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art_151_The Embarkation of Saint Ursula (1641) by Claude Lorrain

The Embarkation of Saint Ursula (1641) by Claude Lorrain

art_152_Lucien Freud

Lucien Freud

art_153_Little Secrets by David Talley

Little Secrets by David Talley

art_154_Théodore Géricault, A Shipwreck, 1813

Théodore Géricault, A Shipwreck, 1813

art_155_By Andreas Andersen_1894

By Andreas Andersen_1894

art_156_By Michael Reedy

By Michael Reedy

art_157_By Giulio Durini

By Giulio Durini

art_158_By Adam Miller

By Adam Miller

art_159_By Barnaby Whitfield

By Barnaby Whitfield

art_160_By Daniel Barkley

By Daniel Barkley

art_161_By Levi van Veluw

By Levi van Veluw

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They’ve Gotten Naked

nudists3824 Nudists have myriad ways of expressing their love for the nudist lifestyle, some of them a bit corny, but all of them heartfelt. What puzzles nudists is why so many people have closed their minds to trying it, why so many find it indecent or immoral, why so many believe naturism is a sex-fest, or why so many think they aren’t in good enough shape to take their clothes off in public. It’s funny; do out-of-shape people actually believe the rest of us can’t see their body shapes just because they are wearing clothes?nudists3825 It’s interesting that, after just a few minutes, you don’t really feel naked anymore. One reason is because no one else has their clothes on. You find yourself getting involved in conversations or activities without even thinking about your or the other people’s nudity, except for the subtle sense of freedom and enlightenment nudists have. Just a glance-over gives you a mental picture of the person you are talking to, then it’s all eye-contact with a focus on the person, not his or her nakedness..

nudists3826 The guy below is lucky his girlfriend (or wife) is getting naked with him. Or vice versa. Spouses and fiances often refuse to try naturism, which is sad because there is something important missing in a nudists life when his or her partner will not join them. nudists3827 I’ve come across many male nudists, usually husbands (and sometimes wives) whose spouse refuses to participate with them. They often tolerate their husband’s nudity and nudist activities, and sometimes go with them, but they refuse to get into the spirit of the nudist world. For any of a number of reasons, they keep their clothes on. They don’t realize how dearly their husband’s would love for them to participate. They don’t realize how much closer their marriage would become, or how refreshing it would be to get rid of whatever negative mental baggage they are lugging around if they would just give it a try and see how much harmless fun it is.nudists3828 If you are reluctant to try nudist activities because you don’t look like the guy in the picture above, rest assured the vast majority of nudists don’t look like him either. At a nudist resort you’ll see every size, shape and flaw imaginable, but they are all bodies that belong to people just having fun. nudists3829In every way a nudist lifestyle and nudists communities mirror everyday mainstream clothed life. In fact they are the same people you see everyday in mainstream life, they’re simply wearing clothes to keep our sensitive society from being alarmed or psychologically damaged for life. Yes, you’ll see eccentrics and kooks just like you do in mainstream life. You’ll also see married couples, singles, young and old, and gays. You’l see people doing things everyone does in everyday life … they’re just doing it naked, and enjoying doing it even more. Even monotonous, less desirable tasks are somehow more fun when you’re doing them naked.
nudists3830 Hiking naked is a pure joy. You feel much closer to the environment you are trekking through. That sense of liberation is heightened as the fresh air and sunshine caresses the parts of your body that are usually covered with clothes. You’re at one with nature and more aware of being alive, especially because you have to be alert to meeting up with other hikers that may have a distorted view of the human body.nudists3831 Nude beaches are probably the most common place most people get their first publicly naked experience. Haulover Beach in southern Florida gets tens of thousands of visitors each year. McGregor Park (Hippie Hollow) on beautiful Lake Travis near Austin is a vastly popular nudist park, the only officially sanctioned nude venue in Texas. There are many others, equally popular because so many have discovered the joy of getting naked under the sun. nudists3832 Family nudity is one of the most refreshing and wholesome aspects of the nudist community. It builds healthy perspectives for all concerned. The children grow up never believing there is something immoral or indecent about the human body. They have healthier, more positive attitudes toward the opposite sex without the distorted curiosities most children and teens have. Can you imagine a family gathering at the dinner table nude, thinking nothing of it, enjoying their meal and family conversation; or gathering in the den to watch TV, each family member feeling closer because they all have more in common than most families do; or vacationing at a nudist resort where the children meet and play with other nude children, never burdened with inhibitions or shame.nudists3833 Social nudity is casual, relaxed activity. People gather and simply enjoy each other’s company. They feel a connection. They accept and are accepted by others who are all part of the whole. Many wonder why far more people aren’t joining them, thinking that all the misguided attitudes about nudity are a shame. They feel fortunate to be past that, glad social nudity has enhanced and become part of their lives.nudists3835 There is nothing like enjoying nudity with a loved one. It adds a new dimension to your relationship. It makes you feel closer. It spices up the routines of daily life and makes everything you do together more fun, whether it’s having breakfast together, watching a movie, washing the dinner dishes or hanging out on the deck like the couple above.nudists3836 I smiled when I saw the picture above because I thought of Jesus. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if He spent some time nude. In fact I can picture Jesus and Mary Magdalene skinny dipping together, or Jesus and the Disciples journeying through the desert, stripping down when they come to a river and jumping in. I refuse to believe Jesus would have ever thought of the body as shameful or lewd. nudists3837 Here is a young man that has found a really secluded place to get naked. Nudist have a knack for doing that. It’s unlikely he’ll run into any Puritans on this cliff.nudists3838 Getting naked is about doing fun things. The couple above found some mud to play in. I wonder what it feels like to be completely covered in mud and feel it dry on your skin. I’ll put that on my bucket list.nudists3839 Nudist venues offer great people-watching opportunities. Almost everyone does it, probably a bit more discreetly at nudist resorts and gatherings. The human body is a fascinating miracle created by Mother Nature with its myriad sizes, shapes and colors. Considering the fact you’ll see body parts you don’t see in everyday life, people-watching is even more interesting in the world of nudists, coupled with the fact that the other nudists are also checking you out.nudists3840

