Drop Your Pants, Pg 9

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Attach your pics to an email to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name we can use and a little about yourself if you wish. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. It may take a few days for your pics to appear. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way.

287 … 7766 has gotten naked. (6-19-12)

7766 sent his picture, nothing else. All I can tell you about him is how inviting he looks stretched out on the bed. Great shot from the southerly end looking up.

286 … Drew, 24, from Arkansas has unzipped his jeans. (6-19-12)

My oh my, how did Drew get all of that behind his zipper? Right now I’m looking closely and I don’t see any underwear. Could be because Drew couldn’t find any with a roomy enough pouch. Needless to say, it certainly looks like this handsome male part needed to escape the confinement of those jeans. I bet Drew is thinking about what he is planning to do with it.

This is Drew unzipped in the bathroom. Not only has Drew contributed his pictures, he loves to look at all the sizes, colors and shapes on these pages.

Drew is a married guy. I wonder if his wife took these marvelous pictures.

285 … Mike from Zürich has gotten naked. (6-19-12)

If this is what Swiss men look like, who needs tropical beaches? Maybe a cozy fireplace on a snowy afternoon will do just fine, as long as Mike is the one sharing it.

Nice pose. Perhaps you can picture Mike straddling your chest.

Who can say what it is about the unusual configuration of man’s penis that makes it so compelling? Whatever it is, Mike is offering up a perfect example.

Great shot. Everything exposed and yours for the asking.

284 … Brian, 40, has gotten naked. (6-19-12)

What is that peeking out from under the towel? Is there any doubt? It’s what a good many of us would call a fine set of man parts.

Brian is depressed. He has convinced himself that his penis is too small. Frankly, I don’t understand why. Sure, there are plenty of guys and girls who prefer a larger size, but there are also just as many who prefer a smaller size, or say size doesn’t matter. Me for one. Just look at the poll … everyone has a preference, so it seems just a matter of partnering with someone that believes you are beautiful the way you are. Brian certainly is.

What can I say to get this size issue out of Brian’s head? He is delightfully masculine. If you agree, click on his picture and write a few encouraging words.

283 … Sam from Toronto has gotten naked. (6-19-12)

Sam is a young guy with 8 inches and he believes it’s still growing. Whoa … bet that looks impressive in a pair of tight jeans, that is if Sam can stuff it all in.

Something went wrong when they circumcised him and he ended up with scarred glans (hmm, is this an argument against circumcision?). Other than that Sam is very happy with his man parts, as will be his future partner(s).

Interesting shot. And beautiful skin color. You’d think with those long Canadian winters a guy wouldn’t have such a lovely dark complexion. Genetics win out every time.

Same shot with a little digital manipulation. Posting these pictures was the first time Sam ever did anything like this, but at the moment he felt like doing something adventurous.

282 … AK from New Jersey has pulled down his quirky shorts. (6-19-12)

What’s not to love? Here AK is clean shaven for a visit to the local nude beach. He used to be self-conscious about his smaller size, a 4.5 inch rock hard rocket. Now that he’s in his thirties, he has accepted the fact he’s smaller and has become quite fond of his penis. No doubt AK has had a companion or two who have been quite fond of it too.

281 … Javier, 22, has dropped his pants. (6-19-12)

Javier is Maria’s (see post #269) brother. He has a condition known as phimosis, a condition that means the foreskin is so tight it can’t fully retract over the glans. This is a legitimate medical reason to be circumcised, which Javier will have done in the next month or two. Then he will be free to use his magnificent member unimpeded.

280 … Jeffrey has unzipped his shorts. (6-19-12)

Jeffrey didn’t say anything about himself in his email. I suppose he didn’t have to. His photo says it all. For one thing, he doesn’t bother with underwear. There is nothing but pure manhood under all that plaid.

