A Work of Art

Jean Delville was born in Louvain in 1867 and died in 1953. Delville considered art to play a key role in uplifting people from their blindness. He saw true artists as initiates who would present images which would teach and transform human nature. It is believed that Delville saw artists as priests and prophets.
The School of Plato, 1898

A beautiful work of art, no one could deny that. But is it also a statement?

Most of us have certain religious or spiritual beliefs. What many do not consider is that some of those beliefs are rooted in perspectives that were conceived in the minds of autocrats many centuries ago. We don’t think about what has been left out of the Bible, or what may have been altered to fit the dogma of those autocrats. That dogma included the notion that the human body, and intimate male interaction, was shameful.

Perhaps it’s time to contemplate a new perspective. Did Jesus see things differently from what we’ve been led to believe? I, for one, like to think so. The human body, in this case the male, is nothing short of miraculous creation. Is it possible Jesus saw it the same way, that He believed the body should be enjoyed and celebrated?

Here are closer views of the detail in Delville’s painting:













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Two Wives and Two Husbands

Married shortly after college, the two couples had been best friends for ten years. They had given birth to their children and had established their careers. The wives shopped together and took theirs kids to soccer games. The husbands worked out together three times a week at the gym. All four of them vacationed together every summer. All these years later, their marriages could be described with a yawn.

Can the monotony of her daily routines bring a wife to wits end? Can a husband’s desperation for adventure take him over the edge? As they walked into the rented beach house on the Florida coast to begin their summer vacation, it was Brad that had come to a breaking point. Overwhelmed by a sudden impulse, he decided the four of them needed a little excitement, to do something daring and different, to risk his marriage by doing something so shocking that his wife and two best friends would be forced to deal with their secrets.

*     *     *

This story is available at Amazon for $1.49


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A Man From Peru

EdgarThere are men from all around the world that seem to think with one mind, men that are at home in their own bodies, men that acknowledge an appreciation of the male form and are receptive to the diversity of male sexuality. They are men that recognize the essential elements of life. Edgar is one of them. He is a 53 year old naturist from Peru.

I asked Edgar what motivates him to take nude pictures of himself.

I have been a naturist since early youth.  I go by the motto “Experience the grace of living beyond indoctrination and prejudice, acting upon your own good natured conscience ”, “Say YES to yourself and the wholesome beautiful body God gave you” Naturists have a sensory appreciation for the world around them. Peru obviously offers up an amazing world of wonder. Naturists have discovered that such a world is best enjoyed unencumbered by clothes. They know the refreshing feel of warm air and sunshine on their skin. In a social setting, they can enjoy the visual gifts of Mother Nature and also each other.

For Edgar it includes an appreciation for the male form, actually the human form in general.

“I believe the human form is neither immoral nor inappropriate and endorse the culture of positive body acceptance.  All parts of the body are just natural and should not be treated as anything that should be hidden.”

Though Edgar is essentially straight, he also feels an attraction to men. He has had one or two intimate encounters with other men during his lifetime. With a man or a woman, he wouldn’t want to be involved just for sex, preferring both an emotional and physical connection. His fantasies include group sex, having two sex partners and being given oral sex by a passionate transgender female. He currently has two girlfriends/lovers.

Naturally Edgar enjoys nude beaches. He is also a member of a nudist resort. Nudism is not meant to be a sexual endeavor, but it is a sensual one. As such, Edgar likes to look at nude men and women, and be looked at by them, which are sentiments most nudist have. And why not? Interacting with others is one of life’s great enjoyments; why not expand the parameters by doing so naked?

In Edgar’s book penis size doesn’t matter. He says a guy’s size usually fits the bearer. As for his Continue reading

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The Girl in Greenwich Village

I’m currently working on a collection of erotic short stories, one called The Girl in Greenwich Village, which I have posted the first draft here. It’s about a man that falls desperately in love from afar with the girl next door, a girl who is self-conscious about her protruding labia that he has become obsessed with and watches every night through her window. The story is for anyone who enjoys erotic stories, but it’s especially for young women that feel abnormal because of their labia size.

protruding labiaThe Girl in Greenwich Village

 Her apartment is directly across the alley from mine, fourth floor. Hers is a tiny one room flat: a bathroom, a fold-down bed, a corner kitchette with a small stove near the window I’m looking through. Mine, somewhat bigger, has three rooms. I’m in my living room, sitting where I sit every night, falling in love all over again.

Her blinds are never closed. It must not occur to her that someone may be staring in her window, like she is living in her own private world free to enjoy being home alone without wearing clothes. I have watched her every night from the first night I moved in, captivated, enchanted, building a world in my mind where she and I fall in love. I have thought of little else since. When it’s dark outside, with my lights off, I can see everything she does in her room. The first night I saw her, she was walking out of her bathroom, still wet from taking a shower.

protruding labiaForgetting the boxes I still had to unpack, I pulled a chair close to the window and stared as she patted her body dry with a towel. Time ceased to exist. Everything else in my mind evaporated. It must have been that very night that I fell in love with her, became obsessed, began creating fanciful scenarios of the two of us together, both of us naked, perhaps talking about our day, or maybe watching a movie, just the two of us being comfortable together without the inhibitions of the everyday world.

