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Male Perspective

small280 As you probably know, men with small penises are celebrated on this website. Why? For one thing, there are so many of them. Half the men on the planet are under 5.9″ erect, many considerably under. Preferences are another reason. Though a small majority (see the poll below) prefer larger penises, nearly half say size doesn’t matter or they prefer a smaller size. And for a good many bisexual and gay men, guys with smaller penises are the stuff dreams are made of. If you doubt that, look at some of the comments made on one of the most popular posts on this site.

 Beautiful Man, Small Penis …


small282 .

.small284 .

.small285 .

.small286 .

.small287 .

.small288 .

.small289 .

.small290 .

.small291 .

.small292 .

.small293 .

.small294 .


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“Prostate Cancer” … not always the end of the line!

I’ll call him Tom. He lived through the ordeal of dealing with prostate cancer. He wants to tell his story in hopes of helping others that may be at risk, or who may be going through it themselves.


Prostate Cancer

To: Martin Brant

I am married with grown up children and am writing this in the hope that in some way it may help someone else in a situation facing the prospect of dealing with Prostate Cancer who is a visitor to your web site. Or possibly it prompts someone to go to see their doctor if they are all concerned about prostate cancer.

In the autumn of 2007 I agreed to be part of the ProTect study being undertaken by Bristol and Cambridge Universities into prostate cancer (PCa). Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels do not necessarily indicate that an individual has PCa as they do fluctuate quite a lot and are only a possible indication that something is wrong. Obviously if the level is extremely high then it is much more likely the disease is present. However a slightly high level may be offset by a subsequent one that is quite normal. Initially it only meant having a blood test to ascertain PSA. The norm for men of my age at the time was 4 but the study was including those with a PSA higher than 3. There are symptoms that give an indication that you may be suffering from PCa which include having to get up several times in the night to go to the loo. I had no such problem and thought there was no reason why I should have the disease. My father who lived to 100 had PCa but it was not the cause of his death. When I received the letter with my PCa, which turned out to be just over 3, it included a request that I attend hospital for a biopsy. Rather than just accept the situation I decided to go to see my own doctor for his advice. He suggested I had another PSA test as the levels do fluctuate. The result came back over 4 so his advice was to have the biopsy and hopefully put my mind at rest.

I duly went and had the biopsy which they said might be a little painful and cause you to pass blood in urine and possibly in your stools for a short while. It meant having an ultrasound of the prostate via the back passage first to identify exactly where the prostate sat and then two sets of five biopsies from each side of the prostate. In my case I did not have any pain at all and very little bleeding subsequently, although I do know that others did not have quite such an easy time. It was then a question of having to wait for the result.

I subsequently received a letter with an appointment for me to get the results of the biopsy. With hindsight it could have meant only one thing, I had the disease; otherwise I’m sure I would have had a letter saying that everything was ok. I persuaded my wife it was not necessary for her to come with me for the results as I was not really concerned at that time about the outcome. When I spoke to the doctor he first asked if I would agree to our conversation being recorded, I had no objections especially if it would help the research. He then went on to say that I had 20% cancer in two of the cores of biopsies. It was at an early stage and I had three options and also as part of the study they were asking if I would agree to ‘randomisation’ which meant that a computer would pick one of the options for me, but once agreed I would have to stick to it.

What was my first reaction? I suppose at the back of my mind it was what I really expected, I don’t know why, call it a sixth sense perhaps so I didn’t fall to pieces, something that surprises me when I look back as I can be quite an emotional person.

The three options were explained and were

1) Watchful Waiting, with regular PSA tests so that any significant increase could be identified and the possibility of taking one of the other two options considered

2) Have Radiotherapy or Brachytherapy, and

3) Have surgery to remove my prostate.

My initial thought was to ‘get rid’, but first to get a better idea of what the consequences of the options were I decided to talk to a radiographer and surgeon at the hospital.