279 … Clay, 32, has dropped his pants. (6-18-12)

Clay is a straight married guy that got a notion to post his picture here, mainly to see what others think. Makes me wish WordPress offered a way to notify posters when they get a comment here. As it is you have to scroll down to the comments section now and then to see what people are saying. Better than nothing I guess.

Anyway, bet I can guess what you think … very, very nice. I bet Clay’s wife thinks so too.

278 … Chad, 21, Is giving us a peek. (6-18-12)

When a guy pulls out the waistband of his pajamas, sometimes you get a rather pleasant surprise, like the one pictured above.

Chad identifies himself as a cute, sexy bi-curious guy looking to get his stuff out there. He would like to experience life and all of its sexual components. A lucky few will be glad Chad is feeling adventurous.

Chad has used a mirror for a nice effect.

277 … Bruce is in the woods naked. (6-8-12)

Looks like Bruce’s little partner has been set free to enjoy some pretty remarkable surroundings. Let’s hope someone is there to enjoy it with him.

276 … Steve from Bristol has gotten naked. (6-6-12)

Steve loves getting naked. Of course this is one of the focal points when he does. Bet he would draw more than a few double-takes on a nude beach.

Evidently more guys are shaving these days. The bare nude look is quite becoming on Steve. He must have the air-conditioner on the way his balls are hugging up close to his body. Maybe a pair of warm adventurous hands would be just what the doctor ordered.

Make room. Steve’s penis is lifting. That cool air must feel stimulating. We can only guess what may happen next.

275 … J, 23, from Canada has lowered the bedsheets. (6-6-12)

And was he surprised by this rocket? No chance … at 23 this is a normal condition. J appreciates his long foreskin. He enjoys the sensations it gives him. He says his penis reaches just under six inches fully erect.

Here’s J after his pubic hair grew out. He’s a straight guy, but he admires penises, including his own. Who wouldn’t? J believes a man’s penis is a work of art.

Great foreskin. J stretches it everyday. Even his girl friend likes giving it a tug. Hmm, sounds like some rather interesting foreplay going on at J’s house.

Here J has his foreskin tied off, just one of the ways he can play with it.

274 … Bill from Salem, Oregon has gotten naked. (6-6-12)

Bill is a man of size with a small but delightful penis. He also has beautiful skin and he looks great with the shave. No doubt more than a few would find him exquisite.

He says this little fellow will reach five inches if it has a reason to. Anyone want to give him a reason?

More than tempting enough to put notions inside your head.

273 … Tiny Jim from New Orleans has gotten naked. (6-6-12)

So you have doubted the diversity of the male body? Tiny Jim is here to show you just how physically diverse men can be. Fascinated by the amazing variety of man parts, he has decided to add his unique penis size to the mix.

Jim has a beautiful body. It just so happens a good part of his genitals are retracted inside. Jim says his penis is usually the smallest anyone has ever seen, including himself.

Whatever his size, I call him a beautiful man. He marvels at how fascinated other men can be when they see a penis this small. I’m fascinated by his character, his attitude, his sense of adventure and his entire persona.

272 … G, 49, has lowered the bedsheets. (6-5-12)

I know, you’re thinking yummm.

G is a married bi guy. He had just been masturbating when he took this picture, thinking about his best friend, a straight married guy that D has some compelling fantasies about. Here is what G says about him: “I love him as a friend, but I also long for some kind of physical bonding, anything from giving him a foot massage to performing oral sex to completion for him. I would even just love to see him naked or take a shower with him. I really want to feel closer to him. Special to him. I feel silly that I feel this way, but it’s what I think about all the time.”

No, G, not silly at all. He had this to say about himself: “I’m bi-married, closeted, African American, professional, educated and desperately wanting emotional and physical closeness with other men, My penis is cut, quite thick and I’ve always been happy with the size.”

271 … Nevo, 32, from Tel Aviv has dropped his pants. (6-2-12)

No wonder countless thousands from all over the world are immigrating to Israel, Nevo is there. He’s out on a deserted road…maybe this is his way of hitchhiking. Bet the first car that happens by screeches to a stop. What an irresistible pattern of body hair.

