Guys With Small Penises

The following comments about small penises are from visitors on a piece I posted in January of 2011, called Beautiful Man, Small Penis … Perspectives and Advantages of a Small penis.

small penises

Wow, I’m found a home. Little dick here (5.5/c) and truly a little dick lover. Give me the guys from the “Under 6 Club” every time. I have a major gag reflex so something on the smaller size is perfect for me to provide great service. There’s no such thing as “too small” in my book. Love it when I can put his dick and balls in my mouth at the same time.

small penises

Hey Guys I’m 30, small and proud and honestly a bit insecure about my size. I’m from the Netherlands, 6ft1 dark hair and 4.7 inch hard about 1.5 inch soft.

small penises

Hello chaps. I am number 354 on page 11 of DYP. Approximately 5.5″ fully erect and maybe 2.5″ in girth. Currently shaved bald tho i dabble with various styles of trimming. Reasonably in shape, whatever that means ! My current girlfriend has no issue with my little cock. As previous men have stated, small penises tend to harden more quickly, stay that way longer too. Plus, it all fits into her mouth very nicely. As you will see if you look at my photos, i’m uncut. This is my preference when looking at other men. This isn’t body-fascism. Just my aesthetic and physical preference. Slowly sliding my sticky foreskin over the tip of my cock feels so good. I find that uncut men tend to precum a lot more than cut men. Another observation is that, tho i have a small penis, i tend to ejaculate a good quantity of semen. I’ve seen men with much larger penises cum in much smaller amounts. Yes, i adore looking at larger and, especially, uncut cocks. But in reality we have what we were given at birth. Embrace the differences but also embrace the hand you were dealt. We are all different. Life would be dull otherwise!

small penises

I live in Los Angeles and I have a 4.5“ cut cock. I’m a nice guy nice looking 39 white hairy chested very friendly and grounded. I’m trying to meet a guy who has a small dick and hairy like myself. I find that like speaks to like. My theory is if both guys have small penises you wouldn’t feel so bad about being small. You would both appreciate one another and no judgement.

small penises

I have a small penis and was afraid when my girlfriend wanted to see it. Luckily she loves me for me and doesn’t care if its small.

Being small dick minded I missed out, when I was young I was totally in love with a buddy. One day at his house just me and him he was peeing and let me see it, beautiful cock much bigger than my own. As he finished he asked if I wanted to play with it, stupidly I said no only because I feared him seeing my smaller dick. He put it away and never again did I get the chance. Ruined our friendship, he no doubt felt rejected. I have regretted that stupidity for 32 years. I am 6inches. But I felt small. I still have feelings for him but being stupid about size ruined it, I will regret that the rest of my life. I am 47 now, when I see him and his lover I remember being 15 and in love with my best friend. Don’t be ashamed of your size. It haunts you.

Hi I’m 6’4″ and in real good shape n I am a captain at my night school for sports and I have an extremely small dick and I Am a little nervous to show it around anybody even my friends an especially girls.

I’m 52, I walk, I look fairly decent, my cock is 6 inches but not very fat, big balls but that only hurts to make my cock look smaller. I will never feel better about myself though. I feel cheated in a way. Obsessed I would say at my inadequacies. My partner of 15 years is 7 inches and always makes me feel inferior, it is his hobby I guess. It is amazing what that one inch above average does to ones self esteem. For me I’ve always been terrified of being seen naked by people, to be humiliated, to be seen as less than. I’m the top guy in our relationship and sometimes I’m like , “yes yours is bigger but you don’t know what to do with it”….. that is my only retort.
Thanks for this site and your article and to all you guys willing to share your “secret” with everyone, it does help in a way to have a community of like-minded guys…

At the age of 50, I still feel inadequate and inferior, although I should not, or so everyone tells me. My smaller cock – under 6″ hard – makes me feel sexually undesirable, although I am a reasonably good looking, hairy, masculine short white guy. I am a bit Continue reading

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Prostate Massage … Prostate Milking

Prostate massage is an incredible experience for men that have experienced it. It is accomplished by stimulating the prostate gland, which is located up and behind the testicles and just above the perineum. You can massage the prostate gland with a finger or an appropriately designed vibrator by inserting one or the other into your anus and moving in the direction of your testicles where you’ll find the walnut-size gland. With a gentle prostate massage, many men can experience a climax without touching their penis or masturbating.