The first option ‘Watchful Waiting’ meant doing nothing other than having regular PSA tests. This would still leave a chance that the cancer could break through the wall of the prostate and once outside could spread to the lymph glands and then travel around the body.

With radiotherapy the radiographer seemed to think it would be very straight forward but it would mean a daily (weekday) visit to the hospital for six weeks which, from my research, most people found quite tiring from the travelling as well as the therapy. In my case Brachytherapy (implanting radioactive ‘pills’ directly into the prostate to kill the cancer) was a no go as you need a good urine flow as the inflammation around the urethra tends to squeeze it up for a while and in my case would probably stop the flow altogether. The downside being possible incontinence and loss of erections.

Lastly the potential for an operation to remove the prostate. The potential side effects of the op were incontinence and the inability to get an erection without medical help e.g. Viagra etc. The surgeon I saw at the hospital said I had a 1 in 20 chance of being incontinent. It was at the time when the ‘Da Vinci’ machine was being first used by hospitals and the surgeon I spoke to was relatively new to using the machine. I did much investigation via the internet and discovered that to be successful with little or no side effects the op had to be done by a very experienced surgeon.  I found the prostate cancer web site (www.prostatecanceruk.org) extremely helpful as you were able to ‘talk’ to others who had been through the same, and often more difficult situations.

So I found an experienced surgeon who I felt very happy with who used the laparoscopic method and got him to do the op.  After the op I had to have a catheter which was removed after a week. During that time my erections started to return. So if anyone is in the same position and has decided to take the op route my suggestion is find a surgeon who does the op on a regular basis (not once or twice a year). If you can find an experienced surgeon (someone with several hundred op’s under his belt) talk to him and go from there.

I had intended writing this sooner but somehow life always seems to have got in the way, but I have at last managed to find time to finish off what I started several years ago. It’s now nearly several years since my op and my PSA continues at 0.01<, long may it continue.

I consider myself to have been very lucky, ok I had prostate cancer but it was picked up very early through a research project that I agreed to join voluntarily; and after having done my research into the various options I was in a position to be able to decide who did the op.

So, if you have any of these symptoms -

·         Needing to pee more often

·         Difficulty peeing or a weak flow

·         Straining or taking a long time to finish urinating

·         Feeling that your bladder has not emptied properly

·         Needing to rush to the toilet.

…please go and see your doctor, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you have got this far, thank you for reading the article and if the information helps even one person seek out help sooner rather than later it will have served its purpose.

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They Left Their Clothes Behind

nudists3244 As you browse these photos of these nudists, see if you notice any kooks or sexual promiscuous activity. See if you notice anyone that doesn’t look like an everyday average person. You won’t, because that’s exactly what they are: secretaries, sales clerks and bankers, lawyers, electricians and students, neighbors, relatives and co-workers. They just happen to be average people that have discovered the harmless joy of getting out of their clothes.

nudists3245 .

.nudists3246 .

.nudists3247 .

.nudists3248 .

.nudists3249 .

.nudists3250 .

.nudists3251 .



.nudists337 .

.nudists357 .

.nudists358 .

.nudists359 .

.nudists360 .

.nudists361 .

.nudists362 .

.nudists363 .

.nudists364 .

.nudists366 .

.nudists367 .

.nudists368 .

.nudists369 .

.nudists370 .


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Softer Temptations


Of course Enlightened Male’s straight visitors will appreciate this post. So will our bisexual fans. And there are more than a few gay men that appreciate (maybe in a different way) female beauty, or even be aroused by it.

female277_By Jerry Van Krasten

By Jerry Van Krasten









female278_By Laurent Dufour

By Laurent Dufour


female279_By Aleksey Yepanchintcev, Siberia

By Aleksey Yepanchintcev, Siberia


female280_By Aaron Feaver

By Aaron Feaver


female281_By MARUETEA



female272 .

.female273 .

.female274 .

.female275 .




.female276 .


