Drop Your Pants, Pg 16

Drop your briefs, your boxers or your panties for the camera and show your stuff. Attach your pics to an email to martinbrant@msn.com. Nudity only, no sex or sexually explicit shots. Include a first name I can use and a little about yourself. Makes the post more interesting. And its not against the rules to be creative. Your email is your permission to post your picture here. It may take a few days for your pics to appear. So come on, drop your pants or skirts and show the world how we’re all beautiful in our own way.

564 … Terry has gotten naked. (10-22-13)


If ever I have come to know a delightful guy, Terry is him. Here he’s relaxing in the garden on a fine autumn day.

Terry has written many comments here on Enlightened Male. I have also featured him in the Intriguing Men category.

Terry lives across the Atlantic ocean from me. As well as I know him, it’s unlikely I’ll ever get a chance to meet him, though it would be a real treat to visit the UK and spend a few days with him.

563 … E has dropped his pants. (10-22-13)

Hmm … looks like E is working in a lab. Wonder what he’s up to.

If you have ever wondered what scientists do in their labs, E is showing you here. I’m thinking it would be fun to be in there experimenting with him.

Or maybe E is a doctor, showing us how to perform a personal exam. But what is causing that magnificent erection?

Maybe he’s testing Viagra. If so I’m sold. But I somehow think this rock hard condition happens to E without the benefit of a pill.

Now E’s pants are all the off. Evidently he’s not worried about anyone walking in, though a good many looking at his pictures probably would like to.

All E sent of his ass is this teaser. From what I can see of it, a few more shots full on would have been welcome. E has one good looking body.

562 … Frank, 54, has dropped his pants. (10-22-13)

This is the secret Frank keeps hidden in his underwear, a man part that most any guy would be proud to have. Frank is a bi-curious, happily married man. He has never acted on his fantasies, likely never will, but he definitely has them. He would love to be fucked by a like-minded man.

561 … A from the northwest has gotten naked. (10-22-13)

A is a 26 year old student interested in nude modeling. I say he has the body for it.

These are currently the only photographs he has, but he has connected with a photographer that is interested in a shoot. Let’s hope we see more of A later.

560 … James from Seattle has gotten naked. (10-1-13)

This is totally out of character for James. But now that he’s in his 50s, and since he has certain curiosities about guys, he felt an urge to get out his camera and set off on a new adventure, which is why posting his pictures is so much fun, not to mention how sexy he is.

Now James’ penis is exposed, being admired by thousands of guys and girls. Soft, he says his penis is embarrassingly small. I bet it’s more like adorable. But that’s soft … hard it becomes a whopper, reaching a full seven inches.

James likes to compare his with other guys, finds it exciting to run across a picture of a long thin one like his. (thin?) He loves women, but he’s curious about men, in mind only. Never has acted on it. But who knows, maybe the right circumstances will come his way one day.

559 … Josh from Washington D.C. has gotten naked. (10-1-13)

What a glorious triangle of pubic hair. I’m so glad Josh doesn’t shave it. Sometimes a guy simply looks better landscaped. If he wears that collar dressed, I bet it gives him a great bulge. But then Josh is as tempting as he can be with or without it.

558 … David, 47, from South Carolina has gotten naked. (10-1-13)

So this is what was tucked away in that underwear. What a delightful surprise! David loves sharing this handsome fellow with both guys and girls. He also loves being watched. Any volunteers?

So close the camera got confused and couldn’t focus. Not likely to happen with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They would have no trouble at all getting focused. David had his first sexual experience with a boy at 15. The following year he found out about girls, deciding then that he enjoys both.

557 … Matteo has dropped his pants. (10-1-13)

What a beautiful guy. Matteo said nothing about himself so he is a mystery. We can safely assume, by virtue of his presence on Enlightened Male, that he appreciates the male form. We certainly appreciate his.

