Drop Your Pants, Pg 7

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Send your pics to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name we can use and a little about yourself if you wish. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m here, but you’ll have to guess which one.

 Note: Use the number (or name) to comment on the private parts you think are most appealing.

166 … Tony from Boston is bare naked. (2-13-12)

Tony has a nice hang going on here, and a nice trim. The picture is a little blurry, but he either has hairless balls or he shaves them. No doubt they would rest nicely on the palm of your hand, though you might be tempted to give them a squeeze. Tony, I hope you’re staying warm up there in Red Sox country.

165 … Lu is out of his pants. (2-12-12)

Among other things, Lu has got some nice legs. In fact, considering what we see of him,  he makes a great masculine package.


Here Lu has pulled his foreskin back off his glans, as if things between his legs weren’t already tempting enough.

A close up. Nice trim. Very handsome penis. Love the way his balls are hugging up close to his body.

Now we’re getting down to business. Lu is obviously a “grower”. It makes your hands itch to get involved.

164 … A dashing Russian has gotten naked. (2-12-12)

I can’t post his name because my computer doesn’t deal well with the Russian alphabet. It doesn’t matter … he’s an exquisite Russian example of manhood.

Great rear-view, even if it’s a little out of focus. I think when the Beatles sang, “You’re back in the USSR; you don’t know how lucky you are”, they were thinking about Russian men. Well, maybe not, but that’s what some of us think about hearing that tune.

What a beautifully proportioned man.

163 … Tom is completely naked. (2-10-12)

Tom is a bi-married guy, 47 years old and thoroughly enamored of female particulars. His wife holds exclusive rights to his impressive penis.  But that’s not to say there have been no adventures from days gone by.

Goodness … consider me distracted.

Anyway, Tom considers himself kinky. He’s had the pleasure of helping, with hands and mouth, a small collection of cocks to explode in climax and loved every second of it.Thus his passion for semen. He is enchanted by the texture, the look and the taste, and considers an ejaculation a visual climax to sex.

Tom prefers smooth shaven men. He is fascinated by every detail of both male and female genitals. My guess is he has this and probably a lot more in common with a good many of the men that are looking at these pictures.

162 … MK from the UK has dropped his pants. (2-8-12)

Unzipped and peeking out, ready for some fresh air. MK’s penis is crowned with very nice glans.

This is better, the pants are down, more room to stretch and stiffen.

MK and his little companion have been together 48 years, enough time to have had any number of exploits. Makes you wonder what kind of ideas the two of them have had over the years.

161 … Dave has pulled down his pants. (2-7-12)

Look what’s no longer tucked away in those Hanes. Simply exceptional. You wonder why, when a man looks so inviting, when one’s imagination is set free by the mere act of a man pushing his pants down, that male nakedness is so controversial. Dave has given us a fine example of masculine splendor.

160 … Ray from the UK has gotten naked. (2-6-12)

Meet Big Ben, Ray’s penis. Ray’s penis, like the rest of him, has been around for 63 years. Oh, the stories this handsome presentation of manhood could tell.

Looks like Big Ben is getting some ideas. Wonder who he’s going to share them with. Ray has been shaving his balls for years … makes ‘um more appealing for oral sex, which makes it more fun to be a man. Very handsome indeed.

159 … Nile has gotten naked. (2-4-12)

Now here is a gorgeous man … long slender body, beautiful skin color, exotic long hair. Just looking at Nile is enough to give you an eye-gasm. The tattoo on his back is homage to his participation in the furry fandom.

Nile says this about his tattoo: “My natural cat like body structure and attitude [makes] the leopard print tattoo seemed fitting.”

Something every man has and Nile’s is very nice, compellingly darker than his skin color and protruding from a rich swathe of black pubic hair.

If Nile only knew how many guys would like to be holding that for him, girls too.

Nile was intrigued by his visit to Enlightened Male. He found it refreshing and decided to step outside his comfort zone and send these delightful pictures. No doubt you see it the same way I do … I’m glad he did.