prostate massageMilking occurs when the prostate gland is stimulated in such a way to cause the gland to release the semen and seminal fluids stored there. The amount released varies from one man to the next. The sensations are remarkable, though usually not nearly so intense as an actual climax. You will not experience that exhausted, spent feeling that follows a typical climax. A vibrator is likely to be more effective than a finger, unless it’s your partners finger giving the massage. Even then it may take some practice and patience on his or her part.

prostate massagePart of your experience is seeing your semen drip out of your penis. It can be anywhere between a slow steady drip to continuous spurts. This can go on for as long as five minutes. Either way you are likely to be surprised by how much is released. For those who have always wanted to taste their own semen, but have never been in the mood once they ejaculate, that mood will not be present with milking.

prostate massage*     *     *

The following series of videos demonstrate the effects of male milking.

Milking can be a sensual and loving experience for uninhibited partners that want to expand their sexual horizons. Two men, boyfriend and girlfriend, man and wife, it doesn’t matter. As you can imagine, the intimacy is incredible.

*     *     *

What men say about prostate massage and milking:

“I really get off big time when I massage my prostate gland. Some of my best “Os” happen when I do this amazing thing! Nice, big loads too! I have a vibrating wand that was made just Continue reading

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A Study of a Beautiful Man

There are many different perceptions of what a beautiful man is. Just now you may be thinking your definition of a beautiful man looks like the man pictured above. His name is JD. He is 36. At home in Tennessee, he keeps his body smooth and he spends time in the gym. You may be imagining yourself with him in some secluded place, both of you naked, looking at  and exploring each other with abandon. Those are the kinds of thoughts inspired by a beautiful man.

JD is in a relationship with a lady, though it might have been a guy if the right one had come his way. There has been only one occasion in his life where he experienced intimacy with another man. The guy was a stranger. They were in a car with their pants down, both masturbating, a scenario JD found quite exciting. His climax came quickly.

There was a time JD was self-conscious about the size of his penis, a time that has long since passed. Though he is now content with what Mother Nature has given him, he also believes size matters, somewhat that is. For example, he says there is such a thing as too big. Then again there is so much more to sex than penis size. He says: “I’m more attracted to a nice shaped penis, but I do admit a fascination with a big penis. A large flaccid penis hanging between a mans legs is a major turn on , but its all good.”

It doesn’t bother JD if a woman says she prefers a large penis, he’s not threatened by it at all. In fact he has asked some of his past girlfriends to tease him about being small, finding it even more of a turn-on if she happens to prefer big penises. Nevertheless, JD is proud of what he has. When he gets a chance to visit a nude beach, he intends to show it off. I asked JD what motivates him to take nude pictures and if he shares them with anyone:

“I think growing up I never was really comfortable with my body. Taking nude pictures lets me judge myself and see the results of my hard work, and it makes me feel sexy. I share them with a few close friends and select web sites.”

Like most of us, JD is tempted to look at other men in the locker room. For him, smooth, in shape guys are a plus. On the street he will sometimes check out a guys crotch to see if there is a bulge and wonder what his penis looks like, cut uncut, size, shape, etc. He also wonders if they are bigger than him. (Is there a man alive that doesn’t do this?)

JD has a fantasy about anal sex. He would like to be penetrated by another man. His only experience to date is experimenting a little when he masturbates. He used his first vibrator Continue reading

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A Man on an Adventure

We spend our lives working at careers that will seemingly never end, yet they do, which is when some of us set off on new adventures with a new frame of mind. Ric’s career in education ended in 2007, which is when he embarked on figure and portrait modeling. Qite ambitious of a 69 year old man you might say. Never-mind … Ric has both the body and the wherewithal to produce some very eye-pleasing results.

Here Ric is modeling socks, with a rather unusual twist. Originally from Ohio, now residing on the east coast, he is also introducing a novel idea for a tie rack. Along with his handsome good looks and sense of adventure, virility is another of Ric’s masculine characteristics.

