Drop Your Pants, Pg 15

Drop Your PantsDrop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Attach your pics to an email to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name I can use and a little about yourself. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. It may take a few days for your pics to appear. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way.

522 … Scott, 40, from New Hampshire has dropped his pants. (4-8-13)

I’m thinking Scott is a guy you might like to meet. Not only does he have a gorgeous body, he’s obviously a good sport. Here he is before the shave.

Here he is shaved. Hmm, had to determine which flavor is more tempting.

If you were kissing Scott and looked down, this is what you would see.

A close up. Irresistible. Adorable balls.

Scott says he’s quite an exhibitionist. Lucky for us. He got an erection when he took this picture because he knew you would be looking at it.

521 … K dropped his pants. (4-1-13)

K said nothing about himself, not even his name. He’s here for no reason other than to show you how appealing a small penis can be.


Looks like it has lost some of its shyness. I believe it wants to play, or should I say be played with?

What’s not to love?

Interesting pose. Wonder if K is presenting an invitation.

520 … Stijn has dropped his pants. (3-13-13)

Stijn has sent us a real treat … pictures of himself. More than a few who are looking at them will be tempted.

Hmm, wonder what it would be like to be positioned where the camera is.

If this picture isn’t a strong argument for how good men look with their foreskin’s intact, I don’t know what is.

Stijn didn’t say anything about his sexuality, but this picture may provide a clue. I doubt he thinks girls enjoy looking at male anuses.

519 … Brazen has gotten naked. (3-13-13)

This man-part is connected to an intriguing guy. He’s married, he is a dad, he is also bi. Makes you want to know him already. Brazen has his own personal site where he talks about himself and his perspectives. Check it out here.

518 … Dennis, 25, has gotten naked. (3-13-13)

A very impressive six inches. Well, it’s just a tad over that, but Dennis feels it’s a hunter. Who would disagree? Dennis is bisexual. He like’s the idea that he is more inclined to fall in love with a person’s personality as opposed to their gender. A lovely notion in my book.

517 … Darius, 24, from Germany has gotten naked. (3-6-13)

amateur nude menThough Darius has never been sexually involved with another man, he considers himself bisexual. He has fantasized about men his entire life, much like many guys are fantasizing about him now.

Darius is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend. Since he would never consider betraying her, he feels it is unlikely he’ll ever experience sex with a man.

But in the unlikely event that he does, he prefers masculine men, believing men look better without their pubic hair or underarms shaved. One man’s poison is another man’s ambrosia.

516 … Guy, 18, from the UK has gotten naked. (2-25-13)

Is there a disproportionate number of men in the UK that are well hung? Guy hasn’t yet been with a man or a woman because he’s not sure about his sexuality. That’s okay. He’s just eighteen. But look out when he finally decides. Someone in the UK is in for a real treat.

Whoa! What I wouldn’t give to be 18 again, just for one day. Guy may not have yet identified his sexuality, but he knows one thing for certain…he likes looking at pictures of naked men, especially older men, which may be what he was thinking about when he got this rocket.

515 … PT has been shaving. (2-25-13)

amateur nude menLooks like PT is well equipped to deal with his pubic hair. Then again, it looks like PT is well equipped period.

We’re begging to see some results. You wonder if he has anyone there giving him a hand. Any volunteers?

A nice side view. Is the shaving giving this erection, or is it the idea of so many guys and gals seeing these pictures?

514 … Texas Tiny has dropped his pants. (2-17-13)

Smallish … maybe. Tiny … well I guess that’s a matter of opinion. Appealing is the word I would use.

Whether you agree Texas Tiny has a small penis or not, you have to agree he has a great set of balls. Smooth, squeezable and wonderfully masculine. Perhaps you’re thinking about how much fun it would be to be up close with them.

What a delightful smooth look.

Here is what Texas Tiny had to say:

“I try to stand proud in the locker rooms, even if my dick sometimes is less than two inches. I have this constant fear that my size and girth of penis will cause humiliation, and wonder if I’m abnormally small.”

So what is “abnormally small” when it comes to man’s penis? Must be very small indeed. Texas Tiny maybe be a bit smaller than average, but certainly not to the extent he should be concerned. We have become such a body-conscious society, that what we perceive as our flaws prevents us from enjoying our bodies. What an unnecessary shame.

