33, from South Africa has gotten naked. (10-15-12)

Jack hasn’t seen any guys from South Africa on these pages. Neither have I. He may very well be the first.

So if you were wondering if South African guys are desirable, now you know. Abundantly so.

Not only is Jack well trimmed, he has a most appealing foreskin.

Jack is gay. Here is must be thinking about the guy in his life. the guy he dearly loves sharing his man-parts with.

432 … Chad, 21, has gotten naked. (10-15-12)

Chad has just recently come to terms with his sexuality, which means he has found himself attracted to men as well as women. Now both guys and gals have a chance to enjoy his beautiful body.

Goodness! An erection. At 21 Chad has a whole lot of these ahead of him.

Chad is ready to explore the human body. Perhaps you would be willing to let him explore yours. He’s certainly letting us explore his, visually that is.

A close up, a part of Chad’s body that many would think merits a bit of exploration.

431 … Mr. X has gotten naked. (10-15-12)

Mr. X sent nothing at all about himself, not even a name I could use. That’s okay … we can forgive a guy that has such a beautiful body.

430 … Mike, 38, has dropped his pants. (10-15-12)

Talk about eye appeal! With his smallish size, Mike feels right at home here on Enlightened Male where men of all sizes are appreciated.

We can call this a “mini whopper”. Mike experimented with guys when he was younger. To this day he wonders what it would be like to be “taken” by a man. In fact, if the right guy came along (with a small penis) he might just give it a try.

Mike included pictures of his girlfriend, and I’m glad he did. She looks gorgeous.

Mike loves her prominent labia, and also the fact she squirts in a moment of passion, a phenomena inherent in some women. Lets hope Mike uses a better camera next time he photographs her

429 … Edvaart has dropped his pants. (10-15-12)

Edvaart just turned 55 so he decided to celebrate. Looks like he has plenty to celebrate with.

A peek at Edvaart’s chest, what he might offer to someone special to snuggle against now that winter is coming on.

Edvaart went out on the deck without his britches. Who says 55 year old men can’t have great butts?

428 … Alek has dropped his pants. (10-7-12)

Holy smoke! When the Almighty was handing out genes, Alek remembered to say “Supersize me.” I don’t think it’s the camera angle either. Alek is packing.

Looks like things are softening a little. For those into dimensions, Alek stated 7.1″ long with a 4.5″ girth, just about the size 70% of the world’s male population say they would like to have. Glad we don’t, it would make things a little monotonous. All the same, Alek is a delight to look at.

427 … Jay has unbuttoned his jeans. (10-7-12)

Goodness! He had all of that in those jeans. Must have felt a bit cramped.

Now Jay has gotten naked. Bet it feels better than those tight jeans, not to mention how good he looks with his clothes off.

Foreskin down. A good fit. Makes you want to lift his penis and look in.

Jay’s artistic side. He looks just as good in black and white.

The whole guy. Very nice. About all I know about Jay is he’s a married guy, judging by the wedding band on his finger. Think he’s doing something here his wife doesn’t know about? Or maybe she took the pictures.

426 … Louis, 41, from the Philippines has gotten naked. (10-6-12)

This is a great shot. I feel like I’m being looked at, but I don’t mind because I’m looking back. Louis is fascinated by the male form, which probably means he is a broad-minded straight guy. Or maybe he’s bisexual, he didn’t say.

Another nice shot, but who is that in the picture? I can’t tell if it’s a guy or a girl. Either way, with Louis laying on his back in this condition, I bet they’re thinking about straddling him. Can you imagine how that would feel?

425 … Sean, 18, has gotten naked. (10-6-12)

Sean, having recently turned 18, was anxious to show his penis on Enlightened Male. Not only is he in good company, I’m glad he did.

Hmm, an erection … is that common for a guy eighteen? One thing is certain, his glans are a beautiful pink.

Sean has provided a rather dramatic view of his anus, which is also pink, and centered in a very masculine pattern of body hair. Must be the affect of all that youthful testosterone. With so many years ahead of of him, somehow I suspect his anus may play a significant role in his love life.

423 … Warren from Sydney Has taken off his pants. (10-6-12)

When Warren takes off his pants with a new partner, they’re in for a surprise. Yes, we’re all different in our own way, but Warren’s penis, as you can see, has an intriguing anomaly. And no, he didn’t have himself pieced. What he has going here is natural. He’s thinking about starting a website that features what all he can do with it. I think he should.

422 … James has gotten naked. (10-6-12)

When I first saw James’s picture, my first impression was he has a happy guy in his underwear. He’s thinking about shaving his pubic hair but doesn’t know if he should. Why not give it a try. It’ll grow back if he doesn’t like it. Plus, since James is happily married, the smooth look may give his wife a smile.

421 … Toni has dropped his pants. (10-3-12)

I’ve never seen a dessert this tempting, not even a bowl of chocolate ice cream. If Toni is as gorgeous as his man parts are, he’s got to have a lot of people aching to sleep with him.

Whoa! Who would’ve figured Toni’s cute little guy could turn into the big kid on the block? I guess all it takes is thinking about all the guys and gals that will be looking at it here on Enlightened Male.

420 … Brian, 65, from the UK has gotten naked. (10-3-12)

Brian is a married guy. He used to worry about the size of his penis. One day he said to himself “screw that”, then decided to accept it, and of course enjoy it.

Brian’s point-of-view coupled with his delightful penis makes Brian a man after my own heart. He says it varies between one inch and four and a half inches, somewhere between very nice and perfect.

What can I say other than adorable.

419 … Deef, 23, from Bandung,west Java, Indonesia has dropped his pants. (10-3-12)

Deef has started off with his pants up, just a little tease.

