Long, short, thick and thin … penises hang between men’s legs in a dazzling variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Some are hairy, some are shaven. Some are adorably innocent, others are dark and brooding. Some have foreskins, others don’t. Simply put, penises are part of the male persona.

These pictures are a small sampling of guys that submitted their pictures to Drop Your Pants. They represent men from every country and nationality.

If you don’t know what your guy looks like, odds are he looks like one of the guys pictured above. Rest assured he’s proud of his penis and is most likely looking forward to sharing it with you. If you’ve wondered what the guy in the office looks like, or the man next door, or most any guy you see walking down the street, chances are his is also much like one of these. Mine certainly is, and if you are a guy, probably yours too.

The penis represents one of Mother Nature’s grandest designs. Compared to the dramatic beauty of a rose, a penis can’t be described as esthetically pretty, but to look at one is a powerful indeed. Powerful in the sense the visual impact can change your body chemistry and set off flights of fantasy that will make you forget about virtually everything else. If you are a nudist, you see penises as part of a human male’s physical personality, to be appreciated as we appreciate the color of his eyes, his smile, his hands or shoulders. Why our society has cast this part of the male body as vulgar or indecent, you’ll not find the answer here. All I can say is it’s a shame so many people refuse to appreciate the male form in it’s entirety.

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The Small Side of Average … The Series

It’s a matter of proportion and symmetry. It’s a question of what’s practical and what isn’t. It involves applications that are more sublime than challenging. It has to do with aesthetics and perspectives. Whether you think it should or not, it can affect a man’s self-esteem. Though it stays hidden from the eyes of those around him, a man’s penis is a part of his body that defines his identity.

Take a look at the poll. It’s close to a draw. About half the male respondents say penis size doesn’t matter or they prefer a small size. A little higher ratio of the female respondents prefer a larger size, which stands to reason given their physical architecture. This tells me that any man with a smaller size can walk proudly on a nude beach or in a locker room.

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Out in the sun without his clothes. He’s not hung like a stallion, nor is he concerned about the size of his penis. He’s simply enjoying being naked. Makes you wonder why days like this aren’t part of all of our lives.

What does he think about when he looks at himself in the mirror? What does he see? Does he think his penis is too small, wish he had a bigger one? Or does he like himself the way he is? Does he worry about what his new girlfriend or boyfriend will think when they first see him naked? Or is he confident they will marvel at his body as he most certainly will theirs?

So beauty, masculinity and sex appeal lie in the eye of the beholder. Since nearly half of the human population, according to the poll, finds men with smaller penises more sexually desirable, we can put aside the notion of “size matters”. Perhaps it does, but only for some. So if you look like the guys in this series, rest assured you can get naked with someone and enjoy your body.



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