She is of Asian descent. Her olive color body has possessed me from the first moment I saw her, the color of her skin, her stature and mannerisms, her long willowy legs, her soft feminine curves. Just by looking at her I know she and I are one, like counterparts though we’ve never met, walking the same path with the same hopes and dreams, as if destiny has already written our future.

protruding labiaSlightly above average height, her olive color skin perfectly matches her short dark brown hair. Her delicate shoulders compliment her narrow waist, flat belly and long willowy legs. Her protruding pelvic bones give her a sculptured look. The dramatic flare of her hips draws attention to her fleshy round buttocks. As I watch her each night, I feel her soft smooth skin on the palms of my hands, supple, warm and receptive. We take walks together in Central park. We take cross-country drives. We walk hand-in-hand along desert beaches.

Her female features are unlike any I have ever seem, irresistible female embellishments, uncommon, unique, tantalizing beyond any I have ever imagined. Her large brown nipples are upturned and appear to be perpetually swollen, like dark amplified peaks that crown the summits of her small breasts. I see myself sucking them, pinching and pulling them, watching her squirm and listening to her squeals.

protruding labiaBetween her legs she has the most uncommon, yet captivating female characteristics I’ve ever seen. Rather than the puffy, nondescript slit one expects to see hidden in a triangle of hair, her pussy is a prominent mound, smooth shaven, enhanced by protruding inner labia that hang between her legs like a succulent pair of dark fleshy butterfly wings. I long to taste them and make them swell. I long to part them with my fingers and reveal the female mysteries that promise to take me to the center of the Universe. I long to feel their wrinkly texture with my tongue as I suck them and pull them with my teeth, and make her writhe with ecstasy. I long to feel them sliding along the shaft of my penis as I penetrate her.

protruding labiaI have lost myself in her. My days are spent contemplating my return to the chair in front of my window, where I watch her until she turns out her light. She is the magic in my erections, the object of my climaxes and my dreams, the source of my destiny. I imagine the smell her skin after a day’s work, the girlish sweat of her underarms, the tart odors between the fleshy rounds of her buttocks, the musk of womanhood between her legs, damp and fragrant.

I’m married to her. I’m with her every night. I think about her at work, on the train home, lying in bed at night, when I masturbate during my morning shower. She’s in my thoughts, my dreams, my every waking moment. I have followed her to work, watched her look at dresses at Macy’s, watched her eat a sandwich at the deli down the street. I’ve watched her prepare her dinner, make her bed, read a book in the square across the street. I’ve watched her rub her pussy when she takes off her panties, like a man does to adjust his genitals when he takes off his underwear, but she is doing it so that her beautiful labia hang freely.

protruding labiaForemost in my daydreams is the day we meet.  When? How? How will I go about introducing myself? What will I say? Will she know I’m in love with her the moment our eyes connect? Has she ever noticed me watching her from my window? Will she be glad we have finally met? Will recognize her destiny with me as I have found my destiny with her. Or will she think I’m strange, the man she has seen in the shadows, a hopelessly sad voyeur?

It’s Saturday morning. I awaken to the city noises on the street, detect the faint smell of semen that I have left on the sheets. The girl was in my thoughts as I fell asleep, as I masturbated, breathing the scent of her exposed secrets, secrets only she and I share. I twist my legs off the bed and head for the window, my erection bobbing before me.

protruding labiaStanding in the shadows of my living room, I see her having breakfast at the table, same chair where she always sits, a bowl of cereal it seems. I watch how she brings the spoon to her mouth, leaning forward a bit to skim the pages of an open magazine just beyond the bowl. How beautiful she is in the morning light, her naked body like caramel cream in the soft light, her legs slightly parted under the table, her small breasts with their glorious nipples dropping slightly as she leans forward to turn another page. Continue reading

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A Study of a Beautiful Man

There are many different perceptions of what a beautiful man is. Just now you may be thinking your definition of a beautiful man looks like the man pictured above. His name is JD. He is 36. At home in Tennessee, he keeps his body smooth and he spends time in the gym. You may be imagining yourself with him in some secluded place, both of you naked, looking at  and exploring each other with abandon. Those are the kinds of thoughts inspired by a beautiful man.

JD is in a relationship with a lady, though it might have been a guy if the right one had come his way. There has been only one occasion in his life where he experienced intimacy with another man. The guy was a stranger. They were in a car with their pants down, both masturbating, a scenario JD found quite exciting. His climax came quickly.