Deef is obviously a gorgeous young man. Too bad his pictures turned out dark and grainy. They were very small and my attempts to edit them couldn’t improve the situation much.

Deef is gay. That means the girls in Indonesia are out of luck, but it’s great news for the guys.

Be nice to see this shot in good clear focus. Better than nothing, huh?

Look out!  Deef must be thinking about something naughty. Maybe it’s something he has planned for tonight.

418 … Kris from England has gotten naked. (10-3-12)

My goodness! Could be quite an experience to accidentally sit on that. Kris has quite a rocket, quite tempting I might say. He was tight lipped about himself, so there isn’t much I can tell you, except a picture is worth a thousand words.

417 … Pete has gotten naked. (10-3-12)

After looking at some of the studs on the Internet, Pete came to the conclusion his cock is small. But sites like Enlightened Male have reassured him that’s okay.

He now realizes half the men in the world are small to average, and good company to be in. He keeps everything shaved for hygiene, comfort and appearance reasons. Plus he likes it that way. Yes, very nice indeed.

A moment of intimacy with himself. I like the character the years have given to Pete’s hands. I can only imagine the stories he could tell.

Here Pete has his foreskin retracted. You would think he doesn’t have one. He kept it this way for many years in the past, thinking in was a good hygiene practice. It’s a shame the world provides us with so many misguided notions. Pete believes doing this cost him some sensitivity, which it probably did.

416 … Brad, 49, has gotten naked. (10-3-12)

At 49 Brad has the body of a twenty-year-old. How does he do it. Be fun to see more of him, especially with a little better light. He didn’t mention whether he shares his body with men or women. Maybe it’s both.

415 … Mbull has dropped his panys. (10-3-12)

Mbull wanted to add his pictures. He has some fine looking man parts. Here his penis is lifting upward a little as if to celebrate its freedom from those shorts. Great looking trim for a young man.

Looks like Mbull’s penis is growing longer. The foreskin has retracted to behind his glans. Nice how those foreskins work, isn’t it?

414 … Mike, 19, has unbuttoned his pajamas. (10-3-12)

There was a bulge in Mike’s pajamas so he decided to let it out.

Great Shot.

Mike is down to his underwear. He’s checking things out. Adorable.

I’d say Mike has a fine pair of huggers.

Looks like Mike got naked. Mike is straight. Though he appreciates the male form, he isn’t sexually attracted to men. He has always been concerned about his penis size, until recently. After spending a while on Enlightened Male, he has come to realize all men are different and there really isn’t an “average”. Each man’s penis is unique.

413 … Charles, 31, from Canada has gotten naked. (9-28-12)

When you looked at Charles’ picture, you might have thought you just opened Playgirl Magazine to the centerfold. Well, no, it’s the Drop Your Pants page you were expecting. Charles didn’t say much about himself, so all we can do is speculate. Hmm … I think I’ll pretend I’m 31 again, single, and just met him at a bar.

412 … Rob from Holland has gotten naked. (9-28-12)

Rob has offered up a picture of himself that could very well make a straight guy have second thoughts. Bet that wouldn’t bother him a bit.

Who said a guy can’t look yummy? Rob is a married bi guy. He’s been doing a little exploring on Enlightened Male, reaffirming his sexual identity. Like me and many of you, he enjoys being in the company of like-minded men.

411 … Mike has gotten naked. (9-28-12)

Mike’s centerpiece measure 2 -3 inches flaccid, 4-5 inches erect, depending on circumstances. No qualms on my part.

Here’s Mike’s penis pointing skyward. Stiff as it looks, I’d say he’s going for the full five inches.

410 … Denny has gotten naked. (9-28-12)

Denny was encouraged when he saw all the guys here dropping their pants. So he has sent his pictures to encourage others.

Judging by that magnificent pattern of body hair, Denny is packing his fair share of testosterone. What a masculine guy.

409 … Emanuel, 19, has gotten naked. (9-23-12)

Here is a handsome young guy. Emanuel is bisexual. He likes to look at men, though he has only been with girls, except for the really close friend he has masturbated with. The lucky guy that will get to share Emanuel’s bisexuality has yet to enter the picture.

This is the six-shooter that guy will get to play with, loaded, aimed and ready to fire.

408 … Richard from Texas has dropped his pants. (9-23-12)

Richard doesn’t fret over his small size. In fact he is attracted to guys with smaller penises.

Richard also prefers the clean shaven look. His certainly looks nice and smooth.

407 … Stuart from Bath, UK has gotten naked. (9-23-12)

Stuart is sporting a whopper that reaches 7.5 inches erect. Sometimes his wife complains it’s too long. But none of this has stopped Stuart from wishing he had another inch, both length and girth.

Stuart says it gets really small and skinny flaccid, especially during a workout which embarrasses him at the gym. I bet there is more than a few in that locker room that are envious.

I’m thinking Stuart’s penis looks just right as it is.

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  1. 439 give a very good account and pictures of the process of restoring the foreskin.There are a lot of us who hate being circumcised and are doing something about it. I am an old widower (78) who discovered restoring about 5 years ago and while the process is slow I now have flaccid coverage and feel more like a whole person. If the site is anything to go by there must be many thousands of circumcised men trying to get a foreskin back (There are 11 ,000 on that site)
    Someday soon I will drop my pants for you.

  2. 436…Alessio….wow great body nd nice color of ur penis..don’t lose confidence.
    432…Chad nice pics u have a great penis nd butt ; )
    434…Rio great pics

    • Agree – like the three versions of Sean, uncut, glans revealed and an open anus. Cute ring holding his tidy sac. Fuly shaved would show off the assets even better!

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