270 … Mike, 60, from Oklahoma has pushed his underwear down. (5-31-12)

Now here is a man that will win a few hearts, and set a few imaginations sailing. Nice trim and shave, sexy pair of bikini briefs, intimate pictures of the Internet…who says a 60 year old guy has to be stodgy? Bet it’s fun getting to know a guy like Mike. I wonder if he would let you try to get all of this in one hand. Even if you were able to, I see something that would probably end up pushing its way through your fingers.

269 … Maria from Colombia has stripped her husband naked. (5-31-12)

Great shave. Maria wanted you to see it, along with all four inches of her husband’s gorgeous penis. He may be 35, but he looks like a boy, at least the part of him that he usually keeps hidden away in his underwear, so it doesn’t surprise me Maria is so fond of it. Who wouldn’t be. No doubt she’s found out what it’s like to play with it for hours on end. She has joined the ranks of very happy women.

In case you’re wondering what Maria looks like, she decided to be a sport and slip out of her panties and give you a peek. Now you know the kind of girl that likes small guys. She not only likes men with small penises, but prefers them.

Maria is a stunning young lady, and a gutsy one to jump in with all these guys. Maybe she will inspire some of the other girls who are checking out these pages to give it a try.

We’re certainly not used to all these curves, but that’s okay. I bet Maria probably agrees that variety is the spice of life.

What a beautiful girl! No doubt Maria will win a lot of hearts all over the world. Maybe, because of her, we’ll see more husbands and wives send pictures to Drop Your Pants.

268 … Josh, 21, from England has dropped his pants. (5-31-12)

What do I keep telling you about 21 year old guys? They all have this problem. I wouldn’t mind reliving that year myself, and savor every minute of those perpetual erections. Josh is straight, which means of course that he shares all 6.5 magnificent inches with the fairer sex. I’d ask him to send a picture of it soft, but it might take two or three days to catch it in that condition.

267 … Gonzalo, 26, from Mexico has dropped his pants. (5-30-12)

There is something incredibly sexy about a 26 year old man with a boyish penis. Gonzalo has sex appeal and he’s sharing it with the rest of us. He says it’s small, about 4.5 inches, just about right for plenty of intimate activities I can think of.

266 … Ben has lowered his briefs. (5-29-12)

About as nice as they come. Inch upon inch of manhood, pointing at the ceiling, waiting for something exciting to happen. Ben has one fine looking male centerpiece.

I’m wondering if this magnificent erection is a regular visitor in Ben’s bedroom. Maybe whoever is taking this picture has some plans for it,

A little bathroom break. A little peek in the mirror. I think I’d be admiring myself as well.

Now we know what Ben’s erection has been waiting for … his little assistant. I can only imagine how good this handy gripper must feel.

265 … Born This Way, 51, has gotten naked. (5-27-12)

That’s what I call a handful. Centered on a masculine body, Born This Way keeps his man parts shaven and well-trimmed, something his wife no doubt appreciates. He calls himself Born This Way because he is a happily married bi-guy.

In case you’re wondering why I said Born This Way has a masculine body, obviously the male form doesn’t get much more masculine than this. Blessed with a perfect ass, he has gotten used to people doing double takes, both men an women. Beyond simply being a frequent observer, his wife has found another use for it, by way of a strap-on, which she gets as much pleasure from using on him as he does.

Born This Way’s wife, though raised in a conservative environment, happens to have Latina blood running through her veins. During moments of passion they fantasize about taking on a male partner in the future, an event that would have to take place under very specific circumstances.

Growing up with a bit of a wild streak, Born This Way has had a few minor experiences with other men, mainly due to his frequent visits to nude beaches since he was sixteen. This year he found out what a climax was like during a prostate massage, brought about when his wife used a hairbrush that happened to have a perfectly shaped handle.