During a few of his original shoots, the photographers played with him, something he found enjoyable, and life-changing. During his first same-sex encounter, the photographer put pressure on his perineum, something that was new to him, which produced fantastic sensations. With his new found sexuality, Ric joined a few male social sites, where he got some attention. This lead to meeting a guy he has grown fond of and now they are in an exclusive friendship to the extent Ric that has abandoned the social sites.

Happily married for 45 years, Ric must live a discreet/secret m2m life, as he doesn’t want to upset his marriage. He doesn’t see his same-sex activity as a breach of vows … he would never have an affair with another woman. Ric sees his m2m activity as an extension of puberty experimentation, crazy and irrational as that might seem to others. Men are just wired differently than women. Moreover, he believes sharing his love for his wife and his friend parallels sharing one’s love equally between two children.

Ric is motivated to pose for nude and erotic pictures because he says he is an exhibitionist and a bit narcissistic. He shares his photographs with modeling applications, friends and selected web sites, such as Enlightened Male. Ric believes all bodies are beautiful; though some more than others. He has a taste for slim, fit males. Like most of us, he is tempted to look at other men in places like a locker room. He sees himself as combination of spiritual beliefs, both religious and agnostic.

When Ric is horny, he likes to look at various kinds of porn and practice using his aneros* … he has yet to have a hands-free orgasm using it. He also likes doing an enema then using a motorized dildo.

*If you are in the dark on what an aneros is, this is what one looks like, and of course they are Continue reading

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Peonies and Epiphanies

Julian is not only a guest contributor to Enlightened Male, he is, in both mind and body, a beautiful man. His spirit lives in the hearts of all like-minded men. Perhaps you seen earlier features I have posted about him, perhaps you have read some of the poetic comments he has left on various feature articles, perhaps you’ve been touched or inspired by the things he has said.

It’s been a long road for Julian, girlfriends and a long marriage, and the blissful boyhood memory of a day he once spent with a friend, to the revelation that finally put the period at the end of the sentence, the sentence he has struggled to construct his entire life that defines his sexuality. Here he tells us about the journey in his own words.

‘Epiphany: any moment of great or sudden revelation.’  … Life is full of them, but we pay more attention to some than others. Late last night was such an occasion, for a epiphany or two…

 It was well after midnight. I had gone to bed after a relaxing with part 3 of a fascinating TV documentary series on Ladyboys. A subject close to my heart. This episode was about an Englishman and his Thai fiancee, who was simply beautiful, incredibly feminine, and still with her penis and male genitalia. What was illuminating was his description of their sexual and sensual relationship, in and out of bed, how they related. He observed underneath her womanliness, which was without question, her subtle but very male traits added to their relationship to make it all the better, no barriers, complete understanding of each others needs.

While my epiphanies may not seem great to others, and not sudden, as in a light coming on, but much more graduated realizations, almost two years of visiting EM has no doubt had a nurturing effect. I note very recently the distinct change in how I react to seeing, or being in the presence of men, handsome men, cute men, sexy men, urbane and intelligent men. Probably, hopefully even, gay men. Radar seems to be automatic. You get a sense of who is and isn’t, which has lead to my epiphany: acceptance … I like that I like men, gay men, bi men, men that like and feel attracted to other men and masculinity. Epiphany: The acknowledged need for and enjoyment of like male company, an uninformed part of my psyche since school days.  Glancing at the dictionary, a very straightforward and clear definition: ‘Homosexual: sexual attraction to the same sex.’ and for me like so many an attraction rooted in childhood, that began so many years ago, while largely pushed away, as I have spoken of here at EM before this, never far away, always near the surface. I was on the edge of puberty, and a friend and I would ride our bikes out to the back waters of the local lake, walk in a mile or so, strip off and play doctors and nurses, naked of course.