513 … Walter, 67, has gotten naked. (2-17-13)

Told by a friend about Enlightened Male 2000 after he mentioned to her that he was interested in men with foreskins, Walter decided to submit his pictures. He didn’t say why he was interested in men with foreskins, though a good many of us have that in common with him.

Walter had a radical prostatectomy in 2004 and has been cancer free since. He now has a visible scar. He is also getting some rather handsome erections, and is doing so without the use of drugs.

512 … DM, 31, has gotten naked. (2-12-13)

If you were to unfasten DM’s jeans and slide them down his legs you would be in for a pleasant surprise.

He may feel a bit awkward if you are a guy since he’s straight, but he might go along with it if you promise to show him yours, especially if you have a small one, the size he admits he enjoys looking at the most.

In fact DM has always thought his is rather small. Maybe he is comparing himself to horses. He has a rather prominent vein running along the top that has gotten him some glowing reviews from some of the women that have experienced it.

Nevertheless that’s the way of it. Guys, sometimes secretly, like looking at other guys whether they are straight or otherwise. Here it looks like DM is offering it to someone. If so, it’s likely someone that just got out of a dress and and pair of panties.

511 … Sean, 38, from California has gotten naked. (2-10-13)

amateur nude menHere is a man you might like to spend a week with on a deserted island. Looks like he may be on one in this picture. Interesting how natural and sensuous guys look when they are naked outdoors.

Sean didn’t say whether he’d rather be on that island with a guy or a girl. That means you can pretend.

What an appealing man.

510 … David, 56, from the UK has dropped his pants. (1-28-13)

amateur nude menVery nice. Sometimes I think the UK has gotten more than its fair share of good looking men. Looks like David is an example.

509 … Texas Guy, 27, has dropped his pants. (1-28-13)

Texas Guy has a whopper between his legs. Eight and a half inches. He is showing us part of it here, the business end. He didn’t say anything about who he shares it with.

508 … Henry from Wisconsin has gotten naked. (1-12-13)

What an attractive man.

Henry is a gay married guy who remains in the closet. Lets hope there is room in the closet for two. He’s probably not thinking about his wife in this picture.

Henry loves smooth skin. He shaves his balls and keeps his pubic hair trimmed. He has a two incher flaccid that rises to a rather handsome six inches when he is aroused. I call him a real visual temptation.

507 … Gonzalo has gotten naked. (1-28-13)

Gonzalo says he loves to elastrate his balls, which is what he is showing us in the photo.

Lots of guys have discovered the sensual pleasure from various forms of ball play, from stretching with weights, to pumping, to playful slapping and squeezing; all innocent fun if done carefully. Elastration is a method commonly used for castration, which is probably not something Gonzalo is intending to do. He is, however, taking a risky chance. Elastration starves the testicles of blood and oxygen, thereby killing them, at which time the dead tissue is removed. There is a point of no return, which hopefully Gonzalo is aware of.

506 … Vin, 25, from Bangkok has gotten naked. (1-24-13)

Vin is here to show his Asian dick. Everyone else is here to look at it.

Here is the lower half of an attractive man. I wonder if it’s the pictures on this page that’s given Vin that handsome erection.

Vin has given himself a thoughtful trim and shave. Looks like everything about him is appealing.

505 … Robert has dropped his pants. (1-23-13)

Robert is going commando. Bet his girlfriend, Tracey, is agreeable with that. She’s the one that submitted Robert’s picture, letting me know that his is the most amazing cock she has ever seen. In fact she has nominated his penis for the Drop Your Pants Hall of Fame. I believe it’s a definite contender. The only disappointment is that Tracey didn’t submit a picture of herself.

504 … Dave has dropped his pants. (1-23-13)

No wonder Dave dropped his pants, it looks like things might have been getting a little uncomfortable in those jeans, and tight.

This is what’s fun about being a man, getting out of your clothes and letting your penis do it’s thing. Since it is connected to the brain, you have to wonder what Dave is thinking to make it this hard.

Dave wanted to know what I think of his penis. Two words … very nice.