It’s somewhat surprising to me how many people shave their pubic hair, especially seniors. They’re completely smooth. Many think the smooth look looks better, but that’s a subjective point-of-view. And I’ve heard it said that some nudists shave because they like feeling completely nude. Other people simply trim things up. It’s a matter of personal preference. Then again, considering how wild and wooly look Mother Nature gave some of us, there is something to be said for man or woman-scaping.

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Swimwear For Sexy Men

You may be wondering why an enthusiastic nudist would post a pictorial on men wearing Speedos. Well, even nudists acknowledge the necessity of swimwear at certain times, say on the vast majority of public beaches, to avoid being arrested for, believe it or not, public indecency (Our society, sadly, has taken the position that the human body is indecent). So if you have to wear swimwear, wear a Speedo. They’re downright sexy in a sexual way, whereas nude bodies are also sexy , but in a far less sexual way. Nude swimmers don’t set our imaginations on a rampage they way sexy swimwear does. If you don’t believe this it’s probably because you’ve never visited a nude beach.

















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Why Not Give It a Try?

nudists31c Perhaps you are one of the many that has a negative opinion about nudists and social nudity. Or perhaps your negative self-image keeps you from even considering giving it try. Maybe you think nudists are kooks, or you believe nudity is inevitably associated with sex and sexxual activity. Maybe you believe nudity is somehow against God’s laws, that God believes His own creation (the human body) is immoral and should be continuously covered in shame.nudists336 If any of these “reasons” apply, your perspective is based on misconceptions. You will never experience a joy that you can’t possibly imagine without giving it a try.nudists372 Take a good look at these photographs. Do you see any kooks or sexual innuendo? Do you see anything remotely shameful or immoral? All you see is people young and old enjoying their bodies, the sunshine and the fresh air on their skin.nudists373The following video is a documentary about Russian nudists. You see a sensual serenity, the simple pleasures of life that seems so rare in the world these days. The Russian nudists seem to have a subtle sophistication all of us can appreciate. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I do.

