Let’s Get Naked


Spring is on its way. Time to start thinking about a little fun in the sun. People around the world will be enjoying the warm weather with the sensual freedom of not wearing clothes. If you aren’t one of them you’ll be missing out on one of life’s innocent pleasures.

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Dangle and Sway Oh My

Dangle170If you’re thinking men have an interesting anatomy, here are some images to emphasize the point. These guys are posing to give you one of the most intimate views of a man’s body, while proving men can be provocative sexy creatures. Scroll down and set your fantasies sailing.

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.Dangle176 .

.Dangle177 .

.Dangle178 .

.Dangle181 .

.Dangle184 .

.Dangle185 .

.Dangle186 .

.Dangle187 .

.Dangle188 .


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Mature Guys


Getting older is not a curse. It’s simple a matter of perspective. Many older men move into a period of discovery that they may not have recognized as younger men, or didn’t choose to make time for. I think that’s why there are so many older nudists. For example, older guys, looking for new adventures, decide to try a nude resort and discover something they have missed all their lives. If they are lucky, their wives or

partners might come along.


Just because you get older doesn’t mean you have to let your body go to pot. Many older guys watch what they eat, spend a few minutes on the weight machine or treadmill, or ride their bikes. Of course your body is going to age, but it can age like wine, not warm beer.

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.MatureMen88 .

.MatureMen89 .

.MatureMen90 .


MatureMen106 .

.MatureMen107 .





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Female Treats

labia52b The girl you are dating and beginning to really like decides to go to bed with you. The moment you pull down her panties your eyes widen. Her labia protrudes, perhaps not just a little but quite a lot. As this characteristic about her begins to sink in, you realize meeting her was better than winning the lottery.labia53

More about labia size and protruding labia here.


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.labia55a .

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.labia59a .

.labia60a .

.labia62a .

.labia63a .


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The Miracle of Estrogen

Agneta from WeAreHairy.com

Tammy (not her real name by request) is a Canadian that can keep you warm on cold winter nights. In fact she will most likely keep you hot. Head to toe, no part of her suggests anything but pure female.

Agneta from WeAreHairy.com

Here is all the argument you need for keeping things natural. These dark swirls of hair, some of them visible around the legs of Tammy’s panties, lend mystery and sex appeal that will give you wet dreams.

Agneta from WeAreHairy.com

Tammy appears to be waiting for someone to come in from behind. In this position she is not only irresistibly inviting, but totally accessible.

Agneta from WeAreHairy.com

Legs drawn up, female wonders exposed. Contours and shadows, colors of pink and brown, crevices and sensual exposed secrets all serve to compose the poetry of a woman.

Agneta from WeAreHairy.com

There are those who believe an ideal vulva is comprised of a soft mound of skin divided by a nondescript slit, behind which is a barely discernable fissure that hardly looks like an anus. Then there are those who want a woman to have a dynamic pussy and a compelling asshole, a symphony of textures, colors and visual intrigue. Imagine the delight a young man experiences the first time he pulls Tammy’s panties down. He sees a combination of female features complete with swirls of soft hair, protruding labia, a gaping vagina, all of which define temptation in its purest form. He feels compelling urges that erase everything else from his mind. He sees himself as the luckiest guy in the world.

Agneta from WeAreHairy.com

Tammy is holding her breasts together in this pose. Nothing phony or pretentious about them. Pure female. Full bellies, large feminine nipples, dropping slightly under their own weight. I can’t imagine how many heads she turns everyday.

Agneta from WeAreHairy.com

No matter what your position is on unshaven underarms on women, you have to admit Tammy’s underarms are sexy. Mainly because she displays her body with such unabashed confidence. She is obviously a proponent of Mother Nature’s grand designs.

Agneta from WeAreHairy.com

So what might Tammy do to tempt a man, to let him know what’s on her mind? She might lie back spread her legs and lift one of them to reveal what compels men with more power than anything else on earth.

Agneta from WeAreHairy.com

 Or she might roll over. reach back and spread her cheeks and give a view of what straight men dream about so many times every day. But then she might simply smile.

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Appealing Male Architecture


Everyone has their own idea of what an ideal male body looks like. For many Tim could be called a physically perfect man. He is an artist from the north of England (with some Scottish heritage) who has done some modelling. Tim trains for the strength rather than the look. He is heterosexual and married. He has worked with all manner of artists, colleges, private art groups, individual artists and the occasional gay artist who prefers the male form. He has done some hen party life modelling and found the ladies loved his round ass. His wife is okay about his modelling though it is very occasional these days. Like many Englishmen, Tim loves old things, churches, buildings, castles and sturdy trees creaking in as the gale blows over the landscape.