With that kind of intimacy going on in his bedroom, no wonder Born This Way likes taking hold of his penis. A good many men can only dream of having such an adventurous wife.

Another shot of that amazing ass. Being something of an exhibitionists, Born This Way felt comfortable about sharing these intimate pictures and this unknown side of himself here on Enlightened Male.

This is a rather frequent condition a man finds himself in when he’s married to an open-minded, Latina wife, and when he’s thinking about all the eyes that will be checking him out on the Internet. Not difficult at all to picture yourself as Born This Way’s male partner, especially since the experience would be accompanied by his lovely wife.

264 … Dave from Scotland has dropped his pants. (5-27-12)

You take the high road, and I’ll take the low road, and I’ll get to Dave’s house before ya. What a handsome man!

Looks like Dave decided to get naked. No doubt everyone around here is glad. And glad he had his camera handy. Dave must have a sense of exactly the shot a ton of guys and girls would like to see.

Geez! We must be dreaming. Imaginations all over the world are going wild. Dave didn’t say whether he shares this with guys or girls, but he did want you to know what a Scottish erection looks like.

263 … Stephen has dropped his pants. (5-27-12)

My word! Look at what’s been hidden away. Stephan’s penis makes me think of a gear shift stick (it looks as hard as one). And I think Stephen is in high gear. Can you imagine gear shift sticks looking like this? Everyone would want four-in-the-floor.

262 … CF, 58, from New Jersey has unzipped his jeans. (5-27-12)

He unzipped and I see a set of man parts that are sure glad he did. Free at last. Can you imagine being compressed in a pair of blue jeans all day? You probably agree, lying there like that, well shaven and trimmed, CF sure looks tempting.

261 … Rob, 49, from Canada has dropped his pants. (5-27-12)

Rob is a straight guy that I’m guessing has pleased his share of women, that is those who have been fortunate enough to have seen him drop his pants. I bet he has even let a few of them touch it.

Rob has been blessed with a rather interesting rift behind his glans. Bet that makes for some exciting foreplay. He’s uncut and glad of it.

Very nice indeed. Rob measures 4″ soft. His handsome piece reaches 6.75″ hard. He says he can’t get it to reach 7″ no matter how hard he tries. Then again, who’s complaining?

260 … Ruben has been sleeping naked. (5-27-12)

Ruben woke up, looked down and saw this. He must have been very pleased. If this is what I saw after pushing the covers down, I’d be shocked. What happened overnight that made it so large? I would have to spend the rest of the day driving around town to show it to all my friends and relatives.

259 … Fabian from Columbia has gotten naked. (5-22-12)

Fabian can get next to your heart in a hurry. What a delicious man, a man’s man. Like so many other guys, his penis retracts almost entirely into his body, which creates very tempting male symmetry. What a treat it would be to see him walking along a nude beach.

From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow.

How’s that for pulling a rabbit out of the hat? Bet you thought Fabian was a small guy. About that nude beach … we’ll have to ask Fabian if they have one in Columbia … lot of the Pope’s followers down that way.

258 . . . Mr. 4.71 has gotten naked. (5-21-12)

Have you heard of love at first sight? It must happen to Mr. 4.7 all the time. His shaved pubic hair gives him an irresistible boyish effect.

Mr. 4.7 is in his late twenties and stands over six feet tall. He didn’t mention his name so I call him Mr. 4.7 because that’s precisely what this handsome centerpiece measures in at when something has excited it. Here it’s happy and snug tucked away in its lovely foreskin.

Full mast, all 4.7 inches, standing ready for a little attention. In Mr. 4.7′s case, it will be his wife taking care of that. She’s quite fond of Mr. 4.7′s smaller size. Who wouldn’t agree with her … that’s a lot of temptation at the apex of one man’s legs.