503 … Philip, 26, living in San Francisco has dropped his pants. (1-16-13)

Philip is a photographer, cook, world traveler, writer, gay and married. Sounds like he stays busy. He’s also sporting an appealing handful in his jeans. Although he loves being naked and has no shame about his body, he has never posted his penis online before, so he was a bit nervous. Normally he wears boxer shorts, though he’d rather just free ball it or strip down and relax.

502 … Chris has gotten naked. (1-16-13)

Looks like Chris is ready for some action. He said nothing in his email, so we’ll never know if he was thinking about a guy or a girl when he got this handsome erection.

501 … Ed, 63, has gotten naked. (1-14-13)

Ed’s rather handsome penis has gotten quite a workout during the last 40 years. He’s been married that long and has four sons.

Ed is a naturists, something his family doesn’t share with him. He is fascinated by the human body, like most of us, though at his age he has found that he is more attracted to the male body. He has also found that raging erections are something no longer taken for granted, which he has in common with a lot of 62 year old guys. You wonder why so many of us don’t discover our appreciation for male bodies when we are young enough to get out there and enjoy it.

500 … George has dropped his pants. (1-14-13)

George is wondering if his penis diameter looks normal. He thinks it looks a little thin. Maybe it is if you compare it to a mule. Otherwise, I think George can rest easy with the pleasant surprise he keeps in his pants.

George has a protective foreskin. It keeps his glans covered even when he’s getting an erection. A lot of guys would love to know what that feels like.

499 … Andrew, 31, from Texas has unzipped his pants.  (1-14-13)

Looks like Andrew’s male part is feeling invigorated getting out of those jeans. He’s been using a dual tension restorer to restore his foreskin, an endeavor many guys are involved in these days.

Adorable. Andrew’s penis seems to get a bit modest when his pants are all the way down. I’d say the foreskin is coming along nicely.

498 … Mr. Smooth, 48, has dropped his pants. (1-7-13)

Mr. Smooth is a straight married guy that appreciates the male form.

No doubt there are other guys looking at this page that appreciate his male form.

Some guys go out and buy a new Mustang convertible when they reach mid-life. Mr. Smooth had himself outfitted with a rather prominent P.A.

Puts a whole new twist on peeing.

497 … Ivan, 56. from California has gotten naked. (1-7-13)

Here is what Ivan said in his email. ” I was shy and avoided situations involving nudity until I started lap swimming a few years ago.  I needed to shower and dress at the gym to go back to the office, so I got used to being naked with other guys.  I relaxed when I saw the range of size that guys were comfortable having others see in the shower.”

With a body like his, I have no idea why Ivan would have been shy about nudity. Now he loves seeing the variety and the pride that so many guys have with all their shapes and sizes.

496 … Dave, 61, from California has gotten naked. (1-3-13)

With a bit of modesty Dave sent in his pictures, thinking they aren’t quite as awesome as some of the others posted here. I beg to differ. He looks pretty awesome to me.

And he’s getting even more awesome by the minute! Dave is a married guy. He says if he can lose a little weight this year, he’ll send some more showing more of him. Let’s hope his wife isn’t too good a cook.

495 … Charlie, 20, from California has gotten naked. (12-31-12)

What a good looking young man. I can’t remember what it was like to have a waistline that thin.

Looks like Charlie got an erection. Maybe he was thinking about all the guys and gals that will be looking at his penis when his pictures are posted.

A side view. Stiff as a board, which is no surprise. At age 20, it’s just one of the two dozen he’ll have today. Ah, those glorious days of youth.

494 … Whiterabbit has gotten naked. (12-31-12)

If testosterone is the definitive word, Whiterabbit was the first guy in line when Mother Nature was handing it out.

Quite a lot to pack inside those jeans. Whiterabbit just might need a heavy duty zipper.

Whiterabbit is holding his penis up for everyone to see. He has reason to be proud. He didn’t say whether he shares it with guys or gals. Maybe he shares it with both.

Holy smoke! When they talk about that feeling of fullness when something gets shoved inside, they were talking about sleeping with Whiterabbit.

493 … Marty has gotten naked. (12-31-12)

Fresh as a flower. Did you notice Marty has a hang that any man would be proud of? He knows how good it feels to let your testicles dangle in the fresh air, as opposed to being all bound up in a pair of tight jeans.

Interesting. Marty didn’t say why he tied his penis up with a string. Guess we’ll have to use our imaginations.

