Drop Your Pants, Pg 17

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Attach your pics to an email to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name I can use and a little about yourself. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. It may take a few days for your pics to appear. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way.

603 … Sali, 24, from Bangalore, India  has dropped his pants. (5-13-14)

Mother Nature has blessed Indian men with something extraordinarily beautiful … skin color.

Sali’s beautiful olive skin is a lovely contrast to the dark color of his genitals. That, coupled with his rich black pubic hair serves to make him look really naked when he drops his pants. Here his penis is taking on weight, probably because he’s thinking about so many people looking at him naked on the Internet.

Sali has stepped into the shower. The white soap suds makes his penis look even darker, and one might say more tempting. After all, we all know how slippery soap makes things feel.

This angle emphasizes the size and shape of Sali’s glans, makes you feel up close and personal.

This is what Sali sees when he looks down.

More evidence of what Sali must be thinking, but then most guys let go a drip now and then.

602 … Stephen has gotten naked. (5-13-14)

Stephen is what many of us call a man’s man. His testosterone has been good to him, virility for one thing. He reminds us why we like body hair.

For reasons of his own, Stephen decided to get circumcised when he was 29. If you look close you can see the marks where the stitches were around the scar. If he wears these shorts in public, I hope he’s mindful of all this manhood that is looking for some fresh air.

601 … Chris has gotten naked. (4-30-14)

If you expect young men to have nice erections, Chris is here to prove you right.

So why not have a closer look. Chris is an art student and may participate by modeling nude, which I highly encourage. If they are going to draw a male, might as well be a beautiful one.

The only drawback is will the other students be able to keep their minds on their work if Chris is modeling, especially if he is holding himself like this?

Chris has developed an appreciate for the human form, both male and female. Naturally he is a good sport and is gladly making this contribution.

Uh … I feeling a little speechless. Chris is giving us a breathtaking example of intimate masculine parts and the beautiful lines and dimensions of the masculine form.

If I were on the other side of that door, I’m not sure I could resist the temptation of walking in.

If Chris was on the floor sitting across from you like this, do you think you could think of something to talk about?

600 … Bob, 52, is the 600th person to drop his pants here.(4-30-14)

And what a masculine guy Bob is. Nice how everything hangs when he is squatting.

Bob has been disqualified from the small penis section for obvious reasons. He must have been among the first in line when they were handing out man parts.

Bob happens to be married. He is also bisexual. No wonder he’s here in such good company. Now if he would only get a better camera.

599 … Mike, 54, from Colorado has dropped his pants. (4-30-14)

I think Mike is married, but that’s not stopping him from showing you pictures of his man parts. If he is married, no doubt his wife wants you to know what a handsome man she is married to.

Very nice. No problem with shrinkage in the cooler California climate.

598 … Keith, 55, from California has gotten naked. (4-21-14)

As appealing as Keith is, his ex-wife could not accept his bisexuality, which is a problem so many husbands and wives have. He would like to meet a man or a woman that will accept and share his sexuality.

Keith is in touch with his body. Here he is having a little fun with his balls. I have a feeling most men find inventive ways to enjoy themselves.

Keith likes to be naked. I wonder if he plays this bass.

Nice side view, everything tied off and out front.

597 … Keller, 45, has dropped his pants. (4-7-14)

By my estimation this is about as good as it gets. Why any man on the smaller side has to suffer with size anxiety I’ll never know, since they are so godawful gorgeous. Too bad Keller didn’t send more pictures and tell us a little more about himself.

596 … Knee has gotten naked. (4-7-14)

Knee said nothing about himself, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words. I somehow doubt Knee’s rather stiff condition had anything to do with Viagra.

595 … Jean-Michel from France has gotten naked. (4-7-14)

Would you like to meet a good looking, bisexual Frenchmen? A sunny afternoon in the French country side. Clothes off, good wine, good conversation and, uh, well you get the picture.

Obviously Frenchmen do a good job taking care of themselves. What a beautiful body. Jean-Michel enjoys other men admiring his body.

Hmm, wonder if Jean-Michel is suggesting something by sending this picture.

Either Jean-Michel is picking something up or he’s suggesting a more interesting evening than you might have anticipated. Sometimes it’s fun to lose yourself in the here and now.

594 … Tim, 53, from North Carolina has dropped his pants. (4-7-14)

This is what you want to look like at 53, trim, masculine, not to mention virile.

Do you ever fantasize about camping in a secluded place with a well-hung man. Tim would certainly be a good candidate.

I’m trying to figure out what Tim was thinking about when he too this picture. He sure has a nice pair of balls.

593 … Nick has gotten naked. (3-17-14)

Nick … a young man enjoying his body.