Okay, a little closer shot. Mr. 4.7 says his balls are small and always hug close to his body. Maybe so, but you probably agree that they’re no less desirable.

Here’s a couple more for the fun of it.

This is Mr. 4.7′s favorite shot. Not hard to see why.

257 … David, 60, from Seattle has dropped his pants. (5-17-12)

Yum. Sixty never looked better. We used to be old men at that age. Not David. More than a few 40 year olds would like to look like him.

David truly appreciates the infinite variety of penis manifestations in the world. His manifestation is one I certainly appreciate. David joins the ranks of some fine looking men on these wayward few pages.

A side view. Hmm, everything looks just as appetizing from this angle. How on God’s green earth does he maintain that twenty something waistline?

256 … Johnny from Sydney has gotten naked. (5-17-12)

I’m always happy to see an email from Australia. The men down there are so attractive. Johnny is obviously no exception, the part of him we can see anyway.

Johnny is holding his own balls. Any volunteers to do that for him … maybe add a playful squeeze. He’s just a tad under six inches, but tends to prefer men under that size. I’m getting some exciting visuals in my mind just pondering that combination.

Male perfection comes in so many variations … by my estimation, Johnny’s man parts are very near the top.

255 … JM, 48, from Georgia has dropped his pants. (5-16-12)

You’ve heard of the Georgia Peach … here he is, the male version; ie JM looks good enough to devour. Simply divine.

Didn’t take JM long to get out of those plaid shorts (you can get rid of those JM). What an enticing pose! Can’t help but feel warm about a man that’s willing to put everything on full display.

He won me over with this shot. JM has been living with a sleeping phantom inside. The phantom has awaken with a vengeance after all these years, whispering the sweetest notions in JM’s ears. A lifelong straight guy has experienced a revelation. From now on it won’t just be beautiful southern belles getting into JM’s pants. There is now room for guys.

If he uses this for bait, it shouldn’t be long before the guys come a knocking.

Who says 48 year old guys aren’t gorgeous. If JM hadn’t mentioned his age, we’d peg him in his thirties. Here is a man that’s been living right, a man that’s ready to expand his parameters.

254 … Kent, 47, from Minnesota has dropped his pants. (5-15-12)

You’re out with a guy the first time, taking a walk on the beach. You turn around and see this. You’re thinking you’ve won the lottery. The lottery for fine looking, exciting men, that is.

Now Kent has gotten naked. His legs are spread. You’re certain there is no place on earth you would rather be than between them. What a gorgeous man.

How irresistible can a man be? Who is the fortunate soul that gets up close and personal with Kent when he’s waiting like this. Did a him or a her inspire his erection? Kent didn’t say. Living in Minnesota, maybe he has simply found time to masturbate since he doesn’t have to shovel snow again until next winter.

253 … Steve has gotten out of his pants. (5-15-12)

Last time I saw something like this, I was in Cape Canaveral. Only that rocket didn’t have the delightful rightward curve. Nor did it have that intriguing little hole on the tip of it. Isn’t it great that Mother Nature is so generous with the diversity of phallic design. Steve has offered up one fine example.

252 … Hulk, 27, has dropped his pants. (5-15-12)

Now this is nice. Another example, and variation of male perfection. Hulk says it’s semi-erect. Probably be pointing at us if it was hard all the way. Hulk is straight, but he enjoys looking at all these pictures. His girlfriend teases him about his small size, but that’s okay with him. He sees her comments as a turn-on.

251 … Jamie from Georgia is standing tall for Drop Your Pants. (5-10-12)

My goodness! Talk about gorgeous. And all that sexy belly hair. Jamie is a Dixie prize, ready, willing and quite able, and sporting some fine southern man parts.

250 … Ari has gotten naked. (5-8-12)

About as lovely as a man can be. Love the way Ari is holding his legs in this photo … makes him look both innocent and sexy. Who wouldn’t gasp with delight seeing him sitting like this?