556 … Justin has gotten naked. (10-1-13)

Interesting shapes is the name of the game when it comes to penises. Justin has one, achieved by placing a small diameter ring at the base of his shaft in a flaccid state, which makes his penis look thick and vein(y) when it’s engorged, not to mention the drama added by his superb foreskin.

Here’s a shot with his glans protruding, undeniably tempting.

555 … Jimmy, from the Appalachian Mountains, has gotten naked. (9-29-13)

Jimmy says the human body is a miracle that everyone should enjoy to the fullest. I agree. Right now he’s enjoying holding the miracle between his legs.

Just how appealing can a man be? Just think about how nice it would be to be holed up with Jimmy in some remote mountain hideaway for a week.

Just a peek, but more than enough to be tempted.

What a great looking body.

Nice pose. You wonder if Jimmy is sharing that bed with a guy or a girl.

Here’s a picture that invites you to use your imagination. I think Jimmy used his when he posed for it.

554 … Alex, 26, has unzipped his uniform. (9-29-13)

Alex is an infantryman. If there are any questions about the virility of U.S. soldiers, Alex has put them to rest. Alex is straight but open-minded about other peoples sexuality. He thinks he has a small penis. Must be because he is comparing it to some of the cannons he’s firing.

553 … Darren, 36, from Canada has dropped his pants. (9-21-13)

A few years back Darren got into cross dressing. The feel of women’s lingerie drives him wild. He’s lucky enough to be married to a lady that accepts his fetish.

Obviously Darren is all male, which often conflicts with how a man looks in women’s lingerie. Simply put, some guys should stay away from it. Maybe not in Darren’s case, he is definitely sexy in in a g-string and a pair of hose.

He’s also sexy in a pair of jeans. Darren is basically straight. But seeing other men in female under-things has given him second thoughts. Now he wonders what it would be like to do a little experimenting.

Perhaps you can see yourself experimenting with him.

Thing is it’s not men he’s attracted to, it’s their penises, something he is curious about. He wonders if there are other men that are turned-on by penises, but nothing else about a man.

Darren may one day come across the right guy. His wife has this gorgeous man all to herself in the meantime.

552 … J from Phoenix has gotten naked. (8-20-13)

Among his talents, J knows how to take some great pictures. He seems to know the poses that anyone who appreciates the male body would like to see.

J is in a relationship with a girl that is the love of his life. No doubt she sees it the same way, especially when she sees him naked. Bet she has him on the menu every night … as dessert.

Kinda makes you wish it was you there instead of the camera lens.

A nice shave looks so good on some men.

Looks like J must be watching his girlfriend get undressed, or maybe she’s helping him take these pictures.

Goodness! No Viagra required here. J has an appreciation for the male body. He considers himself bi-curious, though he can’t imagine ever acting on it. Sound familiar, anyone? Could be half the world’s male population feels the same way.

This is when you wish J had met you before he met the love of his life. One weekend would certainly be better than nothing. One weekend to create some memories that would last a lifetime. Then you could die happy.

551 … Theodore from Amsterdam has dropped his pants. (8-20-13)

Okay, I’m moving to Amsterdam. Then again not all guys there can look as irresistible as Theodore … can they? One can only imagine the sensual adventures one might have during a warm night with Theodore.

550 … Sam, 35, has gotten naked. (8-20-13)

Sam is a fantasy come true … for someone. He didn’t say whether that someone would be a guy or a girl, though I’m certain that either, if they walked into their bedroom and found Sam like this, would think they have died and gone to Heaven.

Here is what Sam looks like standing, having some errant thoughts. Seems Heaven just keeps getting better all the time.

549 … Mr. X has gotten naked. (8-20-13)

Mr. X said nothing about himself. All we know is how inviting he looks naked.

I wonder how many heads Mr. X turns in an average day when he’s wearing a pair of tight jeans. Nice shape.