Fact is anyone interested in knowing the truth about naturism and social nudity just has to take a good look at these nudist photos. Everything you need to know about it is written on their faces and is evident in the activities they are involved in. Almost anything you do for fun is more fun if you do it naked.nudists374The vast majority of nudists are vehemently opposed to public sexual activity or innuendo. They do not want the nudist culture contaminated by pornographic displays. By being part of the culture, no one is ashamed of what they are doing. They are simply having fun, enjoying their bodies, and enjoying each other. They are naked because being so adds a new, exhilarating dimension to whatever they are doing. Being naked also sets up instant friendships and camaraderie.nudists375 It’s always a joy to see young people participating in social nudity. New relationships are fresh and wholesome, and free of sexual tension.  Boys aren’t obsessed by what she looks like naked, because he knows. He moves on to getting to know her. Girls, since they have accepted their bodies, are freer to relax and enjoy getting to know him.nudists376 Friendships grow and abound in nudist venues. You automatically have many things in common with those around you. Like everyone else your body isn’t perfect, it simply has its own physical characteristics. You’re not concerned about what you are wearing, or if your clothes are wrinkled, stained or harboring body odors. You’re part of a community of wholesome, liberated minds, free of misguided notions and judgmental thinking. You automatically fit in because, like everyone else, you are naked.nudists377 .

.nudists378 .

.nudists379 .

.nudists380 .

.nudists381 .

.nudists382 .


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The Body’s Mysterious Secret

anus_157Anuses are part of the body not even nudists often see. They might catch a glimpse of an anus, depending on the anatomical design of a particular individual, when they bend over or lie on their bellies with their legs spread, but our glutes usually keep them hidden even then. Situated between two fleshy butt cheeks, our anus rarely experiences fresh air and sunshine without the assistance of prying fingers, or by positioning our bodies in certain ways.anus_1184 Maybe because anuses are so well hidden is why we are intrigued by them. Maybe we find the human buttocks so provocative and appealing not only because of its delightful shape, but also because we know something taboo or “naughty” is hidden there.anus_1185 Male and female anuses look essentially the same. The distinguishing factors are the distinct male or female shape of the buttocks, and the more abundant hair in most men’s cracks. A woman’s anus is remarkably close to her vulva, whereas an man’s anus and testicles are separated by his perineum.anus_1186 Our anuses maintain a distinct smell, determined by sweat and natural odors that escape from the rectum. Even after a shower these components serve to keep an anus smelling like an anus, which many, including me, believe provide a sexual component. Coupled with pheromones in the sweat, the distinct odor causes your body to have a physical reaction. You will likely be sexually aroused.anus_1187 In time the natural odor produced by your anus will become offensive, especially if you don’t thoroughly clean up after a bowel movement. Most people rely exclusively on toilet tissue, which is better than nothing, but hardly adequate to clean yourself.anus_1188A good practise is to keep a supply of moist towelettes (available at supermarkets, drug stores and places like Walmart) near the toilet. Use them after using the tissue until the towelette remains clean after you wipe. In a public restroom, moisten a paper towel to take into the stall to use when your business is done. You can stay fresh all day with this simple effort.
anus_1189 Better still, install a bidet on your toilet.


I purchased one for both of my toilets at Amazon. Under forty dollars, easy to install, easy to use, and they keep you shower-fresh all day. The up-side is you will never smell offensive.anus_1190 Visually the human anus wasn’t designed to inspire us with eye-pleasing beauty. In fact I would bet most people think they look gross, probably because of the anus’s basic function. Though many will refuse to recognize the sexual component of the anus, it’s a part of our body that definitely plays a sexual role. And they aren’t gross. They are one of the most intriguing features of our body. They provide visual stimulation. They are replete with sensitive nerve endings that, with a bit of thoughtful attention, will enhance arousal during foreplay and lovemaking. They add an exciting element to oral sex and intercourse for both men and women. What is more intimate than caressing your lover’s anus with your finger or tongue?anus_1191 One of the intriguing aspects of the human anus is the variations from one person to the next. Like navels, a person can have an “innie” or an “outtie”. The characteristics aren’t feminine or masculine, they simply vary. In both men and women, some anal areas are hairy while others are hairless. Some are nondescript fissures while other are far more dramatic, featuring bold colors, creases, ridges or shadowy openings. Some pucker and pinch together, while others simply sink into a person’s body in the form of a slit.anus_1193 Why is an anus so intriguing? Just look at the guy pictured above, a valley of dramatic pink situated between two pale white cheeks. The contrast is remarkable. the pink matches the color of his scrotum, another eye-catching contrast. The tiny downward creases trailing into a small shadowy hole. If that’s not anatomical mystery, what is? If that’s not an intimate visual, what is? The only question is does his partner have the imagination to enjoy it, to explore it, to make it part of their intimacy?anus_1194As the picture above illustrates, part of the anus’s intrigue is its proximity to a person’s sex organs. It’s down there close, adding to menu of sexual activity, adding its characteristic smell to the mix. Just as in the animal world, what the smells that go through our noses are powerful aphrodisiacs.