A different angle, a good trim and a fine erection. Ari said nothing about himself, so it’s left to conjecture. All I can say is whoever he shares this with is one fortunate person.

249 … Rory, 20, from Arizona has unzipped his pants. (5-8-12)

See what gets out when a guy unzips his pants. Makes you tempted to play with it. I know I would be. 20 years old. You’re looking at a young guy’s man-part that has a lot of adventures ahead. Let’s hope this handsome fellow stays out of trouble.

A close-up. Rory is a student, not sure what his sexual orientation is at present. He finds both males and females attractive and sexy, and enjoys sex as much as the next person. I would say Rory is bisexual.

Rory says: “I enjoy all sorts of things reading, writing , sweet tea , swimming in the nude , photography, vintage clothing, movies and going to the YMCA. I am starting to accept my body and be comfortable in my own skin. As a 20something I am told what to look like and expected to be a sex god. But I chose to be myself and am glad that I don’t look like everyone else.” Rory also like cool underwear. Here he is in his batman briefs. I’d call him a good catch.

248 … Benny, 31, from Scandinavia has dropped his pants. (5-6-12)

Benny may be used to dropping his pants. They do that more in Scandinavia than anyplace else. The rest of the world should pay attention. Anyway, is it possible that all Scandinavian men are this tantalizing?

A fine phallic centerpiece protruding from between those beautiful hairy legs. Benny didn’t say whether he is gay or straight, but in his part of the world men are open-minded. I hope it’s contagious.

247 … Rob has dropped his pants. (5-4-12)

Rob says he has a small penis. He must be near-sighted. He thought his pictures might be posted in the “Small Penis” section. Maybe I would … after he spends an hour or so sitting in a tub of ice water.

Anyway, whether you think he’s big, average or small, there is no doubt Rob’s in possession of a tantalizing combination of intimate man parts.

Does it look like Rob’s finger is under the tape underneath? I really doubt it. Would a man cheat?

Hmm … the word nice comes to mind. Looks like Rob has assets in both front and back. Rob is from Ft. Worth, Cowtown, practically my neighbor. Around here we call well-hung men real Texans, which means, just to appease Rob’s appraisal of himself, I suppose we can call him Little Tex.

Even out of focus Rob’s private parts look irresistible.

Goodness! If he pointed that east, he’d be pretty close to Dallas. As you all know, men measure their erections. Rob is no exception. Six point five inches.

246 … Dave looks like he’s naked. (5-4-12)

This is what I call hanky-panky. Now all we have to figure out is if Dave’s friend, Jessica, is also naked, and which one of them took the picture. Also, does Jessica’s presence mean Dave is straight? I suppose so. Either way, I think anyone would be tempted to get a handful of him.

245 … Bill has dropped his pants. (5-4-12)

Bill has what you could call a masterpiece hanging between his legs, compliments of Mother Nature. If I looked down and saw this when I was sitting on the toilet, you would hear the cry of joy all the way to the Mexican border.

No wonder Bill wanted his man-piece on the Internet … to keep it hidden in his pants all the time would be a crime against humanity. Bill is straight, not that he doesn’t like looking at naked men (and women). As such, he wanted to share his with you.

What’s happening here? Looks like Bill’s penis has taken on weight.

There you have it … hard as a rock and straight as an arrow, exposing some rather appealing pink glans. I think Bill is ready. Would you be if you were there with him?

244 … Tim from Pennsylvania has gotten naked. (5-1-12)

If you walked in and saw Tim like this, you would think he has a little guy between his legs. Boy would you be wrong. That little guy is a grower.

See what I mean? Tim is straight, in his 40′s, and says he’s getting a little curious as he grows older. That means you guys in Pennsylvania have a shot if you approach him just right.

Tim hasn’t had many people look at him naked. The last one that did told him he has a nice one. Boy, what an understatement. How nice can a guy’s private parts get? Everything I see looks awfully inviting.