It was always so exciting to sit behind him, and with my hands part his cheeks, and he would then reach back and hold them open, while I would then investigate, poke, prod and tickle. Then we would swap places. Laughing and chatting away, erections coming and going. Later we experimented with kissing, laying naked in the long grass in the nearby paddock so no one could see us. I remember those times so fondly. They brought me here. Epiphany: The excitement of being turned on, knowing I’m feeling attracted, simply seeing a gorgeous man, a beautiful body. Longing to be me, free, an epiphany that prompted me to venture to some of the earlier posts on EM in the Eros category, where I found an image of two beautiful men making love in front of the fire. Some time back, for six intense months, my girlfriend and I shared our deepest, most erotic and forbidden fantasies, taking turns to set the scene, whispering the fantasy, then acting it out, swapping roles, nothing left out, and hearing the interplay of each other tell the story an integral part of the eroticism.

The images from Eros brought all that amazing time and nights in rapture flooding back, the pleasure and self understanding coming from being free to share and experience Continue reading

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A Married Man and His Two Loves

A Question from a married man.

I have been married 45 years tomorrow 12/28. When I retired from an education career in 2007, I got into figure and portrait modeling. I also had a yen for erotic modeling, which I did. During some of those times, photographers played with me, and I loved it. Being a bit of an exhibitionist and a bit narcissistic I joined a number of male sites, e.g. silverdaddies and discreet. Got some attention. Met a few guys for sex. Now I have found a guy for whom I have grown very fond and am no longer interested in these sites I mentioned. Question: We have one son, who now has two little boys. Seeing how they poured all their love into the first child, they are doing beautifully sharing their love with the second child. It occurred to me that loving my wife and loving my new friend is something like a parent sharing love among children. Does this seem reasonable? possible? Contrary to your first line of advice, my wife does not know about my m2m experience or my new friend. What might be your thoughts on this sharing of love topic?

My reply:

Sounds like you have have a long, happy marriage, and a rewarding career. As it happens for so many guys in their later years, you have discovered the full extent of your sexuality. In a more perfect world, or at least a more understanding world, an intimate relationship with another man would be considered a natural wholesome circumstance, even for married guys. I have always believed a husband could be involved in an intimate relationship with another man without this being a reflection on how much he loves his wife.

But we don’t live in that world, and most wives can come nowhere near understanding a husband’s desire for a same-sex relationship. Most wives see it as betrayal and infidelity, thereby leaving you the choice of leading a secret life or going to your grave wondering what might have been. As I have stated before, it would be better if you could talk to your wife, have her understanding and at least her tacit approval of your friendship.

Knowing that’s not possible for most men, meaning probably you, and assuming you are being careful with your sexual explorations, I can’t find it within myself to discourage you from being who you are. If you were a young bisexual man about to propose to your girlfriend, I would say talk to her before you marry her. Make sure she knows who you are and what she is getting into. But in your case you’ve had a long time-honored marriage. After 45 years your wife knows how much you are devoted to her. Plus the years have provided time to evaluate your sexuality which has likely evolved. You have earned the right to live the  years that you have left as you wish, as does your wife.

I see your point about sharing your love between your wife and your friend equally, as you and your son have done between your children, but the conflict in this comparison is that the love for your children wasn’t built on a foundation of wedding vows. That leaves men like us in situations where we have to firmly believe we are essentially fair men that are simply faced with dealing with circumstances that most people cannot fathom, let alone understand. Therefore, being true to ourselves helps us to be true to those we love, even if it means we must keep a few secrets.

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Discreetly Looking For Anal Sex

A question from a bisexual married man.

I am a bisexual married man. I have never given or received anal sex,but I am curious as to what it feels like. I truly love my wife and I do no want to hurt her. I am from Pittsburgh I am 55 years old and in very good shape. How do I discreetly go about finding some one around 45 or older to have casual sex? Preferably married?

My reply:

Few are more liberal than me when it comes to human sexuality, but the bonds of marriage cast a whole different light on the issue of male bisexuality. By asking this question you are asking me to condone your desire to do something behind your wife’s back that amounts to infidelity, which is something I can’t condone. Therefore, you’ll not like my primary answer, but I’ll give it to you anyway.

Marriage is a sacred trust between two people. Break that trust and you will have lost your most cherished possession, and you’ll never get it back. You may even lose your wife, not to mention the risks of STDs to both of you. I hate to sound like a preacher, but it’s important for you to weigh the consequences of what you are contemplating.