158 … Looks like Nick is naked. (2-4-12)

Something long and hard is coming into to this picture, something that is casting a long shadow. It looks like it’s coming out of a bush. Nick has got a hold of it. Is it wild or dangerous? Perhaps there have been those that have come in contact with it and think so, I wouldn’t know. But it looks like Nick has it subdued, at least for a while.

157 … FK has stretched out naked on the bed. (1-31-12)

Stretched out on the bed, his handsome penis resting luxuriously on its side, his balls resting comfortably between his legs. How tempting can some things get? FK said nothing about himself. We don’t what part of the world he lives in, or if he’s waiting for a man or a woman to get in bed with him. He could be your neighbor. We’ll have to use our imagination, and mine is running wild.


FK wrote back to let me know he’s from Michigan. Looks like something happened in the meantime … his soft, cuddly penis got stiff! Hope he’s keeping some fortunate soul warm on these cold Michigan nights.

156 … Ron in Florida has gotten naked. (1-27-12)

We’re certainly getting a run of good looking men here. Can you imagine walking into your bedroom and seeing Rob posing like this on your bed? In his mid-forties, he still looks like a kid, albeit a very appealing kid. His wife of ten years allows him to explore his bisexual side. She’s probably thinking boys will be boys. Rob is crazy about her and wishes all wives were as accepting as his. Well, maybe some day, my friend.

155 … SP has dropped his pants. (1-27-12)

Some things just make you want to get up close and personal, and SP has plenty of it. He has decided that he’s ready to show the world what very few have ever seen. I say it’s a good day for those who have happened to stumble in here.

This is what happens when SP starts having naughty thoughts. Too bad we don’t know what he’s thinking. Whatever it is inspired him to get out of those pants. Love that slight curve to the right.

154 … JJ, from Las Vegas, just stepped out of the shower. (1-26-12)

JJ is straight. He does have, like so many of the straight guys that visit Enlightened Male, an appreciation for the male body. No doubt you are feeling some appreciation for his body right now.

JJ has that kind of body that guys, given a chance to look like someone else, would pick him to look like. JJ identifies with GOYS, the fraternity of men who recognize the natural instinct for men to bond in an intimate way without guilt or shame.

153 … Graham, from the UK, has gotten out of his pants. (1-25-12)

Just how many good looking, well hung Englishmen are there? Graham is a male masterpiece. What a masculine landscape of hair!

Looks like Graham has decided to show off. Who wouldn’t with equipment like this? Makes me glad England is a U.S. ally. We could end up in the same foxhole one of these days. Hmm.

152 … Johnathon from Ohio is naked. (1-25-12)

Maybe because this image is black and white is what makes it seem so dramatic, dramatic in the sense even that a straight guy might have second thoughts. Maybe you would like to know what it would feel like to have Johnathon’s intimate parts in your hand? No doubt more than a few would. Johnathon has presented a temptation that would be very hard to resist.

151 … Ross has dropped his pants. (1-23-12)

Ross is in his late 40s … from what I can see of him, he looks more like 25. That’s not a bad rocket for a guy his age, not to mention those loveable pink balls. He likes women (something he has in common with a great many men), but he’s also fascinated by other guy’s erections, which every few months he goes out and does something about.  Hmm, so maybe you’re thinking that’s why Ross looks familiar.

150 … TM has gotten naked. (1-23-12)

We haven’t seen many images like this here at Drop Your Pants. That may be our loss. But in TM’s case, the circumstances behind the pictures are captivating.

You may be thinking TM’s clitoris is a bit larger than usual. You may be thinking TM’s legs are hairier than girl’s legs are suppose to be. There is a reason for this. I’m currently working on a piece that will feature TM and will post a link here when it’s finished. You will be fascinated.

149 … Dk has gotten out of his clothes. (1-20-12)

Bet it’s as nice to hold as it is to look at. It’s almost as if it’s waiting for a little attention.

Very nice … pink, plump and sassy, and the recent haircut is quite appealing. Dk didn’t say a word in his email, so I don’t know a thing about him, except he has quite a handful between his legs.