Marty is the poster boy for a perfect ass. If you had an opportunity to order a new one, you’d say “I want mine to look like Marty’s.” Be fun to be helping him wash his car right about now.

492 … Travis, 30, from Indiana has dropped his pants. (12-31-12)

Travis hasn’t shown very much of himself, other than his fine looking penis, which may very well be quite enough for many looking at his entry. Travis’ penis measures 4″, and he says it is very thin, which has caused him to be ashamed of it. Women he has tried relationships with have left him because they think his dick is too small, though they also think he is a great guy. I believe Travis will eventually find the girl that thinks he is perfect, especially if Travis is up on the many ways a man can give a woman a climax.

491 … Jack has gotten naked. (12-31-12)

Jack had some help with his pictures … his girlfriend; the more difficult shots, and the more interesting ones. Hmm … bet it was a hot time in the bedroom that night.

A shot from below, taken by you know who. I wonder if this is a position she is familiar with.

Looks like Jack and his girlfriend are one couple that knows how to have some inventive fun.

The word adorable comes to mind, and irresistible. Jack is a fan of Enlightened Male because it helped him learn how to appreciate his body. I’m glad he shared it with the rest of us.

490 … Brett has gotten naked. (12-18-12)

A lot of guys are shaving their body hair these days. Brett is a strong argument to put away the razor. He’s one sexy guy and his chest and belly hair is no small part of it.

No doubt Brett is inspiring all kinds of fantasies, in the minds of both men and women.

Nothing quite like the feel of your testicles dangling in the fresh air, not to mention it makes quite a nice visual. Question is, are guys thinking about men or women when they pose like this for a picture?

489 … Silvan has gotten naked and painted his body. (12-18-12)

Silvan painted his body for a smulf-party at work. Attractive as he is, I bet he’ll draw a lot of imaginative eyes at the party. Come to think about it, this sounds like a terrific place to get a job.

488 … Tyler from Tennessee has dropped his pants. (12-18-12)

Tyler titled his photos “Hung like a race horse”. I doubt anyone would argue with him.

That’s what they call packing. Bet that intriguing curve sets up some interesting friction.

487 … Haldon has gotten naked. (12-18-12)

Haldon is demonstrating how pliable foreskins are. And he is making some of us envious.

486 … Wolf, 41, from Colorado has gotten naked. (12-17-12)

Wolf must have gotten his incredible body from all those runs down the ski trail. When he is warming up in front of the fire on a cold winter night, he didn’t say if he’s getting naked with with a guy or a girl. That leaves it to our imagination.

485 … Ben, 19, from South Africa has gotten naked. (12-17-12)

Looks like Ben is having trouble getting all of his penis in the picture. I can see why. Like most guys his age, his is getting a little stiff.

Ah, a little better. Just goes to show there are desirable men in all four corners of the Earth.

483 … Martin,50, from the Netherlands has gotten dropped his pants. (12-17-12) No, this is not me. I’m circumcised and mine is smaller. This is another Martin, who has lovely pink balls.Martin happens to be a married straight guy that believes the male body is a magnificent creation. He loves the naked male body, not for the sex but for the beauty of it.

So he has sent pictures of what he only shares with his wife.

482 … Anthony, 18, has dropped his pants. (12-17-12)

amateur nude menDon’t let this cute little guy fool you. What Anthony has between his legs is a grower, and at his age, it does a lot of growing.

Anthony is a straight guy, waiting for the right girl to come along. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to take pictures that other men like to look at.

See what I mean, a grower, almost 6 inches. Not bad from starting off at little over one inch.

Here’s Anthony involved in what is a frequent ritual. He is quite fond of his penis and is anxious to share it with a young lady. Whoever she is, she’s in for a pleasant night to remember.

Anthony is glad to be uncircumcised, as are many other guys, not to mention the many guys that wish they still had their foreskins.

481 … Jasmit has dropped his pants. (12-17-12)

Jasmit’s man parts have their own personality, with the way his balls are hugging and his seemingly tight foreskin. He sent just the pictures, nothing about himself, so I’m intrigued.

Looks like Jasmit’s glans have no problem escaping his foreskin, that is when Jasmit is having some erotic thoughts.

480 … Mr. X has dropped his pants. (12-17-12)

amateur nude menMr.X is secretive. He just wanted to show you his penis, which is rock hard and awaiting some attention.

