Social Nudity is a State of Mind

social nudity

A six-year-old girl is in the back yard with three neighborhood boys that have come over to play. They are all chasing after a ball. It’s a warm summer day. The boys have taken off their shirts. The little girl, thinking it’s a good idea, does the same. When her mother looks out the kitchen window, she gasps, rushes out, takes her daughter by the hand and scolds her as she drags the little girl into the house.

The boys look on, bewildered. They’ve obviously done something wrong, just don’t understand what. Listening to the mother’s rants, they realize their friend should not have taken her blouse off because she is a girl.

This  becomes the first episode of their childhood indoctrination about nudity and the human body. The little girl is traumatized and feels guilty, yet she doesn’t understand why the boys can take their shirts off and she can’t. The boys now know it was wrong for her take her blouse off, but they’re not sure why. The illogical nature of it doesn’t matter. She will grow up feeling shame over her body. In time, for these children and millions more like them, this experience will become part of their own moral compass.

social nudity

Though nudity in ancient Rome and Greece, and various European countries today, was and is considered incidental, most people, especially in the United States, can’t fathom why anyone would want to take their clothes off in a social or public setting. They attach all kinds deviant reasons to why anyone would do such a thing, that it must have something to do with voyeurism or exhibitionist, or social nudity must be the precursor to endless orgies. They’ve been indoctrinated since their early childhood. They’ve come to believe people should wear clothes under all circumstances, even swimming, which, when you think about it, doesn’t make any sense at all. They will not, even if they have a vague subconscious urge or a natural curiosity, allow themselves the freedom to explore life from a new perspective and enjoy their own bodies.

The reasons are many. Beyond our lifelong indoctrination, we’ve been conditioned by the media to believe our bodies are unappealing if we don’t look like runway models, Hollywood starlets or porn stars. We’re too fat, too thin, too old, too saggy or wrinkly. We have flaws. Our breasts are too small or too large or sag too much. Our bellies aren’t flat. Our penises are too small. Plus social nudity suggests sex, therefore nudist must be sexual deviants.

social nudity

Fact is social nudity is nothing more than a pure state of mind. People that get together and take their clothes off, that enjoy the freedom and exhilaration of being naked with others, that know how to appreciate others for who they are instead of what they look like, have shed all the cumbersome baggage most of us have accumulated over our lifetimes. No one cares if you are fat or thin, or hairy, or seventy years old. Being nude in a group setting equalizes everyone. No one has a perfect body. Breasts and butts, vulvas and penises, nipples and testicles are all simply part of the human body. Size, skin colors and physical configurations simply do not matter. And although these body parts play a role in distinguishing our gender, it doesn’t follow that exposing them equates with immanent sexual activity. After all, we’re all either men or women, human beings, not a bunch of heathens that have to cover ourselves to prevent uncontrolled or wanton copulation.

NUDE BASKET BALL from Arnaud Kartal on Vimeo.

I mentioned natural curiosity. For you this might be a private or subconscious urge to know what it’s like to try a nude beach or dive into a swimming pool at a nudist resort; but outwardly you know you would never be that bold. I fully believe far more people think about these things than you believe. Consider Spencer Tunick’s work, how he gathers thousands of every day average people who have volunteered to take of their clothes for a mass photo shoot.


Spencer Tunick – MARIACHI FILMS from Mariachi Films on Vimeo.

These adventurous souls are from every walk of life. They are of every nationality and every shape and size. Many of them are not involved in social nudity, nor have they ever taken off their clothes in a public setting. But they saw Spencer Tunick’s ad and ‘heard the call’, that inner voice telling them they wanted to enjoy their body, to share it with the thousands that wanted to do the same. In the above pictures, pick out the lawyers, the bankers, the store clerks, the housewives, the unemployed. You can’t. Everyone looks the same, socially that is. They are of one mind, celebrating being part of the brotherhood of man in a different way, an exhilarating, refreshing way. Most will walk away from this experience feeling different about themselves, feeling invigorated, feeling free of the unnecessary baggage they have lugged around their entire lives. Some of them will begin to think about new adventures, such as nude hiking.