anus_177And there is the naughty factor. Assholes, looking at them, touching them, sniffing them is generally considered naughty, and most of us have a naughty streak that surfaces from time to time. But then sometimes it’s fun and harmless to be naughty.anus_150So enjoy the pictures. Perhaps create a fantasy or two about what you would like to do with your lover. Maybe get a mirror out and have a good look at your own, even do a little experimenting. After all, there is a great variety of adult toys designed for anal pleasure, either alone or with your partner.anus_1196 .

.anus_1197 .



.anus_1200 .


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Male Perspective

small280 As you probably know, men with small penises are celebrated on this website. Why? For one thing, there are so many of them. Half the men on the planet are under 5.9″ erect, many considerably under. Preferences are another reason. Though a small majority (see the poll below) prefer larger penises, nearly half say size doesn’t matter or they prefer a smaller size. And for a good many bisexual and gay men, guys with smaller penises are the stuff dreams are made of. If you doubt that, look at some of the comments made on one of the most popular posts on this site.

 Beautiful Man, Small Penis …


small282 .

.small284 .

.small285 .

.small286 .

.small287 .

.small288 .

.small289 .

.small290 .

.small291 .

.small292 .

.small293 .

.small294 .


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“Prostate Cancer” … not always the end of the line!

I’ll call him Tom. He lived through the ordeal of dealing with prostate cancer. He wants to tell his story in hopes of helping others that may be at risk, or who may be going through it themselves.


Prostate Cancer

To: Martin Brant

I am married with grown up children and am writing this in the hope that in some way it may help someone else in a situation facing the prospect of dealing with Prostate Cancer who is a visitor to your web site. Or possibly it prompts someone to go to see their doctor if they are all concerned about prostate cancer.

In the autumn of 2007 I agreed to be part of the ProTect study being undertaken by Bristol and Cambridge Universities into prostate cancer (PCa). Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels do not necessarily indicate that an individual has PCa as they do fluctuate quite a lot and are only a possible indication that something is wrong. Obviously if the level is extremely high then it is much more likely the disease is present. However a slightly high level may be offset by a subsequent one that is quite normal. Initially it only meant having a blood test to ascertain PSA. The norm for men of my age at the time was 4 but the study was including those with a PSA higher than 3. There are symptoms that give an indication that you may be suffering from PCa which include having to get up several times in the night to go to the loo. I had no such problem and thought there was no reason why I should have the disease. My father who lived to 100 had PCa but it was not the cause of his death. When I received the letter with my PCa, which turned out to be just over 3, it included a request that I attend hospital for a biopsy. Rather than just accept the situation I decided to go to see my own doctor for his advice. He suggested I had another PSA test as the levels do fluctuate. The result came back over 4 so his advice was to have the biopsy and hopefully put my mind at rest.

I duly went and had the biopsy which they said might be a little painful and cause you to pass blood in urine and possibly in your stools for a short while. It meant having an ultrasound of the prostate via the back passage first to identify exactly where the prostate sat and then two sets of five biopsies from each side of the prostate. In my case I did not have any pain at all and very little bleeding subsequently, although I do know that others did not have quite such an easy time. It was then a question of having to wait for the result.

I subsequently received a letter with an appointment for me to get the results of the biopsy. With hindsight it could have meant only one thing, I had the disease; otherwise I’m sure I would have had a letter saying that everything was ok. I persuaded my wife it was not necessary for her to come with me for the results as I was not really concerned at that time about the outcome. When I spoke to the doctor he first asked if I would agree to our conversation being recorded, I had no objections especially if it would help the research. He then went on to say that I had 20% cancer in two of the cores of biopsies. It was at an early stage and I had three options and also as part of the study they were asking if I would agree to ‘randomisation’ which meant that a computer would pick one of the options for me, but once agreed I would have to stick to it.

What was my first reaction? I suppose at the back of my mind it was what I really expected, I don’t know why, call it a sixth sense perhaps so I didn’t fall to pieces, something that surprises me when I look back as I can be quite an emotional person.