A quote from Tim

“A nude male is not necessarily gay or bisexual. I started modelling for art classes because I’ve done life drawings as an artist and drawn other nudes, both male and female, and let’s face it, a female model is not a lesbian because she models or performs as a striptease artist. Human sexuality is what it is and the nude form is simply natural and a delight to observe. I find that once one is comfortable with nudity, be it in one’s own dwelling or other place such as an art class or nudist venue then one has broken down a lot of barriers within oneself. I guess my outlook would be termed very liberal but that’s the way forward. Do away with prejudice and get rid of the labels that we fix to others and ourselves and then we can all move on.”


Tim has a thing about strength so he trains for the strength which is what has given him his beautiful body. He has been known to do over a thousand push ups in a day before he goes out to have a few beers. He also enjoys leg exercises because It’s good to have strong legs and he knows that those same exercises do wonders for the glutes. He has had his share of compliments concerning that part of his body.


Tim says: “There is nothing wrong with the nude human form in the correct environment and art is one of them. We are also sexual creatures and there is nothing wrong with admiring the nude human form without shame. Nudity should not be allowed just anywhere but it should not be as taboo as it is often made out to be. We should grow up.”


A rather intriguing shot from behind. Strength training has left no airspace between those shapely glutes. Call it tight if you will.


 Another intriguing shot from behind. This pose illustrates why male anatomy fascinates so many people, male and female, and not necessarily gay, though gay men have been onto male rears since the beginning of time. Male testicles dropping into view when a man squats down is one of the most fascinating and delightful things about a man’s body, and one of the reasons why I call Mother Nature such a magnificent artist.


 It’s been many years since Tim studied at art college. It was after that he thought about going to university to study humanities where he dared to pose nude for art classes. Since then he has also tried social nudity and found swimming nude very relaxing. He wouldn’t call himself a serial nudist but says it’s quite a relaxing state to be in from time to time.


 My thanks to Tim for sharing his thoughts and photographs. He has inspired me to spend more time in the gym.

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They Like to be Rid of Their Clothes


Nudist are normal everyday people. Some are religious, others are not. Some are conservative while others are liberal, Republicans and Democrats alike. Some are young, some are old, some are in between. Some are thin, some are over weight and out of shape. No one cares. Nor do they care that so many people see social nudity as an unconventional, even immoral lifestyle, though they do wish more would join in. They are simply guy versions and gal versions of people who like to be out of their clothes.


They gather in friend’s homes for dinner or play cards. They gather on beaches and at naturist resorts. They take nude cruises with hundreds, sometimes thousands of fellow nudists and go camping without their clothes. They hike nude and go dancing, and have back yards barbeques and skinny dips. They even do their housework nude. They have learned that anything they do is more fun to do naked.


One thing nudist know is how easy it is to make friends and be accepted, no matter what shape they are in, how rich or poor, or how young or old. They have learned to love their bodies, and enjoy seeing and being seen nude. They’ve discovered a sense of freedom you just can’t experience in your clothes.


The lucky nudist are the ones that discover these joys when they’re young, or grow up in a nudist household. These are the boys and girls that never felt shame or guilt about their bodies. They’ve never been shocked or immorally intrigued by a nude human body. They don’t quite understand what all the fuss is about.


It’s a sense of companionship one automatically feels with their fellow nudist, a natural bond. Without speaking the words, a nudist knows he or she has connection with others who aren’t wearing clothes. The mysteries and intrigues that often get in the way with new acquaintances do not exist. New friendships come easy and fast.


If the question is why participate in social nudity? Why be naked with friends, new acquaintances and strangers? The answer is why not. Why not if, once you decide to try it, the experience is so thoroughly enjoyable? Why not if it spices up your life? Why not if it adds new colors to your rainbow? All you have to do is get past all the religious and political dogma, get past the butterflies in your stomach, get past the negative vibes you impose on yourself when you look in the mirror. One of the sweetest feelings of liberation is waiting for you on the other side of the door.


So as you look at these photos judge for yourself whether or not it looks like these people are having fun, whether or not they look immoral or abnormal. Judge for yourself if these people look any different from your neighbors, coworkers or people you see everyday everywhere you go. Then picture yourself enjoying life as much as they are.

















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