Tim said it reaches 7″ fully erect. Hmm … maybe I ought to measure it to make sure. He’d like to know what you think, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment. He’ll even send a picture fully erect if anyone wants him to.

243 … John has dropped his pants. (5-1-12)

Give me a second to recover … I’ve stopped breathing. Can you imagine being a guy John’s size, sporting a tool like his? He could wear his watch down there. Wow! He’s got some future lovers that are in for a rather pleasant surprise.

All kidding aside, John is quite a good looking young man. He’s a bit nervous letting people see him naked in everyday life, but here on the Internet anything goes.

242 … M(27) from Colorado has gotten naked. (5-1-12)

Jeez … it would take all day for a slow-moving bug to walk all the way to the end of M(27)’s penis.

Does this leave you breathless? M(27) is straight. Too bad. He’s perfectly equipped for certain things that certain men like. Wonder if the “right” guy could persuade him.

If this handsome piece were mine, I’d be holding it too, probably all day.

A view from above. You wonder what’s going to happen when M(27) puts his camera down.

A view from below. Goodness. Not something we’ve seen a lot of here at Drop Your Pants. But no complaints. M(27) may be straight, but he’s discovered the thrills his anus can provide. He likes putting things in it. He says he loves playing with and penetrating his own ass.

241 … Christian, 20, from Hawaii has gotten naked. (4-30-12)

Of course in the warm climes of Hawaii, Christian can get naked anytime of the year he wants. I’ve heard about some pretty secluded beaches over there.

Christian is a man of size, a body type that envelops a guys penis, so to speak. His penis appears to be smaller than it would appear if he were skinny. Smaller, but no less masculine, just the right recipe for countless small penis lovers.

This is Christian erect. His penis is as delightful as his personality, which is the upbeat impression I got from from his email. He certainly doesn’t walk around with a complex about his penis size. He declared, and I fully agree, that we’re all beautiful in our own way.

Christian, thanks a million for dropping your pants.

240 … Mr. Q has gotten naked. (4-29-12)

Here Mr. Q, a fine looking man, is contemplating getting out of his pants.

He’s off the sofa and out of those jeans. Who would’ve guessed all of that was behind that zipper. Another “Real Texan”. Can you imagine his magnificent penis swinging to and fro as Mr. Q strides across the room?

In repose, penis resting languidly upon his leg, balls retracted and waiting for a caress … a beautiful man waiting like a tempting dessert.

Mr. Q wants there to be no end to the temptation.

Legs parted, one of them up, revealing even more of Mr. Q’s secrets.

As if the first four shots weren’t enough, Mr. Q is offering himself for an even closer look. Here is what Mr. Q said about his bi side: “I realised it for the first time last summer when I went to a nudist beach. I stripped off and went for a swim. Not far from me was a man and a woman swimming around and enjoying themselves. After a while the woman left the see and the man was left behind. We exchanged some glances and I watched him walk into shallower waters. As the water ebbed away I was astonished to see that he had a full erection. It was long and straight and he was, rightly, very proud of it. I couldn’t help getting hard at the sight of it. I had never realised how sexy a man could be.”

239 … Riaz has gotten naked. (4-29-12)

What a fine looking, masculine man. Beautifully shaped male parts. Love the delightful way Riaz’s balls retract. Everything highlighted with a great shave.

238 … Mike got out his camera and got naked. (4-25-12)

Absolutely adorable! Mike is nineteen. Don’t you want to get your hands on him and give him a bath or something?

Mike says it was a little breezy during the shoot, so his balls retracted a little. I think most of us understand.

Mike told me his fellow Asians are a little embarrassed by their flaccid penises. I wonder why. Asians are some of the most beautiful men in the world, and Mike is a perfect example.