Some men are simply gorgeous. Others are Greek Gods. I think Apollo must have been one of Nick’s ancestors. Nick told me absolutely nothing about himself. We don’t know if he shares this beautiful body with men or with women. But since he didn’t include any pictures of his ass, you might conclude he wasn’t thinking about men. Either way we can pretend he is inclined to share with both genders.

Anyone that has developed an appetite for a man would call this a gourmet’s delight. Can you imagine finding yourself between those muscular legs?

You don’t get a chest like Nick’s by lounging on the couch all day. Can you imagine how much fun he has watching a date’s reaction when he takes his clothes off for the first time?

Nick isn’t hung like a mule. Could be one of the reasons many of you, myself included, find him so attractive. He’s one of the best arguments I’ve seen for men with smaller penises.

Nick’s balls have gotten warm and are splayed over his lower body. Have you ever seen anything more irresistible?

Here Nick is lying in bed. Is he waiting for someone to come in? Are they already in the room, picking their jaw up off the floor, gazing as if they have just won the lottery?

I wonder if Nick would mind if we pretend it is our hand holding his penis. Just now I bet you can’t think of anything you would rather do.

Nick has put his wedding ring on his penis to give you a better perspective of it size, which also means he’s been taken off the market.

Many of us find body hair appealing, but I bet Nick’s presentation of smooth skin is giving some of us second thoughts.

592 … Alan has gotten naked. (3-17-14)

Several fine looking men I’ve to post today. Call it a labor of love. This isn’t Alan’s first time on the pages of Enlightened Male. I’m always glad to post more of his pictures because he is such a gorgeous man. You can see much more of him here.

What a lovely transition from flesh tone to pink on Alan’s ball sac. There is a lot to explore on this man.

Alan’s penis is like mine … when flaccid it retracts into his body and becomes very small. Unlike mine, Alan’s foreskin is fully intact, but I’m working on that. After 4 1/2 months of stretching, I have about 40% of mine back.

As his penis grows, Alan’s foreskin gets thin and continues to cover his glans. You wonder who came up with the idea to cut them off.

591 … Mike has gotten naked. (3-17-14)

Mike took these pictures for a penis size study, then submitted them here. Gorgeous as he is, it would certainly be fun to study him up close and personal.

A side view. Now I call that a nice hang.

Ah, 4 1/2 inches. Impressive measurement for a flaccid penis. But then would it matter if it was an inch different either way?

Mike worked up an erection for the study. Adorable how his balls drew up close to his body in the process.

The full impact from this side view.

Another impressive measurement. We know Mike has an appealing penis, we just don’t know whether he uses it to impale a man or a woman.

590 … Iain from Scotland has gotten naked. (3-17-14)

What more could anyone ask for … a gorgeous man lying on his back in bed, his legs parted and lifted, his private treasure exposed for anyone that happens to be in the room. Heaven on Earth some people would call it. Iain waxes his balls and butt. Thoughtful. He also enjoys wearing women’s lingerie but has to do so in private because his wife has closed her mind to it. Bet he looks tempting in a pair of nylon panties.

589 … Chris from South Africa has gotten naked. (2-18-14)

Just goes to show, no matter where you live in the world, when it comes to human sensuality we all speak the same language. Chris is offering up some pictures of himself that guys and girls around the globe will find irresistible.

That’s what I call a handful.

Precisely where many of us would like our hand to be if we were there with him.

Quite an innovative book mark, but do you lose your place when you get soft? Actually I’m hoping that’s one of my novels.

588 … Jacob is getting out of his fatigues. (2-18-14)

Jacob is a handsome guy that looks very appealing naked. He didn’t say whether he prefers to share his masculine body with a girl or another man. Either way my guess is they are happy campers.

If this beauty was mine I would be taking more pictures.

Jacob has a great body, his camera doesn’t do him justice.

587 … Roberto has unbuttoned his jeans. (2-18-14)

Tattoos and piercings … most of us can only imagine the sensations they add to moments of intimacy.

A rather exotic look. No doubt Roberto has had a few intriguing encounters.

586 … TM has gotten naked. (1-28-14)

What an adorable young man. TM certainly knows how to present his glorious hair and haunting, well-shaped buns.

TM’s remarkably prominent glans give him a unique individual look, what many would call incredibly tempting.

A bit closer look. TM no longer denies the beauty of the male form. In fact he is contributing a fine example of it.

585 … LouisZ, 19, from the USA has dropped his pants. (1-21-14)

Nothing delights me more than a man showing off his small penis. The days when a guy with a small penis has to feel unappealing are fast behind us.

Many guys and gals prefer men with smaller penises. They are aware smaller men often make make more thoughtful lovers.

Here’s what Louis had to say:

“I obviously know I have a tiny penis. My balls are tighter and smaller than average too. I don’t like this and am ashamed by it, but I want to get over this by showing myself to other guys and girls that I am within the “normal” range according to my doctor and I am larger than the category of “Micropenis”. Shown soft, I measure about 1 1/2″

Thing is it doesn’t matter how Louis’s penis is categorized. What he may lack in size between his legs, he makes up for it with his magnificent large heart. A great many would be thrilled to know him intimately.

