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Written for mature audiences, my novels are about men and women who find themselves in challenging circumstances.  They are tales about men who are dealing with their sexuality while facing the demands of life with the women they are involved with, whether she is a sister, a colleague, a wife or a best friend.  All my novels have strong female characters that in one way or another influence the men they care about.

In Five Married Men. it’s the wives who are affected by the genes their husband’s were born with.  In The Strange Haunting of Johnny Feelwater, it’s Johnny’s wife that has to cope with his suddenly changing destiny.  In The Partisans, a lovely French saboteur has to cope with the love she develops for her two gay partners, while trying to stay focused on a life-threatening assignment in WWII France.  In A Song in the Park, a sister and a female colleague play important roles in the lives of two gay men who have both left a haunting past behind.  Since women balance a man’s life whether he’s gay, straight or in between, I believe no story about men is complete without them.

Read the sample chapters in this section, then pick one out and give it a try.  It doesn’t matter if you’re gay or straight, male or female, as long as you are open to the mysteries of human nature.  If you enjoy thoughtfully written stories about human emotion, human sexuality and life’s amazing challenges, I think you’ll be tempted to tell your friends.

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4 thoughts on “Martin Brant Novels

  1. YES SIR. I agree whole heartedly. Honestly feel that for the most part we need to have an equal balance Masculine and Feminine and what ever path one chooses along the way in this life in accordance to our sexual preference and desires just be honest and true,and especially Love the one you are with because the bottom line and at the end of each day ? as long as you are happy that is what is important. Life is too short to not enjoy. Explore,Play and Love!!!

    • Beautifully put…. So simple – to be honest and true, know and accept who we are, and with every fibre of ones being love the one your with, completely and unreservedly. Life will bloom.

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