Everyone wants to feel good about their body, to smile when they look in the mirror. But most people don’t. How can you when you are bombarded daily in the media about what you are supposed to look like: weight loss products that tell you you’re too fat, fashion ads with perfectly shaped models, makeup ads telling you that you can look like the girl in the picture if you use their products? Yes, it’s perfectly delightful to look at models and movie stars with gorgeous good looks, but in a nudist environment they are just one of everyone else, and they often look more like us without the air-brushing and makeup. So that cellulite on your butt, wrinkled or discolored skin, age, the size of your body parts (or lack thereof) doesn’t matter when you are naked among other naked people. They all have similar flaws. By getting involved in social nudity, instead of fretting over what your body looks like, you will be caught up in how good it feels to be naked, to be accepted for who you are, to be free of all the old baggage and preconceived notions. You will experience the wonderful feeling of being able to enjoy your body without worrying about being judged.

Naturism from Mark Blinch on Vimeo.

Many people believe nudist parks and resorts are sexually charged environments. Nothing is further from the truth. In fact nudist recreation parks, resorts and beaches Continue reading

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Ladies … Take Your Clothes Off (Body Acceptance)

Have you gotten a little thicker around the middle, maybe a lot thicker? Are your hips too wide or is your butt too big? Do you have a few wrinkles here and there? Are your breasts too small, or are they large and sagging? Is your pubic area too hairy or are your labia protruding? Well, since you are very much like most women, you are a perfect candidate for nude socializing.

Or maybe you have always taken care of yourself. You walk, jog and exercise. You always watch calories and eat the right foods. If you are young, you now and then turn heads. If you are older, you may have a few stretch marks, or a scar from your cesarean incision, or you may have a few a few wrinkles or varicose veins. You still look pretty good for your age, but no one ever sees just how beautiful you are, nor do you see them.

You grew up in a home where everyone always wore clothes. Since then you have lived in a society that has subtly and overtly convinced you the human body is shameful and must never be exposed, not so much as a nipple and certainly not the private parts between your legs. It’s time to think all of this through. It’s time to let go of all those inhibitions and get out of your clothes.

I was fortunate enough to come across this piece on social nudity that was written by a woman. I don’t think she would mind if I share it with you.

Body Acceptance

 By Heather F.

How do you feel about your body? If you’re like the overwhelming majority of people in American society, then you probably would use some of the following statements to describe yourself: I’m too fat, too skinny, too big, too small, not muscular enough. The bottom line is you’re not happy with how you look.

Unfortunately, these statements about our bodies are all too often commonly held views in not only the overwhelming majority of American society, but increasingly in other societies where a diversity of body types, shapes and sizes are often celebrated. These views stem partly from a steady diet of images on TV and in the magazines that we read where bodies are always in “perfect shape.” We are told and made to believe that this is what we have to look like in order to be accepted, to be beautiful or handsome. While many of us acknowledge that we could never achieve this model of “perfection” we still act as if we can attain perfection, if only we’d try harder. Sadly, we have as a society become so paranoid and obsessive about our looks and our bodies that we don’t know whether to hide it or show it off, to be proud of it or to be ashamed of it. So just what are the factors that affect our acceptance of our bodies, what is body acceptance, and why is it so important, and how is body acceptance linked to naturism.

When I first met my husband, George, back in 1998, it would be more than accurate to say that I struggled with the way I looked. The first three lines of this page would describe me perfectly back then. I struggled with acceptance of my body and by extension myself for multiple reasons. First and foremost I saw all these women and girls around me on TV and in the magazines I read and looked at that looked like models. 5’8” to 5’11”, 110 to 115 pounds, large breasts, small hips and waist, and a tight little butt; everyone around me, the other girls at school, the characters in the programs I watched on TV, and even society as a whole held – and still holds – these images up as what I had to look like to be beautiful, to get a guy, to be one of the popular girls.

