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  1. hi i am making a documentary of nudists, is anyone interested in doing tv piece on nudists all it is is talking about it, how they feel about it and why they do it, to make the public understand. it will most probably take 2-3 days if that. thanks kat_sutton@hotmail.co.uk
    thanks again

    • I’m interested to know more about your project. I’d be happy to discuss my sexuality and nudity. My name is David, currently I live in San Francisco but am moving to Boston area in January.
      Get back to me.

  2. I often wondered in younger years if a woman gets a similar sense of delight, like that which we experience in checking out a man’s penis and genitals, they’re just so cut, dare I say it is kind of yummy titillation, this particularly aroused curiosity male genital intimacy, feel and touch.

    Let’s face we have loved playing with ourselves since we can’t remember, and inherently the attraction is always there, albeit dormant or denied by the unsubscribed.

    The answer for women in reality is realistically no of course for the attraction arises in the quality of being a male (like female knowing female) and knowing and experiencing the same masculine set of sensations and delight, thats the attraction, he’s a guy and I’m emotionally wired to find him appealing, with all the bells, whistles and homoerotic sensations and desires that come with it.

    It is a profoundly honest life point to come to and to say this is who I am and I’m so rightly proud to be this way, whether bisexual, straight or gay, standing naked here before you, please accept me as I am and regardless I accept you in the very same open way.

  3. Thanks found your site VERY helpful. Answered questions I searched all over the web for. Your site was the first, and so far, only site to answer my worries. Thanks again for putting this mind at ease. The pictures were helpful due to the fact I could see other women’s parts… Without having to ask another women what theirs look like. I’m not intimate with women.

  4. Hey Martin,

    I somehow stumbled upon this website of yours, and am now wondering if you still check on this site. If so, I’d love to ask a few questions. Thanks =)

  5. hey martin just wanted to commend you on your website.it is freash, clean, and which might seem strange in order..it is not like some of these other websites that are trashy…i enjoy looking at the different pics that you choose to take and show….once again thank you for a fine piece of work and the best of luck in the future….a fellow admirer of clean, crisp photos…..Adelante…..Eli

  6. Congratulations Martin on the new look and feel of your website. It’s superb. From the beautiful image at the top of the page, to the clean lines, space and elegant feel of each page and post. Bravo. It’s good to be here. Julian

          • Love the changing parade of images on the top of each page, and my favorite would have to be the man on the log. 

            From his hair free genitalia rising to his gorgeous round white bottom…one cannot help imagining laying down upon him to fit together like warm melting chocolate poured generously all over a banana and ice cream sundae with a ripe strawberry on top…! J x

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