Look out! Let’s move out of the way and give this fellow some room. This new freedom, unrestrained by clothes, is a good time to stretch out in the fresh air.


148 … Ric, from the Delaware area, has gone out to the garage and gotten                    naked. (1-19-12)

Ric is a model working in the Washington DC area. He also loves learning how to fly on a trapeze. If that’s not enough, he also does a little acting, but there is no acting involved in the condition of his penis. No doubt some of us are envious.

This is what I call an achievement. Nice indeed.

Where does Ric get these outfits? I’m wondering if my wife would like see me in one. But to look this good, you’d probably need Ric’s body.

I wonder if the ring would pass for a swimsuit on a public beach.

If we all had Ric’s libido, Viagra would be in trouble. Not to worry…Viagra is too big to fail. The government would bail them out.

My goodness! Someone has turned Ric into a walking Picasso. Then again, Picasso never used a canvas this interesting.

A closer look at the more three dimensional part of Ric’s body. He’s a very good looking and well endowed man. Great pictures.


147 … Pa from Montreal has gotten naked. (1-18-12)

Here is a young man that knows how to pose for a picture. What a great body! If the photographer was a male, I bet PA wasn’t the only one with an erection. Much to my regret, and probably everyone else’s, he sent only one picture. Be nice to see him in other poses, but maybe it’s too cold in Montreal this time of year to stay naked for long periods.

146 … Paulchen is buck naked. (1-18-12)

Now I love this! Shaved and trimmed, the foreskin gathered over the glans, hiding and protecting them. Very nice.

Lookout! Paulchen’s tool has gone from sweet and innocent to adventurous and determined.

Nice clear shot from a different angle. Just how big can that little guy get?

Paulchen’s been eating his Wheaties. He’s has a tiger in the tank that’s out on the prowl.


145 … Don’t Forget Me, 42, is down to his underwear, and then some. (1-15-12)

Who wouldn’t love living in this beautiful body … flat belly, muscular chest and legs, not to mention an interesting bulge? ‘Don’t Forget Me’ is bi-curious, having had only one adventure with another male many years ago. Alas, as they always do, the urges buried inside tend to increase with age. ‘Don’t Forget Me’ fantasizes about getting naked with another man, playing with each other, touching and being touched, but he doesn’t know how to proceed, or where it would take place for that matter. Makes me wonder how many men are treading water in the same pool.

So this is what was causing that bulge! A temptation if ever I saw one. Now it’s been set free, inspired and excited by all those naughty thoughts (and the kitten doesn’t even notice). What a smooth, glistening sheen on the glans. ‘Don’t Forget Me’ may not realize it, but if they knew he was curious and available, he’d have a number of equally curious guys lined up around the block.

144 … Alan, 18, from Michigan, has gotten naked. (1-15-12)

A young man’s body with a nice landscape of hair, yet what’s dangling between his legs is silky smooth. Alan, just now eighteen years old, is still a virgin. He also knows he is bisexual. It’s not hard to imagine the adventures ahead of him.

What a fine looking young man. When he’s out on his own, Alan wants to be a bit of a nudist. He loves to listen to music all day and aspires to be a world class DJ. Circumcised at birth like so many of us, he is trying to restore his foreskin.

Alan hopes his photos aren’t too explicit. Well, Alan … no, they’re not. In fact I think there are hundreds of guys out there that are going to appreciate your creative, wonderfully intimate photography; and perhaps more than a few that would love to join you on your future adventures. Stay warm up there in Michigan.

143 … Emanuel has opened his fly. (1-15-12)

Look what was hiding in there! This shy little guy has decided to peek out at the world around him.

I believe he’s ready to stay out for a while. What a handsome fellow.

Ahh, a nice stretch in the fresh air.

Emanuel has decided to strip naked, and why not. It’s just more comfortable that way, more invigorating. Nice how smooth and shiny his foreskin keeps his glans, and no doubt very sensitive. Makes some of us a little envious.