Then there was the teasing, the snide comments and remarks about my appearance and my body by my family and some of my so-called friends. Combine these things together and it’s no wonder I was struggling with body acceptance, or that females in general have such problems with body acceptance.

However, these problems are not just limited to females; males struggle with this too. Many males (writing with my husband’s help here for the male’s view) feel that they have to be muscular, thin, and without an inch of Continue reading

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A Woman’s Argument Against Involuntary Circumcision

Involuntary circumcision is a controversial procedure that has all but died out everywhere in the world but the United States. Here many of us still want our baby boys to look like their fathers. Here many of our women still think male foreskins are gross, that they look odd and collect unpleasant odors. Here performing the procedure is still an extra few bucks for doctors and hospitals. All of that is slowly going by the wayside, as is the old misguided female perspective. Women in the U.S., like women all over the world, are beginning to appreciate the male body in it’s natural state. foreskinsDue to our indoctrinations, there are still many men that believe penises look better circumcised. In fact they are glad they themselves are, and they intend to have the procedure performed on their newborn sons. I don’t mean to disparage these men, everyone is entitled to their own point-of-view. But consider this: if circumcision wasn’t a common practice, if all the guys in the locker room had foreskins, if women didn’t believe foreskins are gross, you would be glad you had one too. But if I’m wrong, it still would have been better if you had been given a choice. Rest assured that many of our sons are going to regret our decision to have them cut.

This article represents a woman’s point-of-view. Her name is Susan and she has contributed her thoughts to Enlightened Male. Susan is among the growing numbers of American women that have positive attitude toward foreskins. The videos are by ladies that echo Susan’s views.

By Susan … A Woman’s Positive View on the Male Foreskin

I want to begin my homage to foreskins with a disclaimer: I am only speaking of my own experience, others’ experiences, and studies that have been done on the subject of circumcision. Of course circumcised men experience lust, are desirable, and can be fantastic lovers. I am not trying to belittle anyone or make him feel less of a whole man. But it is wonderful that we are finally beginning to speak about sex in an adult manner, that people are studying sex in a serious way, and perhaps consequently we will stop mutilating our baby boys’ penises.

My husband and I have been partners for most of 43 years, and I have never tired of his beautiful body. I have serious health issues which have sometimes caused my sex drive to waver, but just looking at my husband’s muscular forearms and their silky hair can turn me on. I love the stubble on his cheeks, the sweep of his eyelashes, his strong arms and legs, his penis, the tip of which peaks out at me from its hood of purple-pink skin.

I am a woman who consistently experiences orgasm during heterosexual intercourse. I never thought much about this, I just accepted it as normal, figuring it might have something to do with my husband’s and my long-term relationship. Until I got a vibrator, the only way I experienced full-blown orgasms was while fucking. About a year ago I began reading about sex on the internet, discovered, and realized that my experience was not that common. I don’t agree with Betty Dodson that it’s extremely uncommon, but I think she has a point that often women do not get stimulation from intercourse and that a lot of women fake orgasms during intercourse.

It’s great for women to learn to pleasure themselves and to teach their partners what gives them pleasure, and frankness about sexuality will go a long way toward liberating women’s and men’s sexuality. What is surprising is that circumcision itself may interfere in the intimacy between a man and a woman. There are young women speaking frankly on YouTube about sex, and their experiences have led me to believe that foreskins not only enhance men’s sexual pleasure but also the pleasure of their female partners.

My husband’s intact penis has made intercourse not only pleasurable but ultimately extremely satisfying. And all along I thought it was just his wonderful technique!

*     *     *


. Continue reading

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The Systematic Degradation of Nudity

Somehow it began with Adam and Eve . . .

By Dr. Joseph Langen at The Daily News Online dot com

On a recent cruise, I noticed the reproduction of a classic sculpture of a nude male athlete in the fitness center. I found it inspirational. Outside the exercise room I noticed an almost identical sculpture in an area occasionally traversed by teens and children. This sculpture sported a strategically placed scallop shell.