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Underwater Acrobats

Under_1Swimming is one of the best ways to enjoy being clothes free. The weightless underwater buoyancy provides a sensual freedom experienced under no other conditions. For an observer, this freedom provides a spectacular perspective of all the nuances of the human body, in this case two well-shaped men.

Under_2 .

.Under_3 .

.Under_5 .

.Under_6 .

.Under_7 .

Under_9 .

.Under_10 .

.Under_11 .

.Under_12 .

.Under_13 .

.Under_14 .

.Under_15 .


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Our Largest Sensory Organ

nudists2977 Skin. It’s our largest sensory organ. Probably the single most important reason people enjoy nudity. With Your clothes off you enjoy the world around you with a heightened sense of perception. Your surroundings bathe you. You feel it thoroughly, not just with your hands or see it with your eyes, but you experience it with your whole body.nudists2978 The elements are more perceptible, more alive. The sunshine on your skin, the breeze, the textures of the earth, even the feel of other people’s eyes. All of these thing are part of the nudist experience, far more pervasively than when you are wearing clothes in everyday life.nudists2979 In social settings or circumstances where you are spending time together nude, your awareness of them and their awareness of you are heightened. You see them for who they really are, and they see you, which opens the door to stronger, more unique and complete friendships.nudists2980Since age, the color or the shape of your body isn’t a factor in how other people perceive you, it can’t be denied that nudists live in a positive, enlightened world. Differences are appreciated instead of being rejected or criticized. Differences in character and personality are what matters. That’s what makes a person’s inner self what fellow nudists want to explore. They want to know and become friends with the person they see in entirety without shame or reserve.nudists2981 Anyplace can be a nudist venue as long as it’s free of misguided attitudes toward the human body and false notions of what naturism actually means. Most people believe it’s natural (and acceptable) to disrobe prior to having sex, and it is. But your nudity is a sensual experience in and of itself. True, it does heighten the pleasure shared making love, but that heightened pleasure isn’t exclusive to love making.nudists2982 Nudity can heighten almost any experience; swimming for example, or a walk in the woods, even a social gathering with your (nudist) friends. In that your entire body is experiencing these activities, your enjoyment in doing them is enhanced, just as it is for the kids pictured below that have gathered on a sunny beach to have fun. nudists2983

Are you a nudists?

View Results

nudists1522It’s a subjective matter whether men or women look more naked with their clothes off. Women are a collection of delightful curves. Their genitals are more inconspicuous and pretty much hidden between their legs. Men are a collection of lines and angles which are blatantly interrupted by their protruding sex organs, the one part of a man that is severely taboo in mainstream society. Nevertheless, unless shaven, that triangle of pubic hair in both men and women calls attention that part of the body.


But even among open-minded nudists, there are debates on etiquette, such as should women sit with their legs spread and their vulvas fully exposed, similar to the debate about male erections. My question is why not? The lady pictured above may sometimes sit that way dressed, why shouldn’t she do so nude? She’s nude for goodness sake! Just as a man’s penis is, even erect, her vulva is a natural part of her body, an intriguing part actually. Casually exposed vulvas simply aren’t lewd. In fact it’s their great variety from one woman to the next that makes them interesting to look at, as long as long as you allow yourself no more than a polite incidental glimpse.nudists2984 Many men are concerned about their penis size, which brings me to another aspect of social nudity that has a positive effect on self-esteem. First of all self-conscious men get to see that men come in many sizes and shapes. You recognize that you simply fall into the spectrum Mother Nature intended. You realize you are much closer to “normal” than you thought. Finally you realize that no one is being judgmental, that the size of your penis doesn’t matter to anyone but you.nudists2985 As far as I’m concerned there is nothing more natural and healthy than a nudist family. Can you imagine growing up in a home where everyone walks around the house naked, thinking nothing of it, enjoying freedom from shame and misguided psychological baggage. Children do not grow up confused about the differences between men and women. They naturally develop healthier attitudes toward sex. They are far less driven by curiosity than other children about the opposite sex, and therefore, many believe, less likely to get involved in premature or promiscuous sexual activity.nudists2986 Romance takes on a whole new dimension for young nudist couples. Guys aren’t burdened by the relentless drive to get her out of her clothes. Girls have time to get used to their boyfriend’s body and will feel more comfortable when the time comes to sleep with them. Both are able to bond in a more personal, intimate way. Together they share a freedom other young couples can’t know with their bodies covered with clothes, all the while continuing to appreciate all of the other agreeable experiences of a clothes free life.nudists2987 Who knows why men (women too, for that matter) enjoy being naked together, whether it’s a soccer game, hiking or just hanging out. No, it doesn’t mean they are gay, though gay men have gotten together nude since the beginning of time. These everyday men don’t have to find other men sexually attractive. They just enjoy being men, and getting naked together enhances their friendships.nudists2988