142 … Luke, from Melbourne, Australia has dropped his pants. (1-13-12)

If Søren (below) has started a stampede to Denmark, looks like Luke may get one started to Melbourne. Maybe some of those handsome guys from New Zealand.  Makes you wonder if all those southern Aussies are this good looking.

Great trim.  And love the way Luke’s balls are hugging his body, even though it’s high summer there in Melbourne. Maybe he has the air conditioner on high.

141 … Søren, from Denmark, has gotten naked. (1-13-12)

Seems there is no end to the temptations that come this way. What a well-designed man: the unique display of veins, the foreskin that fits like a glove, the smooth pink balls … all of it crowned by a landscape of well-trimmed hair.

Stand back and give this beautiful man room!!!

Be careful, Søren, or else you’ll be tempting a lot guys to move to Scandinavia.

140 … Chris has taken off all his clothes. (1-11-12)

Goodness! This is one of the most inviting things I’ve ever seen.

I’m beginning to think there is no end to the well-shaped men out there. I love the way Chris’ penis lays over on its back like a little puppy.

Here Chris is exposing the shadowy mysteries below his balls. Question is, if he was desert, where would you begin?


139 … Drew, 34, from Melbourne, Australia has stripped naked. (1-10-12)

As innocent as a small bird hiding in its nest. Or is it? Drew is straight, which means there may be a number of women in Melbourne that have had some experience with this handsome fellow.

Looks like Drew is thinking about one of those girls right now.

Yep, he is. I’m guessing he snapped this picture, put the camera aside and headed straight over to her house. Bet a huge Australian smile greeted him. I’m just wondering how he got this back into his pants.

138 … Jay, 44, has dropped his pants. (1-10-12)

A most pleasant surprise. There is something about a hairy, masculine man that sets tingles racing across one’s skin.

A handsome centerpiece protruding from a landscape of well-trimmed hair that makes your hands want to take hold of it.

There is Jay’s pants down around his ankles. His penis looks quite happy to be free and is enjoying the fresh air. Jay says he is curious. Does this mean he would like to feel this magnificent erection in another man’s hand, perhaps be close enough to breath the smell of another man’s skin?


137 … Riaan has gotten naked. (1-7-12)

Riaan has used laser treatments to remove his pubic hair. He’s as smooth as a man’s skin can be, which allows one to focus on his magnificent penis without distractions. In this picture, it’s pointing at you.

What a fine diameter. Can you imagine how good Riann looks in a speedo?

I think what I like best about male parts is there are so many variations of perfect. No wonder Riaan wanted to share his privates on Enlightened Male. Seems a crime against nature to always keep them hidden in a pair of pants.

Just what I thought, an accommodating handful.

Ahh, resting like an innocent kitten. Whoever Riaan shares this with is one fortunate person.


136 … John has dropped his pants. (1-7-12)

My word! That’s the stiffest penis I’ve seen in a while. The workings of a penis are eternally fascinating, soft and pliable one minute, hard as a rock the next. John’s is certainly a good example of the latter. He’s a bi-married guy that has a wife who understands his need for a same-sex relationship.


135 … D has dropped his pants and released a real prize. (1-6-12)

Here’s a young man that would make John Wayne blush with modesty. I would call him a Real Texan but D is from Europe.

D says eight and a half inches. He’s the first guy I’ve ever heard that doesn’t exaggerate. He simply doesn’t have to. D is just now coming to terms with showing his penis in public, though he admits liking the stares and winks in the locker room.

Perhaps you heard the gasp the first time I opened D’s email. Call it the gasp heard around the world. He’s quite a guy and I thank him for sending these terrific photos.


134 … Will, 38, has gotten completely naked. (1-6-12)

Don’t you love the red hair? Here is a man that is obviously in great shape (it’s been eons since my waist looked like Will’s). I wonder is he going to share his shower with anyone.

And it looked so innocent in the last picture. What happened? Now it’s tall and proud and reaching skyward. Will has never before shared a photo. I’m glad he decided to do so for Enlightened Male.