237 … Valuator has gotten naked. (4-25-12)

Valuator says the male form is beautiful. Here he is demonstrating it … himself. He’s also showing us the rather pleasant effects of a great trim and smooth shaven balls. I think he should produce a calender, featuring himself in a different pose each month of the year. Just think of how many would be worn out masturbating by September.

236 … AW from the UK has gotten naked. (4-25-12)

AW is straight. Doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate the beauty of the male form. He does … and the rest of are appreciating the beauty of his male form.

Nice trim. AW has an irresistible pair of balls, pink and shaved and waiting for some attention. I remember a time when it wouldn’t occur to a guy to trim or shave his pubic hair. Now a good many guys are doing it. One thing that’s changed for the better.

Look out! AW’s penis has gotten super-sized. What a treat for some lady.

235 … Mac has dropped his pants. (4-23-12)

Yumm. . . Mac is from Germany where nudity is all but the norm. We could use a dose of that here in the U.S. Beautiful bodies like Mac’s can enjoy the freedom of fresh air and sunshine without reservation. Germans can enjoy getting naked at the lake, by the seashore and even in some city parks.

A shot from below. Just as tempting from this angle, too.

Mac shuns labels. Gay, straight, bisexual, transsexual…he’ll have none of that, though he has shared intimacy with all of the above. Makes me wonder why my grandfather left Germany back in the early 1900s.

When Mac takes a date out for dinner, I bet his date is hoping what dessert will be.

Mac must have started thing about all the people that will be looking at him here on the Internet. Things have risen to the occasion. Here’s what Mac said in his email:

“Looking at all these wonderful pictures on your site I wonder if it would be possible that one day everybody could be living the sexual life he or she wants to live without being judged by others…that would be the greatest achievement of humanity.”

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39 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants, Pg 9

  1. HI #265 Born this Way! Great pics, Love the smooth scrotum, hard penis and superb ass. Guess lots of us would to have “been born this way”!!!

  2. Born this Way I envy your adventurous side of life. I am just beginning to explore my sexual limits and having fun with each new experience. It is also great that you have someone who will let you explore and try new and at times unusual desires. You have a great body and a splendid cock! Bravo my Man!

  3. 262, 258, 255 & 235.
    I like 235 cause it looks fabulous trimmed plus the head looks so shiny and fun.
    255 cause the shaft and balls work so very well together, a brilliant all round package.
    258 cause it has a lovely size and wonderful curve.
    And 262 cause it is well trimmed and pretty.

  4. I’ve always wanted to see a penis like John 243′s in real life. The fact that it’s attached to such a handsome lad adds greatly to that desire. Please tell me he’s a fellow Seattlite! : )

  5. This is the most erotically tasteful site on the web and I am so proud to have my pics accepted here. Martin has done a fantastic job designing this and we should all be grateful to him for presenting homo erotic photographs as an art form and for making these pictures so accessible. The same can be said for the editorial content that is as thoughtful as it is interesting. It gives many of us insights and comfort. Thank you.

    • Thank you! I truly appreciate your comment and am humbled. I’d show it more often if I knew anyone would actually enjoy seeing it!

      • Tim I am also in my 40′s and also curious about the male body. I have always enjoyed looking at a nicely maintained cock and yours is defintely maintain well. I prefer the shaved balls and kept pubes. Nice cock and will be looking for that picture of this cock when it is hard!!

  6. I have come across your site by accident and found it great. I love looking at men with their penises out. I am the one next to you at the movie theater bathroom looking to see if I can see it. I do let you look at mine if you want to look that way too. A flaccid penis is a turn on for me. I found that out in high school when I had my locker for sports across from the showers and the urinals. I love showing my penis off to anyone that wants to look. As soon as I find your email address I will be sending any and all of the pics I have taken with my phone.

  7. What an interesting website this is!
    All the articles, images and your perpective are really impressed.
    Somehow I felt a bit weird that you are kind of hidden behind.
    Would you also like to drop your pants?
    Could be another experience in your life participating in your own project. ;-)

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