There was a time JD was self-conscious about the size of his penis, a time that has long since passed. Though he is now content with what Mother Nature has given him, he also believes size matters, somewhat that is. For example, he says there is such a thing as too big. Then again there is so much more to sex than penis size. He says: “I’m more attracted to a nice shaped penis, but I do admit a fascination with a big penis. A large flaccid penis hanging between a mans legs is a major turn on , but its all good.”

It doesn’t bother JD if a woman says she prefers a large penis, he’s not threatened by it at all. In fact he has asked some of his past girlfriends to tease him about being small, finding it even more of a turn-on if she happens to prefer big penises. Nevertheless, JD is proud of what he has. When he gets a chance to visit a nude beach, he intends to show it off. I asked JD what motivates him to take nude pictures and if he shares them with anyone:

“I think growing up I never was really comfortable with my body. Taking nude pictures lets me judge myself and see the results of my hard work, and it makes me feel sexy. I share them with a few close friends and select web sites.”

Like most of us, JD is tempted to look at other men in the locker room. For him, smooth, in shape guys are a plus. On the street he will sometimes check out a guys crotch to see if there is a bulge and wonder what his penis looks like, cut uncut, size, shape, etc. He also wonders if they are bigger than him. (Is there a man alive that doesn’t do this?)

JD has a fantasy about anal sex. He would like to be penetrated by another man. His only experience to date is experimenting a little when he masturbates. He used his first vibrator Continue reading

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Large Labia … Does It Matter?

Many women suffer from a poor self-image when it comes to their bodies. Though breast size seems to be less of an issue these days, there is a little discussed, more intimate issue many woman have with something that’s found between their legs. Protruding or large labia make some women so body conscious they are reluctant to have sex or let their boyfriends see them naked, especially younger women that are dating.

This article is meant to put that notion to rest. Mother Nature schemed up a grand design which was to make us all different, and therefore special to the one we eventually meet and fall in love with. Rest assured the majority of men are immensely turned-on by protruding labia. Don’t believe that? Just check out the pol at the end of this article.

For previous a post on large labia, click here.

Women with protruding labia.Small breasts and protruding labia, some people might think this girl is doomed to a lifetime of emotional trauma. Not by a long shot. Any young man walking the face of the Earth would give his eye teeth to be stranded on a deserted island with her.



Statistical facts on female body image:

~~Only one in 10 women think that there is no shame in having discussions about the female genitals

Women with protruding labia.

~~Up to 89% of women do not think their genitals are attractive, sexy or beautiful

~~Almost half of women (47%) believe the vagina is the body part they know least about

Women with protruding labia.~~More than half (57%) of women think their genitalia is an improper size

~~Only half of women have ever performed a self-exam of their genitals, and one-quarter (24%) has not looked at her vulva in a year or longer

~~Women perceive their genitals very differently than their spouse/partner perceives their genitals

~~Since 2005, Google has reported a “Breakout” increase (more than 5000%) for numerous search terms and phrases related to female genital cosmetic surgery, including “labia surgery”, “labiaplasty”, vaginal rejuvenation”, “vagina surgery cost”, and many more. Note that each search independently increased by more than 5000%.

Women with protruding labia.~~Since 2005, Google has reported a “Breakout” increase for numerous searches related to the notion of a “normal” vulva, including “normal labia minora”, “normal labia pictures”, “normal labia size”, “normal vulva”, and many more. Note that each search independently rose by more than 5000%.

~~In 2008 the medical group Surgicare (UK) saw a threefold increase in labiaplasty over the previous year, and inquiries rose seven fold in three years. Most women asking for the surgery were in their late teens or early 20s, though as young as 10 or 11. In almost all cases, requests came from women with completely healthy vulvas, but seeking more attractive genitals.

~~Women’s genital perceptions are significantly related to their gynecological care perceptions and intentions. (In other words, if a woman has negative perceptions about her Continue reading

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A Case Against Circumcision

Authors: Ryan McAllister, Research Assistant Professor of Physics and Oncology at Georgetown University & John W. Travis, Adjunct Professor of Well-being at RMIT University

The foreskin is the most sensitive part of the penis.

For centuries, children have been subjected to cultural and medicalised practices that were ultimately proven harmful and a violation of basic bodily integrity. Such practices have included foot binding, forehead flattening, scarification and genital cutting.

In English-speaking countries, the practice of cutting the genitals of male children was gradually medicalised over a period of 150 years with the benign-sounding label “circumcision.”

Today, there is increasing awareness that infant male circumcision – once deemed a “parental choice” – is really an unnecessary, irreversible and harmful bodily modification.

With the recently discovered functions of the foreskin and a growth in awareness, we’re fortunately beginning to see the rights and experience of the child become the paramount consideration in discussions about circumcision.

The foreskin

The human foreskin is a contiguous part of the skin system of the clitoris or penis.