548 … Vallin, 51, from Washington DC has gotten naked. (8-20-12)

Vallin looks much younger than 51. Maybe I mistook his age. Nevertheless, he is an intriguing man. He describes himself as almost primarily a trans-amorist and into interracial … primarily Asian and Euro-caucasian. He also describes himself as a sultry chestnut-hued Carthaginian-Cherokee at 5’9″, 132 lbs. And he’s definitely well hung.

547 … HM has dropped his pants. (8-15-13)

Talk about the queen’s jewels, looks like HM is wearing them. It takes him longer than most of us to get undressed.

You can’t help but wonder how wearing all of this would feel, probably quite sensuous. Personally, I’d be a little reluctant with the piercing part.

546 … Steven, 27, from Asia has gotten naked. (8-15-13)

Quite a nice surprise hidden in that underwear. Asian men are often not huge, they’re delightful.

From a different angle. Steven has a nice pair of huggers. Makes you wonder what they would feel like in your hand.

Goodness! I’ve heard of growers. Steven is showing us a perfect example.

545 … Jon has unzipped his pants. (8-15-13)

Good thing Jon unzipped his pants or he might have busted out of them. I can’t help but think about how dewy things get being confined in a pair of jeans all day. Hmmm.

Jon decided to get naked so we could see all of him. No doubt a good many of us are glad he did.

544 … Matt has gotten naked. (8-15-13)

Even though Matt enjoys masturbating with other men and comparing, he is basically straight. He says there is nothing like getting his entire cock inside a woman. His women would probably agree.

As for the comparing, I’d say he probably wins most of those contests.

543 … Roy, 47, from the UK has dropped his pants. (7-18-13)

You see a dashing guy in a nice suit. You wonder what he looks like underneath it. Roy has decided to show you.

There is absolutely nothing about this Englishman that’s not appealing … or tempting might be a better word. How do you know what to look at, that beautiful smile, or do you let your eyes drop further down? Roy is getting closer to proving 50 is the new 30.

542 … Treeman has dropped his pants. (7-18-13)

Older maybe, longer definitely. Maybe you’ve read some of Treeman’s comments he has left here on Enlightened Male. If so, you know what he likes. And now you know how nicely he hangs.

541 … S, 50, has gotten naked. (7-18-13)

S had some spare time so he took off his clothes, got out his camera and then played around with Photoshop. He wants to remain anonymous. I doubt anyone would recognize him in these pictures.

Think about how much fun it would be to have a buddy you were comfortable getting naked with, and taking pictures of each other in poses like this.

540 … Brian, 63, from British Columbia has dropped his pants. (7-14-13)

Brian is bisexual. He appreciates all sizes, whether it’s a man’s penis, or a woman’s breasts. In his 63 years I would imagine there have been a few men and women that have appreciated him.

Brian is showing us one of the fascinating things about a man’s penis, how it reacts to its environment and changes sizes.

539 … David, 50, from the UK has dropped his pants. (7-14-13)

You wonder if David knows how inviting he looks in this position. I bet whoever is taking the picture would agree, but I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman.

538 … Shawn, from Ireland, has gotten naked. (7-14-13)

Obviously the green hills aren’t the only aesthetically pleasing features of Ireland.

Shawn is a fortunate man. His wife knows he is bisexual, knows he enjoys sex with his male friends, but it isn’t an issue in his marriage. My guess is Shawn loves her even more as a result of her understanding.

Very nice,

537 … Jason, from Wisconsin, has gotten naked. (7-3-13)

Jason has been tanning to get ready for a trip to Wisconsin’s only nude beach. Just one! With all those Democrats up there? Maybe it’s because summers are so short in America’s Dairyland. Anyway, I’d say Jason looks great with or without the tan.

536 … Mike has gotten naked. (7-3-13)

Mike has recently lost 50 pounds. Wow! Look at his waistline … that is after you are ready to shift your focus from something else. Losing the weight added a half inch to his penis flaccid, and nearly an inch erect.