Somewhere along the way society decided the human body is shameful. We started off right in the ancient Greek and Roman cultures, when nudity was acceptable and often part of everyday life. What happened? Who decided our bodies are shameful, that to expose them is a sin? How on earth did something like this kind of nonsense catch on?nudists2989 I’m sure the clothing industry is quite happy our society has developed such pervasive modesty, though the industry is notorious for designing clothes that emphasize the curves and contours of the human body, especially women’s. The current skin-tight legging craze young women are in renders them all but naked. Tops, especially swimsuits, are designed to show as much of a woman’s breasts as possible without, Heaven forbid, exposing her nipples. Bikini bottoms reveal the female buttocks in its entirety. How can they possibly think nudity is lewd? nudists2990

If you are not already getting naked, give it some thought. Reduce it down to its simplest terms. Decide if you really believe the human body is shameful or lewd. Decide if you want to end up regretting not having the adventure of enjoying your body in its natural state. So many who wait until they are old enough to retire to try it, really do regret not jumping in decades earlier.

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Meet Reese

Selena from WeAreHairy.com

Reese is a girl that understands the term “sex appeal”. If the man in her life knows her the way she is presenting herself in these photos, he is a remarkably lucky guy. Then again, he might be the one that took these photos.Selena from WeAreHairy.com

Reese is a natural girl. She obviously does not think much of the latest craze of shaving everything between your legs. Might be because she is an eastern European woman, from Aiud, Romania, a picturesque town in historic Transylvania. The eastern European women I have met have convinced me that they must be among the sexiest women in the world. Reese stays in shape by attending dance and yoga classes. She enjoys shopping with her friends. And if there is a man in her life, he’s probably a Canadian, because that’s where she lives now.Selena from WeAreHairy.comThe magic of the tease, irresistible curves accented my hints of silky genital hair set up fantasies about what’s hidden by the thong.Selena from WeAreHairy.comOf course Reese is willing to let you have a look, to show you that between her legs, surrounded by dark pubic hair is the most exquisite vulva you have ever seen in your life. At least that’s what you would be thinking if you were positioned between her legs. If you weren’t already naked, your penis would be straining hard to get out of your pants. Otherwise it would be pointing skyward and throbbing.Selena from WeAreHairy.comReese’s vulva might be what has captured your attention, but it is just part of the whole girl. It’s part of a female body that turns heads, the body of a girl you would like to know, to hold, to sleep with, to call your own.Selena from WeAreHairy.comReese has already convinced me she knows how to pose. Now she is convincing me all over again. We notice right away that Reese is a beautiful girl. Then, as our eyes explore further, we see her most intimate parts exposed: her vulva shadowed by hair, her labia protruding slightly, her anus hidden by the hair that shadows her crack, a visual female symphony that quickens your heart.Selena from WeAreHairy.comPerfect female breasts are a subjective notion. Of course all sizes are lovely in their own personal way. Just the fact that women have them makes for pleasant thoughts. Reese’s breasts are what many men (and women) would call perfect. In fact a survey on this site implies roughly half of all men prefer smaller breasts.  Reese’s are in perfect harmony with her body. They make her look very feminine, delicate in a way, and they will be just as lovely when she is sixty-four.Selena from WeAreHairy.comWhat goes through your mind when a beautiful girl gets on her hands and knees? Many of us, if we happened to be just behind Reese in this position, would likely want to pause and simply gaze for awhile. I cannot imagine anything more inviting, more tempting, more evocative of the most sensual thoughts.Selena from WeAreHairy.com If she is on her hands and knees and happens to reach back to spread apart her vulva, it will most likely push you over the edge. You’ll find yourself in an erotic free fall of blissful fantasy. You move closer and detect the scent of a woman, which sends blood coursing through your veins that is engoring a certain part of your body. This is what I mean when I say Reese understands female sex appeal.Selena from WeAreHairy.com A different pose, same compelling effect. Leg lifted, vulva spread wide, pinks wet and slippery exposed in a forest of hair. Somehow I’m sure Reese knows what kind of effect this has on the opposite sex.Selena from WeAreHairy.com

