Drop Your Pants, Pg 3

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Send your pics to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name we can use and a little about yourself if you wish. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’m here, but you’ll never guess which one.

Note: Use the number (or name) to comment on the private parts you think are most appealing.

64 … Tim from the United Kingdom

Here is what Tim has to say:

As a baby, my parents ordered that my foreskin be hacked off. As an teen, I discovered that my penis was smaller than most. The fact that I had no foreskin to make it appear bigger seemed a cruel distinction and I became withdrawn and secretive concerning sexual matters. I avoided being ‘seen’ by both males and females and feared the ridicule that would inevitably occur should I have liasons with either sex. Consequently I took solace in solo stimulation and kept myself hidden. However, I did try to enhance what little I had by tattooing both the glans and corona, not that it had much effect, and indulging in various piercings. This was good for my own view of things but did not remove the original problem. However, I figured, if I had been mutilated at birth, a little more modification would hardly be of consequence.

I am now 65 years old and, it seems, even solo-sex is slowly being denied me by the onset of age; so I am finally allowing my secret self to be seen by others on this excellent webb-site.

After all, ain’t it about time SOMEONE saw what I have got?




Like so many men around the world, in a world obsessed with penis size, Tim hasn’t been able to recognize his own male beauty, that countless partners would have been thrilled with his natural endowments.


63 … Daniel, a bisexual married guy

Wow! What a great example of male perfection.

After years of feeling inadequate, Dan says he is glad to have found this site.  I am,too.  There is nothing at all inadequate about him.  Now that Dan realizes how great he looks, he would like to show his and inspire other “shorties” to celebrate their manhood.

Well, Dan has inspired me.  I will be looking forward to seeing more men with small penises step up to the plate.  There are a lot of beauitful men on that boat and I hope I have enought bandwidth to show as many as I can.

Both functional and practical and complimented by a great set of balls.

Please feel free to comment on your experience with a small penis.

62 … Matt

Here’s Matt, all 320 beautiful pounds of him.  He enjoys creative men who like big men.  I would guess there are a good many and no doubt Matt has connected with a few of them.  His beautiful body has inspired me to do a feature on big men.


61 … Keith from Glasgow

No wonder Keith wanted to get this part of him on the Internet.  Don’t you love the smooth silky texture?  Perfect size.


60 … From Jack

Inspired by the articles about beautiful men with small penises, Jack sent along this group, and I’m glad he did.  It’s hard to imagine anything more bewitching to look at or more tempting to hold in your hand.  What I see is masculine perfection.




59 … From Tim

Tim says his is mostly glans, but what appealing glans they are

*   *   *

I’m beginning to hear from smaller men, and it’s about time you guys come out of the closet.  We all enjoy seeing those 6 and 7 inch + tools, but certainly not to the exclusion of these wonderful smaller penises.

*   *   *

58 … Anonymous


57 … From M in Wichita, Kansas

Absolutely lovely, nicely trimmed hair


56 … From Tom, 58, MWM from Buffalo

They say sex appeal wains at age fifty.  Tom certainly proves that wrong.



Thanks Tom … No doubt we’ll have several thousand visitors wanting to see more of you soon.


55 … From David, 28 years old

Beautiful smooth shape and color


54 … From Jamae, 30 years old


…53  From Ed

Wow!  Love the gray hair.  Very nice.  Leave a comment to let Ed know you’d like to see more.


...52 Sandy from Germany, age 53

Love it!  Perfect size and shape.




… 51 From Herbert

Nothing like a gentle curve to the right for a little personality.

Unless it’s a curve to the left.  Impressive!


Your turn to add yours.

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32 thoughts on “Drop Your Pants, Pg 3

  1. Whats the point with penis jewelry? They make it look ugly and unattractive! 55 and 53 are quite good looking. I like seeing big, cut and neatly shaped penises. Mine is that way too. Plus, why aren’t our ladies dropping their pants? Pussies would make it all even. Not all guys here are gay

  2. I recall leaving a picture or two here, but cannot find it. Is there an archive? Are pix removed after a certain length of time? Thanks for a great site.

  3. Im 20, Gay n always been insecure cos 6′ hard to me feel like nothing n I’m five foot seven. But being a bottom I’d rather have someone with a 5incher than one guy who was 13 inches his ego was larger n never got him anywhere except me slapping him in the face for thinking bigger made u better

  4. OMG…57…..is just beautiful…..pure erotic pleasure, thanks for posting I hope we can see lots more of your glorious pussy

  5. omg #63 perfect. i love smaller dicks im about 5.5″ and 24yo bi, glad i found this site i love the fact that people have respect for the cock! no matter what size. im willing to share pics too! single…:(

  6. What a great site. I am one of those who has suffered from having a small one. But have had no rejections or laughter and fathered 2 children. Though stripping in front of other men is something I avoid.
    I will post as soon as i can

  7. Having discovered the pleasure of looking at cocks and mens asses as well as female body,s..i must say i find most quite erotic…I think more men are discovering this pleasure…enjoy

  8. Finally some real men who are men.masculine.perfect 10.

    Thank you Allan you are honest and sensible and a real brother

    who loves all men .I feel now is the turn of men with smaller and tiny penis

    to get attention and love after centuries of regret , stereotypes , and rude remarks from men,

    let us forget the boring big penis and welcome the new small penis.Let us be like men for once.

  9. Hi Hi eye opening site, got to show mine. Always thought i am rather small. Please be the judge and reply honestly. Ladies too please.

  10. Hi Everyone,

    Ed should be congratulated for his sexy gray hair. Ed is a turn on and many more men would like to see more.

    John Sydney Australia.

  11. Just want to compliment David no 55 on a wonderful cock and I have to say number 50 from Sandy n Germany is also an impressive cock. Great site thanks for all your work and allowing Bi guys like myself know we are not alone in this wonderful world

  12. They are all beautiful. I love both the male and female body. I work regularly as a nude model both for traditional fine artists and photographers. I’d love to add one of my photos to your collection; tell me how.

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