479 … Mbull from India has gotten naked. (12-17-12)

Mbull has thought of an inventive way to pose. Looking at him from behind there is no doubt he is a man. From the front, in this pose he might look a bit like a girl, at least above the knee and  below the navel.

478 … Marty has gotten naked. (12-17-12)

My word! And I thought chocolate ice-cream was tempting.

Marty went outside to snap his pictures. He likes the feel of fresh air and sunshine on his skin. And what smooth clean-shaven skin it is.

A closeup, as if Marty wasn’t already tempting enough.

477 … Lucky from Singapore has gotten naked. (12-17-12)

Lucky didn’t say anything about himself in his email, but based on his picture, I think I have figured out how he got his name.

476 … Silvan has dropped his pants. (12-17-12)

Silvan likes looking at pictures of naked men even though he’s straight. So here he is making a contribution to the cause, quite an appealing contribution at that. This picture was snapped in the bathroom at a party. Too bad we all couldn’t have been there.

475 … Cory, 35, has dropped his pants. (12-17-12)

Cory has decided to reveal everything, just in case you wanted to know him intimately.

Hmm, is Cory’s pee-hole a bit left of center? Enchanting.

Here’s Cory in the bathroom with a massive erection. The next photo tips us off as to why his penis is so hard.

Gory’s girlfriend, waiting for him to come out of the bathroom. Looks like she’s ready.

474 … John Doe has gotten naked. (12-17-12)

John Doe is a bisexual guy that has to remain anonymous for professional reasons, though if anyone has ever seen him in a locker room, I’m sure they would recognize him by this picture. Who could forget? Until recently he was worried about his penis length. I don’t know why, unless he thought it might be too long. That changed when he came across the pictures on these pages and realized the amazing variety of man parts is a grand thing.

473 .. John, 48, has put on his panties. (12-17-12)

Every man has a feminine side, more pronounced in some guys than others. John likes the feel of wearing panties, he feels sexy in them. The see through effect is certainly sexy.

Now that the panties have given John an erection, he has put a dab of whipped cream on the end of his penis, possibly waiting for someone to lick it off.

472 … Z has gotten naked. (12-17-12)

This is what I call putting it all out there. Z is a fair-skin fellow that obviously has some assets to be proud of.

Talk about a missile. Wonder if Z is about to blast off.

A good firm grip, something guys like to do.

471 … Mike, 51, from Florida has gotten naked. (12-16-12)

Mike is looking down. Some pretty appealing scenery that way.

Mike has decided to reveal the most intimate part of his body. Bet there are more than a few who are glad he did.

From below. Say hi to Mike and his best friend.

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  1. Wow if mr smooth (498) would like to share more pic’s of him self or his wife I would be willing to share my self or just become friends that would be great.. Love your pic.

  2. Wow so I have to wander what I would take to get Walter’s (513) friend to put up some pics on hear or to send some to me being that she has looked on hear????

  3. This looks just fine,but were are the single women,all men doesn’t make a party.I’m a straight 63 year old man that enjoys the outdoors,hiking,fishing,hunting,camping,gardening,cooking,opera,theater,horse back riding,swimming,and lots more.

    • I’m also curious! Three or four times as long as mine. And it’s so well defined–unnaturally regular. Mine is somewhat irregular. Maybe its a photo touchup.

      I’d sure like to “get to the bottom” of this mystery.

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  5. Stign has shared four great pics with us.
    Shaved smooth is always nice, uncut is a bonus and we see him flaccid and erect to compare. Like the rear shots too!

  6. Scott, 522. Great pics, and i’m especially fond of your erection. You’re ticking all of my boxes. Big cock, shaved and, best yet, uncut. Bravo. Time for some fun methinks……

  7. 497, Ivan. Splendid photos. Relaxed, warm, shaved balls, uncut and, dare i say it, a rather large looking cock. How wonderful it would be to see that beautiful specimen in all of it’s erect glory. AH, but that’s where my imagination kicks in…….

  8. tied up penis #493 is an example how African natives use to tie up their penises in the bush, but usually the string would be tied to the foreskin instead of around the head of the penis

  9. I am very bi-curious. I have a small penis & love pictures of small penises. Some day I would like to have an affair with the right man.

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