Here is LouisZ erect, under 4 inches. It’s not hard to imagine sharing some intimate moments with him.

584 … Leonard has dropped his pants. (1-21-14)

Quite a handsome rocket Leonard has between his legs. Makes you wonder what he’s aimed it at. Maybe you have a few suggestions.

583 … Marc has gotten naked. (1-15-14)

Marc has a beautiful trim body that is complimented by quite a handsome member.

Here is a closeup of his manhood on the launch pad about to blast off. Nice set of fuel tanks hanging underneath.

All we have to do is talk Marc into getting a better camera. More pixels would give us a better look at his magnificent body that way.

Goodness! Pants down, temptations abound, a young man is ready.

582 … Ed, 22, from California has gotten naked. (1-15-14)

Ed is self-conscious about his penis, not because he thinks it’s too small, but because it’s curved, more so soft than erect. He loves to get naked but has become reluctant to do so because of the stares he gets and the comments he has endured.

Ed became self-conscious in the high school locker room when some of the guys started calling him “Captain Hook”. It kills my soul to hear about a young man with such a beautiful body can’t fully enjoy it.

Ed wishes he could enjoy his penis because it’s unique and not like everyone elses. I think he should, and learn to ignore the small minded people that make thoughtless comments. Most people, including myself, think he’s gorgeous.

What’s not to die for?

581 … Peter is always naked. (1-15-14)

Peter rarely wears clothes. In fact he routinely goes out in public naked. I might give this a try myself if I had a body like his.

Peter is an author. He writes erotic stories and about his intriguing life. You can see more about him here.

Here is how Peter describes himself:

“I am an Exhibitionist Nudist and Author of Erotica. I embrace the philosophy that nudity harms no-one, it is to be enjoyed and as I wander naked down the path of life I enjoy meeting new friends and acquaintances. I am often greeted with smiles, giggles and pleasantries, but never a bad word.”

Hmm, makes you wish you have just walked into this room.

 580 … David has gotten naked. (1-15-14)\

What does a perfect penis look like? David is showing us an example. Beautiful shape, proportion and size, complimented by a pair of irresistible testicles.

Delightful how the flesh color of David’s penis contrasts with his pink balls.

When a faucet drips you fix it with a washer. When your penis drips you are having some rather pleasant thoughts.

David managed to capture a picture when he wasn’t thinking about something naughty. Described in one word … adorable.

579 … Tommy, 41, from northern Europe has dropped his pants. (12-30-13)

Sometimes, when you look at the image of a man on the Internet, your first thought is “There is a desirable guy.” As far as Tommy is concerned, I bet many of you got the same impression.

Tommy is shy about his body because people have told him he’s too skinny, etc., so showing you these pictures is a bold adventure for him. Hmm, too skinny? He isn’t showing us much of his body, but what we can see I’m not sure I would agree. In fact if I were undressing him for the first time, I might think I’ve died and gone to Heaven.

Here’s a case of 41 year old virility. With the way Tommy’s balls hang independently from the base of his shaft, he’s about as tempting as I can imagine. He said nothing about his sexual preference, but no doubt men and women both would be delighted to spend a little intimate time with him.

578 … Jeff, 50, from the South (USA) has gotten naked. (12-30-13)

A little bird peeking out of its nest. Irresistible.

Jeff is a middle-age divorced bi-curious male. He enjoys being naked and looking at other nude bodies, both male and female.

Jeff is self-conscious about his penis size. Seems utterly unnecessary since smaller sized men are considered the most desirable by so many, which may turn to his advantage being as he fantasizes about being with another man. It would be the first time for the other man, too, and I bet he would appreciate the practicality of Jeff’s size.

Look out! Obviously Jeff is a grower. From acorns mighty oaks grow.

577 … Mac has gotten naked. (12-30-13)

Of the endless variations of male genitalia, what Mac has dangling between his legs can be defined by the word perfection.

Here Mac is demonstrating the sensual mystery of a foreskin.

Part of the mystic of a man’s penis is various liquids leave the body through them.

Intriguing shot of Mac’s scrotum. Do you see anything you would like to cup in the palm of your hand or squeeze?

Here Mac’s glans are fully exposed. His foreskin has left it silky smooth and no doubt very sensitive. I would think a good many imaginations have been set sailing.

576 … Mike has gotten naked. (12-30-13)

Mike is a masculine guy with eye appeal and very few inhibitions.

Mike believes, like many of us, that no part of the body should be left to the imagination. He also has a magnificent foreskin.

With masculinity comes virility. Nice pose.Adorable.

575 … Rijno has gotten naked. (12-30-13)

Rijno is a married guy. He’s curious about how another guy would react to his penis. Wide-eyed, I’d say.