535 … Roy, 41, from the deep south USA, has gotten naked. (6-12-13)

Roy is straight, but he likes to look at dicks and show his off to both sexes. Who wouldn’t with handsome man parts like his?

It looks like he found a good place to get naked outdoors. Since he lives in the deep south, lets hope it’s secluded.

Knowing you’re looking at him has given him an erection.

What a handsome missile. You can imagine how good it must feel.

534 … Curious, not quite 60, has gotten naked. (6-11-13)

Talk about a treat for the eyes, it happens to be hanging between Curious’ legs. Curious is happily married and straight, well almost. Beginning early in life he has been around naked guys a lot, the school gym, the military, then health clubs … never thought much about all those colors, sizes and shapes bobbing around in the locker room. Now he’s reached a point in his life he is never around naked guys and realizes he misses it, even has a few secret fantasies. Like so many of us, he has the fantasies, but he’ll never act on them. He’s married and he loves his wife. But now that he has sent us this picture, the rest of us can fantasize about him.

533 … Martin from the east coast has gotten naked. (6-10-13)

If you were to pick up a brush and paint a perfect man, the finished result may very well look like Martin. Well proportioned, handsomely endowed, just the right amount of body hair … Mother Nature was in a good mood the day she created this beautiful man.

Martin has been married for 40 years. Though he had a girlfriend before that, his wife is the only woman he has ever had sex with, no regrets. They’ve been going at it since college and it’s still as good as it has ever been.

He has been interested in men since his early twenties, finds them visually and sexually compelling, but an early crush was never consummated. Retirement came with his decision to finally act upon his desire for another man.

After a few experiences Martin met a guy that became his best friend, emotionally and physically. They both love their wives, are still passionate with them, and neither believes their feelings for each other takes anything away from the love they share with their women.

Martin enjoys kayaking, bicycling, and yoga, including naked yoga. He and his wife recently experienced their first adventure on a nude beach, delighted by how they were able to enjoy themselves without inhibitions. Martin and his boyfriend also love to get naked and romp around in natural surroundings.

What you might call irresistible.

Sometimes the fresh air has a stimulating affect. Looks like Martin is getting a few tingles here.

An abstract of Martin and his friend Ric, who you can see by the way. He’s #148 on page 7.

532 … Tim has dropped his pants. (6-10-13)

Looks like something has come up for air. Sometimes a peek only makes you hungry to see more.

And Tim hasn’t let us down. Fine example of of manhood he has there. Makes you wonder why we all don’t simply work out nude when we’re at the gym.

There are a number of ways a man can present a temptation. Tim is showing us one of them.

A similar pose with his legs parted, letting everything dangle freely. Tim says he would love to experience a hot interlude with another man one of these days, and a lucky man that will be.

531 … Mystery Exhibitionist has gotten naked. (6-10-13)

Somewhere there is a guy or gal that has been with the Mystery Exhibitionist when he dropped his pants. That person was presented with a real treat. He didn’t say anything about himself, but to see him walking down the street, you may not guess he has such an appealing distraction hidden away in his pants.

530 … Dan has gotten naked. (6-10-13)

Dan said nothing about himself. He only sent these terrific pictures, enough to tell me he is a man I would like to know.

Dan is obviously comfortable in his own body. And a beautiful body it is.

Some lighting effects with shadows, along with an appealing profile.

A masculine pose by a handsomely endowed man.

529 … D, 25, has unzipped his pants. (6-10-13)

D has been going with his girlfriend for seven years. His fantasy is talking her into going to a nude beach with him, which he sees as a huge turn-on. You’d think, as appealing as his private parts are, she would want to show him off.

D must be thinking about being on that nude beach. If he ever makes it to one, I hope I’m there that day.

528 … Bill, 35, has unzipped his pants. (5-20-13)

Bill is a heck of a guy. I liked him the minute I read his email. He’s a big guy that has always been self-conscious about his small penis, until he found Enlightened Male and found out how many people prefer small penises.

