Drop Your Pants, Pg 6

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Send your pics to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name we can use and a little about yourself if you wish. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m here, but you’ll never guess which one.

Note: Use the number (or name) to comment on the private parts you think are most appealing.

127 … Brett, 24. has taken off his pants. (1-2-12)

Darn close to perfect.

What a pleasant surprise should you be with him when Brett drops his pants.

Another angle. Another delightful look at a fine symbol of masculinity.

Here Brett is thinking about something that has taken hold of his imagination. Maybe a  man. Maybe a woman. We don’t know.

Brett’s balls from below … makes your hand ache to squeeze them.

126 … Anthony has unzipped his pants. (1-1-12)

Anthony asked me what I think of his “small one”. Answer: outstanding. I can only imagine the joy someone might have being intimate with him.

Anthony from a different angle. Anthony says it reaches 5.5 inches erect.

Anthony got out of those pants, snapped a few more and sent them to me.

Nothing like an erection heading into the shower.

Hmm, Anthony must have taken care of that erection. Now he looks as innocent as a lamb.

I would say Anthony has a nice treat to share.


125 … Looks like a lot of guys in Toronto enjoy getting naked. Not so easy in the winter up there. This is Mark greeting you with his camera. (1-1-12)

Mark says: “HAPPY NUDE YEAR 2012 EVERYONE! I love being naked–I think I am a true exhibitionist in every sense of the word! I love to travel and seek out clothing optional beaches and if they are gay…even better! Nothing better than being naked with other men! My body is not perfect but I practice the occasional ‘manscaping’ and find I get more compliments when I don’t clip.”

This is what I call a great looking guy, inside and out, not to mention between his legs. What a great landscape of hair.

124 … Michael, 19, from Toronto has gotten naked (1-1-12).

Every guy’s penis has its own personality. Michael’s is no exception. Love the contrasting color with his beautiful skin.

It’s grown a little. Now the glans are showing. Bet Michael’s foreskin keeps them ultra sensitive.

Lookout! Michael has an erection that’s ready for action.

Nice shot.

Now we’ve relaxed. Who would guess this innocent little guy would get itself into trouble.

123 … M has dropped his pants (1-1-12)

The one thing you know about a man wearing a pair of pants … that something nice like this is hidden inside.

122 … David, 45, from London, has gotten naked. (12-30-11)

Well, call me impressed. Nice how the foreskin covers the glans, allowing the tip to peek out. David must enjoy having this guy in his pants.

David gives us a little more of himself in this photo. Looks like he requires underwear with plenty of room in the pouch.

121 … Kev. 38, a bi-married guy, has removed his pants (12-30-11)

The classic example of good things coming in small packages. Very nice indeed.

From a different angle.

Perfect size for the smooth look.

Love the way it points upward.

Now we have a hand full. I would love to hear the stories this beautiful penis could tell.

120 … Peter, 19, has dropped his pants (12-28-11)

What a prize! Great trim. No doubt there will be more than a few that would like to help Peter hold it.

This is what you have when you’re 19 … a perpetual erection, and Peter has a very nice one.

119 … Stu has gotten naked, really naked

This handsome, shaved and hooded fellow has been around for 52 years. God only knows what mischief he has gotten himself into. But seriously, Stu has given us a perfect example of how naturally beautiful a foreskin is.

118 … Rick has taken off his clothes

If you have ever wondered if a man can be truly beautiful, Rick has answered the question. What more can I say?

117 … Jon has gotten out of his pants.

Great close up. What guy wouldn’t be proud of this?

Makes you wonder why men’s genitals always have to be confined, especially when they are as magnificent as Jon’s. Probably explains why so many men enjoy getting naked together.

116 … Mike has unzipped his pants.

Aww, freed from the confines of a pair of jeans, saying hello to the world and enjoying the fresh air. Thanks, Mike, for sharing this intimate picture of your awesome penis.

115 … Sam has untied his robe.

Beautiful skin color. Amazing, the different colors, shapes and sizes we’re getting on these pages. Makes things interesting.

Sam is beautifully endowed. Great shot from the side.

Goodness! Sam must be thinking about some of the other pictures on this page.

Tall and stiff enough to enchant any prospective partner.

114 … -E-, nineteen, from Florida, has taken off his pants.

-E- likes girls, but he doesn’t mind if guys have a look at him here.

-E- is Latino … no wonder so many of the Latino girls in Florida are always smiling.

Who wouldn’t be proud?

Now this is nice, relaxed and waiting for some attention.

113 … -B- has dropped his pants.

-B- didn’t send anything other than a couple great pictures. Too bad, be nice to know more about him. He has a captivating foreskin, the way it fits the glans like a glove. But add another inch or so with an erection, and the foreskin is left behind.

*   *   *

112 … To our good fortune, Chris, 50, has taken off his clothes.

Chris is a married man from the Great Lakes region. This is what he said in his email:

“I first realized at age 6 that I was like other boys, but my penis was considerably smaller than other boys’ my age.  Now, the rest of me is taller than average, nicely proportioned, and fit for my age, but my penis never grew.  I am fully formed and functional, just very small.  It lead to some uncommon experiences in social, dating, and sexual situations, but most of those that I would characterize as unpleasant occurred between the ages of 15 and 30.  Today, I am comfortable in my own skin.”