The three options were explained and were

1) Watchful Waiting, with regular PSA tests so that any significant increase could be identified and the possibility of taking one of the other two options considered

2) Have Radiotherapy or Brachytherapy, and

3) Have surgery to remove my prostate.

My initial thought was to ‘get rid’, but first to get a better idea of what the consequences of the options were I decided to talk to a radiographer and surgeon at the hospital.

The first option ‘Watchful Waiting’ meant doing nothing other than having regular PSA tests. This would still leave a chance that the cancer could break through the wall of the prostate and once outside could spread to the lymph glands and then travel around the body.

With radiotherapy the radiographer seemed to think it would be very straight forward but it would mean a daily (weekday) visit to the hospital for six weeks which, from my research, most people found quite tiring from the travelling as well as the therapy. In my case Brachytherapy (implanting radioactive ‘pills’ directly into the prostate to kill the cancer) was a no go as you need a good urine flow as the inflammation around the urethra tends to squeeze it up for a while and in my case would probably stop the flow altogether. The downside being possible incontinence and loss of erections.

Lastly the potential for an operation to remove the prostate. The potential side effects of the op were incontinence and the inability to get an erection without medical help e.g. Viagra etc. The surgeon I saw at the hospital said I had a 1 in 20 chance of being incontinent. It was at the time when the ‘Da Vinci’ machine was being first used by hospitals and the surgeon I spoke to was relatively new to using the machine. I did much investigation via the internet and discovered that to be successful with little or no side effects the op had to be done by a very experienced surgeon.  I found the prostate cancer web site ( extremely helpful as you were able to ‘talk’ to others who had been through the same, and often more difficult situations.

So I found an experienced surgeon who I felt very happy with who used the laparoscopic method and got him to do the op.  After the op I had to have a catheter which was removed after a week. During that time my erections started to return. So if anyone is in the same position and has decided to take the op route my suggestion is find a surgeon who does the op on a regular basis (not once or twice a year). If you can find an experienced surgeon (someone with several hundred op’s under his belt) talk to him and go from there.

I had intended writing this sooner but somehow life always seems to have got in the way, but I have at last managed to find time to finish off what I started several years ago. It’s now nearly several years since my op and my PSA continues at 0.01<, long may it continue.

I consider myself to have been very lucky, ok I had prostate cancer but it was picked up very early through a research project that I agreed to join voluntarily; and after having done my research into the various options I was in a position to be able to decide who did the op.

So, if you have any of these symptoms –

·         Needing to pee more often

·         Difficulty peeing or a weak flow

·         Straining or taking a long time to finish urinating

·         Feeling that your bladder has not emptied properly

·         Needing to rush to the toilet.

…please go and see your doctor, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you have got this far, thank you for reading the article and if the information helps even one person seek out help sooner rather than later it will have served its purpose.

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They Left Their Clothes Behind

nudists3244 As you browse these photos of these nudists, see if you notice any kooks or sexual promiscuous activity. See if you notice anyone that doesn’t look like an everyday average person. You won’t, because that’s exactly what they are: secretaries, sales clerks and bankers, lawyers, electricians and students, neighbors, relatives and co-workers. They just happen to be average people that have discovered the harmless joy of getting out of their clothes.

nudists3245 .

.nudists3246 .

.nudists3247 .

.nudists3248 .

.nudists3249 .

.nudists3250 .

.nudists3251 .



.nudists337 .

.nudists357 .

.nudists358 .

.nudists359 .

.nudists360 .

.nudists361 .

.nudists362 .

.nudists363 .

.nudists364 .

.nudists366 .

.nudists367 .

.nudists368 .

.nudists369 .

.nudists370 .


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Softer Temptations


Of course Enlightened Male’s straight visitors will appreciate this post. So will our bisexual fans. And there are more than a few gay men that appreciate (maybe in a different way) female beauty, or even be aroused by it.

female277_By Jerry Van Krasten

By Jerry Van Krasten









female278_By Laurent Dufour

By Laurent Dufour


female279_By Aleksey Yepanchintcev, Siberia

By Aleksey Yepanchintcev, Siberia


female280_By Aaron Feaver

By Aaron Feaver


female281_By MARUETEA



female272 .

.female273 .

.female274 .

.female275 .




.female276 .


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