At the same time your urges are natural, something you and many other men were born with, urges that usually become more compelling as we grow older. The best course of action is to figure out a way to talk to your wife, to let her know you are bisexual and would like to have a like-minded friend, preferably a married friend. After a long ride on an emotional roller coaster, perhaps you and your wife can come to terms, while at the same time you have been honest with her. And even though it’s not the same thing, you might even be able to introduce the notion of having anal sex with her, as both the giver and receiver. The only other honest option is to accept the fact you have committed yourself to a marriage, and then resolve to quietly live out your life without knowing what it’s like to experience anal intercourse.

That said, it’s advice that’s so often not practical. Because of your wife’s sensibilities and/or her upbringing, she simply may not be able to accept your bisexuality, yet for you the desire to be with a man only grows stronger. And since you love your wife and want to grow old with her, you face the dilemma of doing something that seems natural to you and won’t hurt her if she doesn’t find out. A large percentage of men who are in the same boat will act on their urges.

Since that sounds like you, and you have reason to be discreet, I recently posted an article on a website called Dizcreet, a social networking site for bisexual men, and a good place to meet a friend. You could check it out, but before you do, think long and hard about the potentially life-changing event you are thinking about. You may meet a new friend and find out what anal sex is like, but you will also have to live with lying to your wife. Even if you didn’t get caught, there are consequences you will have to live with.

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Male Sensuality in Pictures … Young and Old

male sensualityTwo men, one 27, the other 64. They don’t know each other, but they are at one in their souls. They view the world much the same way. They understand male sensuality. As they make their way down new roads, they wonder why men have to keep secrets. They wonder why things are the way they are. There is a sensitivity about them you may appreciate. To some degree that sensitivity has been expressed in their pictures.male sensualityTwo men, getting out their cameras, posing and waiting for the timer to snap the shot, then having a little fun with Photoshop. Are they men like you, or men you would like to meet? Are they exhibitionists or simply having fun with their bodies?

male sensualityThe younger man, posing seductively, revealing the perfections and marvels of youth, anxious, ambitious, full of vitality and ready for the adventures destiny will send his way.


male sensualityThe older man has traveled many paths, some joyous, others unpredictable. He has weathered the storm. Now he has mellowed and he sometimes thinks about what it would be like to be young again with the mind he has now. He suffers few regrets, but there are many things he would do differently … wouldn’t it be fun to experience them in a young man’s body with an older man’s brain?

The younger man faces challenges he hasn’t dreamed of yet. He feels a desperation that’s like a physical presence in his body. He yearns for a friend of like mind, a friend that understands, a friend with whom he can share his secrets and his body. Finding this friend is but one of his many challenges … such friends are rare and hard to find.

The old man wonders how he has lived so many years without ending up with such a friend. There have been many acquaintances but never the magic. He thinks about other men out there his age, men with careers that are coming to an end, men that have scattered families. How many are like him, older men with the same undying dreams, with the same thoughts and the same feelings in their hands. Maybe some things simply weren’t in the cards for him.

The younger man falls back on his bed in a fog of desperation. His body aches with Continue reading

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Middle Age Urges

I am a forty two year old married male.  Since turning forty two I have noticed that I have a strong addiction to sex. I am spending more time masturbating and viewing porn frequently and visiting a massage parlour not for sex but to be naked and to receive hand relief or a blow job. Is this wrong?

My reply:

By the time we reach our forties, the burdens of child raising and career developing are usually behind us. We have settled into a life that has become far more routine, which affords us time to reflect on our lives and make certain personal assessments. Many men are awakened to their sexuality in a way unlike their hormone driven youth; they are more in touch with their needs and emotions, and many begin to recognize an attraction for other men, all of which are normal and natural. We also come to realize we are not going to live forever, so we fret over growing old wondering what might have been.

But there are limitations which govern our options. Most fantasies will simply have to remain in our imaginations because of the commitments we have made, or because acting on them is usually seen as unacceptable in society’s view. We can, however, explore our sexuality in quiet, personal ways such as masturbation, or occasional visits to massage parlors. These things can be done privately and without risks, and they are quite normal.

Your wife would almost certainly be opposed to massages with “happy endings”, but if that’s the worst of your sins, I don’t think it prevents you from being a good husband, rather just a man with normal male urges.


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