We don’t see all of Chris in his photos, but what we do see tells us he is a beautifully shaped, masculine man. For a man of fifty, I can’t imagine a more stunning body. His heartfelt words imply a thoughtful personality, a man I would love to know, a man that personifies the phrase: “Small is beautiful.”

111 … Vlad has dropped his pants

Vlad mentioned nothing about himself, but for many of us the pictures he sent are quite enough. Another great example of the wonders of the male body.

What can possibly be more tempting? With no more than a glimpse, what can possibly inspire such erotic thoughts?

An invitation for the eyes, the hands, the mouth.

Since Vlad didn’t give permission to use his full name, I can’t post it here, but my guess is he’s Russian. If so, there is no shortage of beautiful men there.

110 … D, 35, from Hawaii has dropped his pants

This is what I call simply beautiful. No wonder D wanted to share.

I would love to see it soft.

109 … Greg from San Francisco has dropped his pants

Greg wanted to spice things up with an image that has a San Francisco edge to it. Hmm … could have guessed he’s probably not from Texas, but then again…  Oh well, what can I say except thank God we have San Francisco.

108 … Mark, 47 from Boston, has dropped his pants

Now here’s a man I would like to see more of, in high resolution color. Mark stumbled upon this site at an event he was working and snapped this picture in an audio-visual booth. Maybe he’ll go home, get out his Canon, and drop his pants again.

Well, Mark went home and got out his Cannon

Much better, though perhaps not quite so exciting as dropping your pants in a public audio-visual booth to snap a picture. What a good looking man.

Can you imagine being the one sitting across from him, with his legs open and inviting. Mark inspires fantasies to take flight.

107 … Dayved, 50, has unzipped his pants

Dayved is bi-curious. No doubt it will be a lucky guy if he ever decides to explore this part of his sexuality.

What I call perfect.

Look out … Dayved has gotten rid of his clothes. Obviously 50 is the new 30.

No Viagra needed.

Hmm … wonder what Dayved is thinking about.

Ready, willing and able.

106 … John has removed his pants

John’s photos didn’t come through very well, but you get the idea. He has quite a lot to offer, perhaps not in bulk, but more than enough in masculinity

Based on what John told me, evidently he’s had a bad experience with a size queen. It was their loss.

Very nice indeed!

*   *   *

John has done a little editing and his newer images follow.

A beautiful penis photographed with an artistic quality

Some some fortunate soul could play with all day

105 … Duke, 41, From Georgia has gotten naked

Very nice size and shape

Looks innocent, though we know it’s seen it’s share of mischief

Trying to hide in a nest of hair

Now he’s come alive, looking for adventure

If you don’t care much for skin and bones, Duke may be the man for you.

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20 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants, Pg 6

  1. 107 is absolutely beautiful, although I have only ever had 1 cock in my mouth I would lick and suck 107 as fast as I could get his cock out. I can smell that musky scent and feel the rubbery but hard texture just looking at it ,licking his balls would be my pleasure.

  2. 107 i think. The precum is a MAJOR TURN ON, THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT I WANT SOMEONE VERY SMALL TO FILL MY MOUTH. I have never had any shot in my mouth but WOW i bet it would feel amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 119 – Nice one Stu. Just the look i was trying to capture but i couldn’t keep mine soft ! Can’t beat a nice, fresh shave eh :-)

  4. 121, 113.
    I like 113 cause it has a lovely helmet thing goin and the foreskin is to die for.
    And 121 cause it looks lovely shaved and it looks as if it was made to be sucked on.

  5. My hat off to all these guys! Beautiful pics. I wish I had the balls to send pics of my self. But being small, stops my of sending it.
    One of the best websites I ever visited

  6. 111 Vlad… Magnificent, perfect to hold and behold…
    110 D from Hawai… From top to bottom, he takes the prize, I am in awe..
    108… Mark is so cute…
    107… Dayvad… From peeking, to standing out, to standing up, to smoothing out…
    And Martins description’s of each caps them off… Thankyou everyone, I can imagine how nice to sit in a circle show and compare, touch and stare…!

  7. Martin,
    Let me be clear about it. I don’t mind explicit pictures at all. So I was not offended in any way. Just curious how far to go if someday I dare to drop my pants and expose myself to the world. And you’re right about pictures with explicit sexual acts. Other sites are more suitable for that. No problem with those sites by the way. But one of the joys of this site are the pictures, which are almost all in good taste. Even the drop your pants section. Though not always good quality pictures, but still ….

  8. I thought the rules were no sexually explicit photos. Look at 107. How can a wet dick not be sexually explicit? But then again is dropping your pants or showing your hard-on by all means sexually explicit anyway? Do I have any objections? No, not in the least! And why did the ladies stop dropping their pants?

    • Peter, I have to admit #107 pushes the explicit envelope a bit, as do, technically, the erections. However, erections and even some wet secretions are also a normal part of being a male. By sexually explicit, I mean sexual acts and obvious masturbation. I have found, for purposes of the regular features found on this site, that certain forms of intimacy between two men or a man and a woman are more artistic than overtly explicit, so I will use these images in some pieces. Also, since actual sexually explicit images can be artistic, and are certainly part of the human condition, I decided earlier in the year to feature them under the eros category. Thanks for visiting the blog and calling attention to this issue.

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