When I returned from the cruise, I installed a digital art exhibit, my latest project. Two of the pieces had whimsical mermaids as subject matter. Questions arose as to the appropriateness of displaying images of mermaids with breasts included. They were eventually fitted with their own shells before display.

These two experiences got me thinking about the topic of this column. The human body has served as a subject for art since the Stone Age. Artists celebrated the human form for centuries. Throughout the history of Western Art, I think it would be safe to say that the historical figure most often depicted nude was Jesus, mostly as a baby.

Things changed with the Puritan and Victorian times. Over the years we have become squeamish about depictions of the human body. Other than in art galleries, sexuality in our culture is often relegated to the realms of advertising and pornography. Sex is used to sell just about everything. Pornography is considered evil by many but remains the most popular topic on the Internet. Continue reading

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Small Game Hunters

From The Telegraph, United Kingdom

Zimbabwe ‘sperm hunters’ picking up male travellers

Gangs of women in Zimbabwe have been picking up male travellers to have sexual intercourse and harvest their sperm, according to reports.

Gangs of women in Zimbabwe have been picking up male travellers to have sexual intercourse and harvest their sperm, according to reports.

Susan Dhliwayo claims she pulled her car over recently to pick up a group of male hitchhikers and they refused to get in, because they feared they were going to be raped.

“Now, men fear women. They said: ‘we can’t go with you because we don’t trust you’,” 19-year-old Miss Dhliwayo recounted.

Local media have reported victims of the highway prowlers being drugged, subdued at gun or knife point – even with a live snake in one case – given a sexual stimulant and forced into repeated sex before being dumped on the roadside.

The sperm hunters first surfaced in the local press in 2009 but police have only arrested three women, found with a plastic bag of 31 used condoms in October. The attacks have continued since they were nabbed for allegedly violating 17 men. Continue reading

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First Time Nudists

The following are testimonials from people who have experienced the exhilaration of social nudity.

I was vacationing at a resort in the Caribbean. The first two days were spent on the beach sitting in a soggy swimsuit and being chafed by sand. I signed up for a day boat trip and picnic at a beach on an island away from the resort. As we were leaving, I discovered that the excursion was to an island with a nude beach! I decided to go anyway, thinking no way was anybody getting me out of my suit. I stood firm, and in fact, was the last person to give in and shed my swimsuit – I was the last one to get dressed to return to the resort. Why hadn’t someone told me about this sooner? I was hooked, and that was over 30 years ago. The phrase, “nude when possible, clothed when practical,” definitely describes me. I do wear at least shoes when vacuuming the house though as I have a habit of running over my toes with the vacuum cleaner.

My first experience was at Orient Beach. My wife & I decided to go there late in our 1st trip to St. Martin. My wife had seen a few of the ladies without their tops at the resort & had remarked that she would “never” do that, but once on Orient I stripped completely & she went without her top. When we got back home, she surprised me by asking if there were any nude beaches near where we lived (she presumed there were none, but was surprised by a mention in the paper of the “only nude beach in the area”). We’ve been going to nude beaches both at home & on vacation ever since.

I went to Haulover Beach today for the first time. It was awesome! This was my first visit to a nude beach, first time I’ve ever been nude in a “public” place other than a spa…and I found it exhilarating. Although I’m married, I went alone as my wife was off doing something with her mother, but now that I know how it feels, I’m going to get her there on the next nice day we have.  It was a bit cool today with a stiff breeze blowing, but the sun was out, so it wasn’t bad. There were people of all ages there including families with children near where I was…it was fun to watch the kids really enjoying themselves and the freedom of being nude. There were some young, attractive couples near me and some senior citizens from Quebec also near me.  It was great and I can’t wait to go again!