Bill has been married 10 years. He shaves his balls, which his wife seems to appreciate. Though he has never had an intimate experience with another guy, he finds nude men visually appealing. No doubt a lot of guys, and girls, will look at his pictures and find him just as visually appealing.

Bill considers himself bi-curious. Back in college, where he earned a doctorate degree, he enjoyed masturbating with other guys while watching porn movies. Though he’s never had a sexual experience with another guy, he might be receptive to the idea if a guy came along he could trust.

Small, well maybe. Appealing, definitely. That innocent little guy has expanded into a magnificent example of manhood. What a beautiful shape and handful.

My goodness! Bill must be thinking about all the guy’s that will be looking at his penis.

527 … Martin Has dropped his pants. (5-13-13)

I’m always delighted to get photos from a well-shaped masculine guy that is proud of his small penis and wants to show it off on the Internet..

An escapee!

Maybe you’ve seen the pol on penis size here on Enlightened Male. There are over 5000 votes. It doesn’t surprise me over forty percent of the respondents say penis size doesn’t matter, or actually prefer smaller penises.

That’s good news for Martin. As masculine as he is, the close shave gives him a delightful boyish look.

Looks like Martin is a grower. Here’s a peek from underneath.

Gets your imagination going in high gear, doesn’t it?

526 … Rusty, 62, has gotten naked. (5-8-13)

Here is the lower half of a masculine guy you may like to know. Rusty certainly looks amiable, not to mention inviting.

525 … Fabfores has gotten naked. (5-1-13)

Fabfores isn’t the only man in the world that is a little self-conscious about the size of their penis. You might be wondering why he feels this way.

He might not beat a mule in a measuring contest, but his private parts are quite appealing.

Look what’s jutting out from Fabfores’ mid-section! I call that an eye opener.

Fabfores was circumcised 7 months ago. He didn’t say why, but he is happy with the results.

524 … Ron has gotten naked. (5-1-13)

Ron is proud of his member. Who wouldn’t be? He says it gets plenty of attention; not surprising due to Ron’s fondness for like-minded guys.

523 … Andy has dropped his pants. (4-22-13)

amateur male nudesI can’t think of a better way to start a new page than with these intimate shots from Andy.

amateur male nudesAs you can see, his private parts have a character of their own. Delightful how his foreskin gathers in a clutch of crinkles off the end.

amateur male nudesWhen you have a foreskin you can do things like this, or have someone else do them.

amateur male nudesAndy identifies with men that have small penises, believing his own fits into that category. Though he finds all men attractive, and has experienced all sizes of them, his partiality falls to smaller, uncut guys.

amateur male nudesNo doubt foreskins lend a certain mystery to male anatomy.

amateur male nudesAmazing how purposeful a man’s penis can seem.

amateur male nudesAndy in his shaved swollen glory.

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  1. Hi Andy #523, Have to say what an awesome cock you have, uncut, with a good foreskin but looks great when its pulled well back! Nice shaving too, nice to see either trimmed, shaped or no pubes!!

  2. Thanks Martin for the comments of my penis. Hope that the penis of mine will be saving for ever in your great penises bank. Thanks God to giving me a nice penis for whole my life.

  3. Just discovered this site and, in particular, this opportunity to “share.” My email has been sent. Fun to page through – will have to see the rest of the offerings when I have more time.

    Thanks to everyone who participated!

  4. 528, Bill. Great pics. Great looking penis. (Really like your last one!) I like that you are a professional man. Any chance of seeing an ass pic of you?

    • Alex, thanks for the compliments! And ummm, I don’t know that I would be comfortable taking an ass picture and I am unsure how I would even go about getting it to you if I did. It was hard (pun intended) for me to be brave enough to even take these pictures. Sorry I don’t have one of my backside, but I am happy that you like the front!

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