574 … Peter, 48, from South Africa has dropped his pants. (12-2-13)

Peter says the majority of men in South Africa are not circumcised, which he prefers, not that he hasn’t had plenty of fun with a few circumcised guys.

I’m in the process of restoring my foreskin (noticeable results after 30 days using a DTR). What Peter has is what I’m trying to achieve. Very nice coverage.

Peter is what you would call a masculine man. He is a bisexual married guy that is more straight than gay. His manhood reaches 15cm erect and is a bit on the thick side, very useful for stretching small places.

573 … Ben, 45, from Kansas has gotten naked. (12-2-13)

It’s that time of year you start thinking about what you would like for Christmas. Is Ben giving you any ideas?

Wonder what Ben is thinking about. It’s clearly not making a shopping list for the grocery store. Quite a nice matching set.

572 … Rahul from New Delhi has gotten naked. (11-19-13)

What a sensuous, sexy looking guy.

Indian men have such beautiful skin. The contrasting colors of Rahul’s penis are delightful.

Rahul sent several shots in different poses. Since they are all irresistible, I will post all of them.

Intriguing how Rahul has such a lush landscape of hair on the front of his body and then has such a lovely smooth ass. Very appealing.



Rahul is a beautiful symphony of masculinity. He didn’t say whether he shares his body with a man or a woman.

571 … Keith, 55, has gotten naked. (11-19-13)

Keith has red hair and baby blue eyes, two of his assets we can’t see. He is a bisexual single guy that happens to be looking for a boyfriend. Judging by the assets we can see, I’d say he’ll be snapped off the market pretty quick.

570 … John, 49, from Chattanooga has dropped his pants. (11-11-13)

Obviously sipping whiskey isn’t the only delightful thing that comes from Tennessee. John has something else you might want to put your lips to.

Nothing like getting naked, relaxing on the porch and enjoying the fine weather. Be fun to be there with John and a good cup of coffee.

569 … Adrian, 23, from Texas has dropped his pants. (11-11-13)

It can be said that some men are sporting a work of art between their legs … Adrian is a fine example. Plus his foreskin adds a bit of mystery.

What a visual delight, not to mention the adventures one can imagine.

568 … Britt, 21, from Texas has dropped her pants. (11-11-13)

It always makes my day to get a submission from a lady, especially a girl as uninhibited as Britt. She has decided to see her vulva included among all these penises.

There are so many positions in which a girl looks inviting. Britt is showing us one here.

Britt is bisexual. She is also comfortable with her body, though, having had a baby, she is a little self-conscious about her stretch marks. Trust me, Britt, the guys aren’t noticing your stretch marks.

567 … Cir has gotten naked. (11-11-13)

There is nothing more refreshing than getting naked outdoors on a warm summer day, especially in such a beautiful setting.

Compliment that setting with a good looking man and you have Heaven on Earth.

Cir is a married guy. In fact his wife took some of these pictures. He has left it to our imagination as to what the two of them do together in circumstances like these.

566 … Mike, 40ish, from the UK has gotten naked. (11-11-13)

Mike’s testicles have drawn up close to his body. Love how the skin gathers up around them.

Great foreskin. Be fun to explore.

Were you wondering if they have missiles in England. I suspect Mike’s is for offensive purposes.

Has your wife or girlfriend asked you what you want for Christmas? Mike is offering a nice gift idea right here.

565 … Alan, 61, from England has gotten naked. (11-11-13)

Is there a man alive that hasn’t glanced at another man’s crotch, wondering about such things as size, shape and color. Alan is here to show you what is creating this particular bulge.

Adorable … like a small bird getting it’s first peek at the world.

Alan in full glory, very nicely trimmed.

Very nice. Alan is a straight, married guy, though his imagination sometimes wanders. Sound like someone you know?

Many things are inviting, other things are irresistible.

There are no laws that bar married men from appreciating their anuses. The only question is how does Alan like to use his?

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  1. LouisZ, it is normally the guys with the smaller members who give the biggest load of sperm that can be enjoyed by those who love it!Is this the case with you? Just interested to know. Rob

  2. LousZ #585
    You shouldn’t be ashamed of your penis and balls. Some people will like them, some will not. You never know until you get out there. The important thing is to get out and make the best of what you have.

  3. HI Cir #567 – I am honoured to be shown on the same page as your photos! The setting is amazing, your physique superb, your penis looks good and I am envious of the tan!!

    • alanh i agree with you 567 what a beautiful cock he has too.. His wife is a lucky lady I’d say she’s also proud of her man’s cock too and he must be proud as well wicked.. Also what about 571 Ginger i so admire Ginger guys their pubs are so wonderful to look at even their cocks are a lot more pinker than say black pubs or browns.. even the hair feels quite different too..

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