The drama of engorged labia when a woman is sexually stimulated. What can give you a stronger hint of what is on her mind? She is ready and able. She is willing. She is telling you without a word spoken that you have turned her on. Once again you think about the man in Reese’s life, and if only in a brief flight of fantasy, you can put yourself in his place.

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They’ve Gotten Out of Their Clothes


 As you look at the graphic above you wonder what it is about the human body that so many people find shameful or lewd. You wonder why they believe seeing a nude adult is harmful to children. You can’t understand why they don’t see the human body for what it is, a glorious masterwork by Mother Nature, something to celebrate, to enjoy, to appreciate.

As everyone knows, men and women’s bodies have many things in common: legs, arms, hands, feet, etc., but even these differences are distinctly male or female. What makes the world go around are the radical differences, which happen to be the differences that make nudist venues more intriguing.

nudists2483I’ve heard people say why would I want to look at out-of-shape or overweight or aging bodies? They miss the point. Social nudity is not about see over weight bodies, it is getting to know the person inside that body and celebrating the great variety of human shapes and sizes. It’s about accepting people for what they are, and being accepted by them for what you are. It’s the sense of community being naked provides no matter what shape your body is.nudists2484 For reproductive reasons our bodies are designed to be sexual, and though we find ourselves sexually attracted to other humans in the right circumstances, legitimate nudists venues are not one of these circumstances, no more than during everyday life such as classrooms, offices or shopping malls.You may indeed see someone you find sexually attractive at a nudist resort or on a nude beach, but it’s in the same way you experience this anywhere. Just because everyone happens to be nude doesn’t mean anyone’s behavior is more aggressive or suggestive.nudists2485

Flirting, just as it is anywhere, is acceptable in a nudist community; gawking and sexually charged comments are not. If you are like so many non-nudists that believe nudism is a sex party, you will be surprised to learn that lewd behavior is not welcome and will get the perpetrator invited to leave.nudists2487Most legitimate nudist venues are family friendly environments where people are respectful of each other and mindful of proper etiquette. The guests there just happen to enjoy the freedom of being nude. They simply enjoy the sense of community and the easy friendships social nudity provides. They enjoy the carefree appreciation they have for their own and other people’s body.


The sense of friendship and community is evident in these group photos. It’s refreshing to see young, wholesome men and women free of shame and all the other misguided notions so many people have about the human body these days.nudists2489 Sure they’re young and they will naturally find others sexually attractive, but like in everyday life they know there is a time and a place. nudists2490So for those of you who enjoy being free of your clothes, who enjoy seeing or being with others who enjoy the same, I’ve posted these photos for you that other nudists have posted on the Internet.

nudists2491 .

.nudists2492 .

.nudists2493 .

.nudists2494 .

.nudists2495 .

.nudists2496 .

.nudists2497 .



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