In infant males, the foreskin is attached to the head of the penis (glans). The outer foreskin protects the more sensitive inner foreskin and the glans from abrasion and injury.

The moveable skin facilitates sexual pleasure. In fact, the foreskin is typically the most sensitive area of the penis.

When circumcised males lose sensitivity and skin mobility, it’s likely to significantly alter their sexual experience.

One recent Danish cross-sectional study concluded that male circumcision was associated with sexual difficulties for men and their female partners.

Bioethics of a non-treatment surgery on minors

Surgery without consent is ethical only in cases for:

1) incapacitated patients, in order to save their life

2) minors, with proxy consent from a parent or guardian, but only for surgery that addresses an underlying condition.

Excision of an infant’s foreskin for dubious medical or cultural purposes is an anomaly. Because it removes healthy, typically-developed tissue, the procedure fails to meet either of the above conditions.

Circumcision of minors also stands in contradiction to other medical ethics principles, including:

Avoiding causing needless harm

Promoting the patient’s medical well-being

Providing information on a procedure that a reasonable person would deem significant.


Circumcision can cause skin bridges, haemorrhaging, infection, as well as major penile damage.

*     *     *

Circumcision (check up to two)

View Results

*     *     *

Dozens of case studies describe severe complications, including penile amputations and death; several infant deaths have been reported in the past few years. Continue reading

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Am I Immoral?

I enjoy my body and being naked. I enjoy looking at other naked bodies, both men and women. I think social nudity is the ultimate freedom. The workings of the human body fascinates me, the curves and angles, the physical differences and imperfections from one person to the next, the textures and patterns of hair, the distinct smells and the mysterious hidden places. I’m captivated by the male penis, the endless variety of sizes and shapes, the way they they get stiff, then shrivel and shrink, the way they squirt semen. Same with the female vulva, how they get swollen and wet and accommodating. I condone any form of physical intimacy between consenting adults. To me all of these things are natural and normal. Certain thoughts pass through my mind everyday.

Does this mean I am immoral? Does it mean my integrity is compromised, that I don’t understand the difference between right and wrong? Do my perspectives conflict with reliability, honesty or positive intellect? Does my appreciation for the human body somehow reflect on my judgement, that I am disqualified from leadership roles in society because I’m not considered a decent person?


Of course not. Those who believe you are immoral are victims of their own environments.

If you were born in a fundamentalist Islamic country, for example, you would likely believe western cultures are heathenistic and not to be trusted. Never mind that people in western industrial countries have no ulterior motives concerning these countries other than preventing the spread of terrorism. If you were born in strict Baptist family, taught a literal interpretation of the Bible from your first moments of life, you would likely believe that an appreciation for the human body is equal to impure thoughts, along with a host of other negative sexual perspectives. Never mind the endless Biblical interpretations the world over, or the fact the Bible is a selective collection of gospels decided upon by early autocrats that used religion to control the masses. Sex and the human body were convenient tools they used to influence vulnerable followers who wanted to avoid going to Hell, the same tools used by many of today’s clergy for the same purpose.

It’s up to each individual to rid themselves of these ancient indoctrinations, even if they are of the more subtle variety more common today. Maybe you remember the day your mother took you swimming, when after an hour or two you took off your swimsuit so you could dry off, then heard your mother gasp and say: “You want all these little girls to see you naked?” Her words stuck. They planted in your mind the notion your body is shameful, something that should not be seen, and to expose it would embarrass you. Or instead of an incident at the public pool, it could have been one of any number of similar situations or circumstances, any of which leaving a lifelong imprint. You’ve had reservations about your body ever since.

The key is getting past these implanted phantoms that you may not even be conscious of (you just have these queasy feelings about your body, unaware of their source). A good place to start is to look a the faces of nudists, a long analytical look. See the joy and the sense of freedom in their smiles and expressions. They know, given the right circumstances such a nude beach or swimming hole, how delightful it is to demonstrate the joys of life without clothes, to see and appreciate the natural beauty and diversity of the human body, to have others see you as well, to feel the sun and fresh air on their skin without the weight of inhibitions. And no it’s not a sexual experience, but a sensual one indeed.

You come across them everyday. I’m talking about the guys that puff up and proudly state they aren’t interested in seeing other naked men (you wonder what seeds were planted in their impressionable minds on their paths in life); the woman that condemns a movie on the basis of nudity (when nudity is a basic part of life); the city council that decries the new statue in the park because it reveals a woman’s breasts. You’re surrounded by close-minded people day in and day out. Some will tell you the male body is unsightly. Others will say naked men look ridiculous. And it goes beyond nudity and the human body; it all applies to human diversity and sexuality as well. Often, without hearing their moralist comments, you know what they are thinking. All you can do is shake your head and walk away, grateful the righteous toxins have been purged from your brain.

© Martin Brant

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