133 … Ben has lowered his pants. (1-6-12)

Talk about a handsome, handful of a man, Ben fills the bill. I’m wondering if the feeling of fresh air caused the erection, or if Ben is thinking about something naughty.

Since sending the first shot, Ben has gotten his pubic hair waxed, stripped naked and has sent these additional pictures.

Smooth as a baby’s butt. Magnificent erection.

Pointing upward. His smooth balls are hugging his body. Very nice.

A different angle. What a great shape and size.


132 … Sach has unzipped his pants. (1-6-12)

Obviously a very appealing man. Enthusiasm for penises this size is not uncommon here at Enlightened Male (all sizes when you get down to it). I tried to clear up the photo with little success, but Sach’s intentions certainly come through anyway.


131 … 315 has slipped out of her panties (1-4-12)

I’ve been wondering where all the women were. 315 has stepped forward, a pioneer, an adventurer, a beauty.

What a delight.

What you see here is one of the most tempting things on Earth, and 315s is exceptionally hot. She is 18, from upstate New York (brrr), blonde hair and blue eyes. She dresses sexy when she goes out in public to make men and women wonder how she is in bed. She prefers sex without a condom so that she can feel the smooth texture, thickness and length of a man’s penis. 315 thinks everyone should be proud of who they are and what God gave them.


130 … Gai has gotten naked. (1-2-12)

Maybe you’re wondering why we haven’t seen him in the movies.

More on Gai here.

129 … Barney has decided to get naked. (1-3-12)

If ever there was a beautiful man… Well, my opinion anyway. Seems Barney has always been a little modest. He believes his penis is on the small side. Compared to what? A mule?

So it’s a new year and Barney has decided he’s going to bare all at a nude beach. Way to go, my friend. No doubt you’ll draw some admiring eyes. But wait until spring. You know what this cold weather can do to a man’s ego.

Thanks to Barney for sharing these sexy pictures, and I hope he has tons of fun on that beach adventure.

128 … Fox, 23, from Canada has gotten out of his pants. (1-3-12)

Fox is sitting down. Wouldn’t you like to be sitting across from him? I wonder what you would be looking at.

Very nice. What a great pair of balls. This is boy perfection.

This is what Fox said in his email: “I’ve always wanted to go to a nude gathering or something, simply to marvel in the different types of cocks. I love comparing with other guys, not just to see who’s bigger but I really like seeing the different shapes and colours as well. I always thought I was just an average guy, but then I realized, there’s no such thing as average! There’s such a huge mosaic of different types of bits.”

From a different angle. Looks like it’s lifting and leaning toward you.

Whew! Barely room in the picture to get it all in. And those are some really nice balls.

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25 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants, Pg 7

  1. 315 what a great set of pics. I would love to feel my bare cock sliding in to feels like. I am sure it would be amazing!!! Thanks for them pictures!

  2. #153 Graham…
    Comes pretty close to perfection regarding what I find attractive. Nicely hairy, a little weight on the frame, beautifully but not overly endowed and perfectly formed. Hard to ask for more…

  3. Everyone seems soo comfortable showing their penis. I have a problem with showing mine. Due to
    I’m small and not big like alot of other guys but I wanna be comfortable and embrace my penis and show it and be naked!

  4. There’s something about MK (162) that I find really appealing. His penis has quite a girth and if I’m not mistaken, that looks like a little bit of precum in picture 1, which makes me want to involuntarily open my mouth!! He looks as if he’s carrying just a little extra weight too, but I mean that nicely as I love a fit, chunky guy like MK rather than one of these ultra slim dudes

  5. I hope some more girls drop their panties just like i did. All the men on here, their package ;) is beautiful in color and long in size some a bit small but guess what ?? BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE !!!!! :)

  6. Thanks for the comment on my photograph (132).
    In spite of the comment that “Enthusiasm for penises ‘this size’ is not uncommon . . .”, it goes without saying that size is not everything. Lest those of a lesser stature begin feeling inferior, in all it’s glory this penis confirms to what I believe is the average of five and a half inches, not bad considering it’s age and the mileage it has travelled in 60 years!

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