My wife and my first time was at Cypress Cove in Kissimmee, FLa. I have always hated wearing clothes unless it was necessary. We got to talking one night in the hot tub and I mentioned that I had been in the CyberNude chat room and thought I would like to try Cypress Cove and she agreed. Luck would have it they had an open house coming up in a couple of weeks. We went down for the open house took a tour in our clothes, felt very comfortable and then went back to our SUV got undressed and spent the rest of the day. It was very comfortable. We have been back several times and have met a couple that live there and another couple that visits often. It is great. We don’t wear clothes at home unless it is cold or we have guest. We have made friends with some couples in the local area and will be have some social visits with them. I think it is the most comfortable feeling in the world. I hate a wet bathing suit and it always fills with air in the hot tub which is a pain also. Only thing I regret is that it took my wife and I 13 yrs of marriage to discover we were both closet nudists.

My second trip to Haulover yesterday was my wife’s first trip. I was careful to not put any pressure on her, but she knew how much I enjoyed it last time, so she suggested we go together. It was a glorious day. Very warm, very sunny. The beach was packed! She only felt comfortable going top free, but hinted that in the future, she would eventually be nude. She really enjoyed laying in the sun and just relaxing and people watching. She has mentioned going again next Sunday and she even said she thought her mother would love to go and she is thinking of inviting her to go with us. It is certainly a much more enjoyable experience when shared with people you love. We even talked about getting her sister and her husband and kids to come along. Who knows…maybe it will be one big family affair on Haulover Beach! I look forward to building sand castles with my nephews.

Continue reading

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Foreskin Mythology

More Circumcision Myths You May Believe: Hygiene and STDs

Is circumcision cleaner and healthier?

Published on September 13, 2011 by Darcia Narvaez, Ph.D. in Moral Landscapes. Photos added by me.

Myth: You have to get the baby circumcised because it is really hard to keep a baby’s penis clean.

Reality check: In babies, the foreskin is completely fused to the head of the penis. You cannot and should not retract it to clean it, as this would cause the child pain, and is akin to trying to clean the inside of a baby girl’s vagina. The infant foreskin is perfectly designed to protect the head of the penis and keep feces out. All you have to do is wipe the outside of the penis like a finger. It is harder to keep circumcised baby’s penis clean because you have to carefully clean around the wound, make sure no feces got into the wound, and apply ointment.

Myth: Little boys won’t clean under their foreskins and will get infections.

Reality check: The foreskin separates and retracts on its own sometime between age 3 and puberty. Before it retracts on its own, you wipe the outside off like a finger. After it retracts on its own, it will get clean during the boy’s shower or bath. Once a boy discovers this cool, new feature of his penis, he will often retract the foreskin himself during his bath or shower, and you can encourage him to rinse it off. But he should not use soap as this upsets the natural balance and is very irritating. There is nothing special that the parents need to do. Most little boys have absolutely no problem playing with their penises in the shower or anywhere else! It was harder to teach my boys to wash their hair than it was to care for their penises.

Myth: Uncircumcised penises get smelly smegma.

Reality check: Actually, smegma is produced by the genitals of both women and men during the reproductive years. Smegma is made of sebum and skin cells and lubricates the foreskin and glans in men, and the clitoral hood and inner labia in women. It is rinsed off during normal bathing and does not cause cancer or any other health problems.

Myth: “My uncle wasn’t circumcised and he kept getting infections and had to be circumcised as an adult.”

Reality check: Medical advice may have promoted infection in uncircumcised males. A shocking number of doctors are uneducated about the normal development of the foreskin, and they (incorrectly) tell parents that they have to retract the baby’s foreskin and wash inside it at every diaper change. Doing this tears the foreskin and the tissue (called synechia) that connects it to the head of the penis, leading to scarring and infection.

Misinformation was especially prevalent during the 1950s and 60s, when most babies were circumcised and we didn’t know as much about the care of the intact penis, which is why the story is always about someone’s uncle. Doing this to a baby boy would be like trying to clean the inside of a baby girl’s vagina with Q-tips at every diaper change. Rather than preventing problems, such practices would cause problems by introducing harmful bacteria. Remember that humans evolved from animals, so no body part that required special care would survive evolutionary pressures. The human genitals are wonderfully self-cleaning and require no special care.

Myth: My son was diagnosed with phimosis and so had to be circumcised. Continue reading

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